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Written above a thousand years ago, and relating to the year 1709.

With explanatory notes, by T. N. Philomath. Written in the year 17c).

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* Dr. Swift, in his preface to this piece would insinuate, that what he publishes to the world is a transation of Morlin's prophecy 2.92. years old. The main eign of the Doctor in this predićtion, if he was really in earnes, (which I verily believe he was hot, as I am persuadad that he only writ this prophecy, in order to vex the Whigs, and to fret that ungrateful ministry, which had forgotten the obligations he had conferred upon them,) was, to encourage Q. Anne to a second marriage, in order that her Majesty might repair, if possible, that infinite loss she had sustained by the Duke of Giocester, who, by all accounts, was one of the finest princet that ever was born in England, and accordingly was universally regretted by the whole nation, the fanatical party and all their black adherents only exceptcd. This

appears from the 11 h, 12th, 13th, and 14th lines of the prophecy. And without dispute, as in England here were many thousands, who were defirous to see a prince descend 'd from a Queen, whom they loved with such ardour and affedion; so, in the wildness of their imagination, they endeavoured to persu de her Majesty at the age of about forty-five to marry a second time. But whether it was owing to that excessive regard which she bore unto the memory of her beloved, the Prince of Denmark; or whether it was because she never had a child after the age of five or six and twenty ; or whether it was for some political reason or other, she refused in this respe&t to gratify the is clinations of her people; which however, as animosities and faćtions were then rising to an excessive height, she had cause to repent of before the time of her decease. For, as the Queen was driven to such inexpressible straits by the fury ard machinations of the con- tending

Partridge hath learnedly vindicated himself in his

almanack for that year.

For a farther vindication of this famous art, I have thought fit to present the world with the following prophecy. The original is said to be of the famous Merlin, who lived about a thousand years ago; and the following translation is two hundred years old ; for it seems to be written near the end of Henry the Seventh's reign. I found it in an old edition of Merlin's prophecies, imprinted at London by John Hawkins in the year 1539, page 39, I set it down word for word in the old orthography, and shall take leave to subjoin a few explanatory notes.

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tending parties, that, with all her experience in government, she knew not whom to trust; if she had married some wise and thoughtful prince, entirely remote from all pretensions to the crown, (supposing that such a one could have been found in Europe at that time,) she might have passed the remainder of her life with more ease and tranquilliy. For as a prince in that situation would have had nothing more to do, than to have made the Queen happy and her reign glorious, he might have ačted as moderator between both parties, secured unto himself the esteem of all the wise and virtuous, and perhaps, after the decease of the Queen, might have been highly regarded by her successor during the remainder of his life. But alas ! party-rage carried all before it, and every scheme of accommodation was equally rejećted by Whigs and Tories. Swift. * .

* Q, Anne is całłed Norway's Pryd, because she had vouchsafed to marry the Prince of Denmark; and we all know, that Norway is part, of the dominion belonging to that crown, Swift.

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