The Drawing Guide: A Manual of Instruction in Industrial Drawing, Designed to Accompany the Industrial Drawing Series : With an Introductory Article on the Principles and Practice of Ornamental Art

Harper & Brothers, 1873 - 192 páginas

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Página 85 - Take the length of the keel within board (so much as she treads on the ground) and the breadth within board by the midship beam, from plank to plank, and half the breadth for the depth, then multiply the length by the breadth, and that product by the depth, and divide the whole by 94; the quotient will give the true contents of the tonnage.
Página 37 - Christianity into the islands. The chief peculiarities of Celtic ornament consist, first, in the entire absence of foliage or other vegetable ornament ; and, secondly, in the extreme intricacy and excessive minuteness and elaboration of the various patterns, mostly geometrical, consisting of interlaced ribbon-work ; diagonal, straight, or spiral lines ; and strange, monstrous animals or birds, with their tail-feathers, top-knots, and tongues extended into long interlacing ribbons, which were intertwined...
Página 71 - Circle is a plane figure bounded by one uniformly curved line, bed (Fig. 16), called the circumference, every part of which is equally distant from a point within it, called the centre, as a.
Página 25 - Flowers or other natural objects should not be used as ornaments, but conventional representations founded upon them sufficiently suggestive to convey the intended image to the mind, without destroying the unity of the object they are employed to decorate.
Página 35 - It has been said by a competent judge that " Every principle which we can derive from the study of the ornamental art of any other people is not only ever present here, but was by the Moors more universally and truly obeyed.
Página 36 - Wo to them who dwell in a house not built according to the proportions of symmetry. in building an edifice, therefore, let all its parts, from the basement to the roof, be duly considered.
Página 12 - English government remained, for years, deaf to the warning ; and at the great Exhibition of the Industry of all Nations...
Página 15 - I never saw so great a proportion of cases in any schools where the pen was so awkwardly held. This excellence must be referred in a great degree to the universal practice of learning to draw, contemporaneously with learning to write. I believe a child will learn both to draw and to write sooner and with more ease, than he will learn writing alone...
Página 50 - Aplane is a surface, on which, if any two points be taken, the straight line which joins them touches the surface in its whole length.
Página 51 - To measure a parallelogram, or long square. RULE. Multiply the length by the breadth, and the product will be the area, or superficial content.

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