Massachusetts Reports: Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, Volume 159

H.O. Houghton and Company, 1894

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Página 414 - Every male person, being twenty-one years of age, and resident in any particular town in this Commonwealth for the space of one year next preceding, having a freehold estate within the same town, of the annual income of three pounds, or any estate of the value of sixty pounds, shall have a right to vote in the choice of a Representative or Representatives for the said town.
Página 285 - And it cannot be necessary at this day to enter upon a discussion in denial of the right of the government to take from either individuals or corporations any property •which they may rightfully have acquired.
Página 371 - They are subject to the laws of the State, and are governed in their daily course of business, far more by the laws of the State than of the nation. All their contracts are governed and construed by State laws. Their acquisition and transfer of property, their right to collect their debts, and their liability to be sued for debts, are all based on State laws. It is only when the State law incapacitates the banks from discharging their duties to the government.' that it becomes unconstitutional.
Página 416 - ... shall, notwithstanding her marriage, be and remain her sole and separate property, and may be used, collected and invested by her in her own name, and shall not be subject to the interference or control of her husband, or liable for his debts...
Página 615 - No money or other benefit, charity or relief or aid to be paid, provided, or rendered by any such society shall be liable to attachment, garnishment, or other process, or to be seized, taken, appropriated, or applied by any legal or equitable process, or operation of law to pay any debt or liability of a member or beneficiary, or any other person who may have a right thereunder, either before or after payment.
Página 413 - ... nor to any person who now has the right to vote, nor to any person who shall be sixty years of age or upwards on...
Página 371 - Such as shall be conveyed to it in satisfaction of debts previously contracted in. the course of its dealings.
Página 217 - All elevator cabs or cars, whether used for freight or passengers, shall be provided with some suitable mechanical device, if considered necessary by said inspector, whereby the cab or car will be securely held in the event of accident to the shipper rope or hoisting machinery, or from any similar cause, and said mechanical device shall at all times be kept in good working order.
Página 615 - English language, and write his name : provided, however, that the provisions of this amendment shall not apply to any person prevented by a physical disability from complying with its requisitions, nor to any person who now has...
Página 259 - Act shall not be liable to attachment by trustee, garnishee or other process and shall not be seized, taken, appropriated or applied by any legal or equitable process, or...

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