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The Won D ER of ALL the Wo ND ERs, that ever the Wo RLD wondered at.

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In a LETTER to the Most Honourable Rob ERT Earl of Oxfor D and MoR TIMER, Lord High Treasurer of GREAT BRIT AIN.

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* It is well known, that if the Queen had lived a year or two longer, th’s proposal would, in all probability have taken eficót. For the Lord Treasurer had already nominated several persons, without distinétion of quality or party, who were to compose a society for the purposes mentioned by the author; and resolved to use his credit with her Majesty, that a fund should be applied to support the expence of a large room, where the society should meet, and for other incidents. But this scheme fell to the ground, partly by the diffensions among the great men at court, but chiefly by the lamented death of

that glorious princess. Dub. edit. This piece might have been a very useful performance, if it had been longer, and less colipsed by compliments to the noble person to whom it is addressed. It seems to have been intended as a preface to some more enlarged design : at the head of which such an introdućtion muá Lave appeared with great propriety. A work of this kind is much wanted, as our language, instead of being improved, is every day growing wolfe and more debased. We bewilder ourseives in various orthography; we speak and we write at random; and if a man's common conversation were to be committed to paper, he would be startled for to find himself guilty in a fow sentences, of so many solec.sms and such false English. I believe we are the only people in the Christian word, who repeat the Lord's prayer in an ungrammatical manner; and I remember to have heard, that when a motion was made in the convccation to alter the word which for the word wbo, the proposition was rejećted by the majority. This inflance may shew you of what sort of men, the most learned, and 2. eyen

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