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** This was intended as a mark, whereby the exaët point of time,

when Dr. Swif bad finished this noble and grand performance, which,

in the prophetic style of his friend Pope, will in future ages be the admiration of all men, should be known to posterity. Swift.

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* I must conf ss, in the spirit of candour and fincerity, that I heartily wish this 12th chapter, which is, without exception, the dullest piece (at least that I can rem ember,) in his whole writings, were either burnt or annihilated. This indeed, like the rest of his critics, I could easily have passed over uncensured; perhaps they never observed it : and yet all that I mean by this gentle severity, (for I despise the reputation of a little censuring critic,) is, to shew the world, that I would storm to approve, through thick and thin, the works of the most approved, consummate genius, in despite to that little knowledge which I have endeavoured to acquire, as a direétion to my own

taste and judgement. Swift. I chief

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