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(D) American Literature
I. Literary Histories

W. C. Bronson, A Short History of American Literature, Boston:
Heath, 1902.

John Nichol, American Literature, Edinburgh: Black, 1882.
H. S. Pancoast, Introduction to American Literature, New York:Holt, 1898.

C. F. Richardson, American Literature, 2 vols., New York: Putnam, 1887.

W. P.trent, A History of American Literature, New York: Appleton, 1903.

E. C. Stedman, Poets of America, Boston: Houghton, 1885.

M. C. Tyler, A History of American Literature during the Colonial

Time, 2 vols., New York: Putnam, 1897. M. -C. Tyler, The Literary History of the American Revolution, 2

vols., New York: Putnam, 1897.

2. Collections of Extracts

G. R. Carpenter, American Prose, New York: Macmillan, 1903. E. A. and G. L. Duyckinck, Cyclopadia of American Literature, 2

vols., New York, 1855. R. W. Griswold, The Poets and Poetry of America, Philadelphia,


R. W. Griswold, Prose Writers of America, Philadelphia, 1847.

A. B. Hart, American History told by Contemporaries, 4 vols., New York: Macmillan, 1897-1901. Particularly useful for the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

E. C. Stedman, An American Anthology, Boston: Houghton, 1900. Very good; excellent short biographies.

E. C. Stedman and E. M. Hutchinson, Library of American Literature, II vols., New York, 1888-1890. The best collection of its kind. The indexes and biographies are very well made.

3. Bibliographies

P. K. Foley, American Authors [1795-1895]; a Bibliography of First and Notable Editions chronologically arranged, with Arotes. Boston: Privately printed, 1897.

Joseph Sabin, Bibliotheca Americana; a Dictionary of Books relating to America, 20 vols., New York: Sabin, 1858-1892.

S. L. Whitcomb, Chronological Outlines of American Literature, New York: Macmillan, 1894. Very useful.

In the reference lists at the beginnings of chapters, the following abbreviations are used: "AML"for the "American Men of Letters" series; "AS" for the "American Statesmen" series; "BB" for the "Beacon Biographies";" EML" for the "English Men of Letters" series; "G\V" for the "Great Writers " series.

Asterisks indicate the best editions and most useful sources of information.

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