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the stranger's often looking at me, and the frequent repetition of the word yahoo I happened to wear my gloves, which the master grey observing, seemed perplexed, discovering signs. of wonder what I had done to my fore-feet ; he put his hoof three or four times to them, as if he would fignify, that I should reduce their to their former shape, which I presently did, pulling off both my gloves, and putting them into my pocket. This occasioned farther talk, and I saw the company was pleased with my behaviour, whereof I soon found the good effects. I was ordered to speak the few words I understood; and while they were at dinner, the master taught me names for oats, milk, fire, water, and some others; which I could readily pronounce after him, having from my youth a great facility in learning languages. When dinner was done, the master-horse took me afide, and by figns and words made me underftand the concern he was in, that I had nothing to eat. Oats in their tongue are called hlunnh. This word I pronounced two or three times; for although I had refused them at first, yet upon second thoughts I considered, that I could contrive to make of them a kind of bread, which might be fufficient with milk to keep Ine alive, till I could make my escape to some other country, and to creatures of my own species. The horse imanediately ordered a white mare-servant of his family to bring me a good quantity of oats in a fort of wooden tray. These l heated before the fire, as well as I could, and rubbed them till the husks came off, which I made a shift to winnow from the grain; I ground and beat them between two stones, then took water, and made them into a paste or cake, which I toasted at the fire, and eat warm with milk. It was at first a very insipid diet, though common enough in many parts of Europe, but grew tolerable by time ; and having been often re: Q_2 duced

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