The Works of Alexander Pope, Esq: In Verse and Prose, Volume 10


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Página 157 - But soft recesses for th' uneasy mind, To sigh unheard in, to the passing wind ! So the struck deer, in some sequester'd part, Lies down to die (the arrow in his heart) ; There hid in shades, and wasting day by day, Inly he bleeds, and pants his soul away.
Página 162 - Tis but the funeral of the former year. Let joy or ease, let affluence or content, And the gay conscience of a life well spent, Calm every thought, inspirit every grace, Glow in thy heart, and smile upon thy face. Let day improve on day, and year on year, Without a pain, a trouble, or a fear...
Página 37 - Downs, eat heartily, talk tender sentiments with Lord B., or draw plans for houses and gardens, open avenues, cut glades, plant firs, contrive water-works, all very fine and beautiful in our own imagination. At night we play at commerce, and play pretty high : I do more, I...
Página 125 - This confinement, together with the mourning,* has enabled me to be very easy in my chair-hire : for a dyed black gown and a scoured white one have done my business very well; and they are now just fit for Petersham, where we talk of going in three weeks : and I am not without hopes I shall have the same squire that I had last year.
Página 49 - He has with him, day after day, not only all his relations, but every creature of the town of Southampton that pleases. He lies on his couch and receives them, though he says little. When his pains come, he desires them to walk out, but invites them to stay and dine or sup, &c.
Página 125 - I shall endeavour to behave myself mighty well, that I may keep my old ones. As a proof that I continue to be well received at court, I will tell you where the royal family design to pass their summer : two months at Richmond lodge, the same time at Hampton court, and six weeks at Windsor. Mrs. Howard is well, and happier than ever you saw her; for her whole affair with her husband is ended to her satisfaction.
Página 47 - ... friend to enjoy after him ; that he had one care more, when he went into France, which was, to give a true account to posterity of some parts of history in Queen Anne's reign, which Burnet had scandalously...
Página 122 - ... inviting us in a whole season to a cow-heel at home. I wish you would bring Mr. Pope over with you when you come, but we will leave Mr. Gay to his Beggars and his Operas till he is able to pay his club. How will you pass this summer, for want of a squire to Ham-Common and Walpole's Lodge ; for as to Richmond Lodge and Marble-hill, they are abandoned as much as Sir Spencer Compton : and Mr.
Página 122 - Kensington where you will be near the court, and out of his jurisdiction ; where you will be teazed with no lectures of gravity and morality, and where you will have no other trouble than to get into the mercer's books, and take up a hundred pounds of your principal for quadrille. Monstrous, indeed, that a fine lady, in the prime of life and gaiety, must take up with an antiquated Dean, an old gentlewoman of fourscore, and a sickly poet. I will stand by my dear Patty against the world, if Teresa...
Página 124 - I cannot say I have a great inclination to write to you, for I have no great vanity that way, at least not enough to support me above the fear of writing ill: but I would fain have you know how truly well I wish you. I am sorry to hear no good account of your health; mine has been, since Christmas (at which time I had my fever and rash) neither well, nor ill enough...

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