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X. 13:

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II. 10.

VACCINIUM, the Hyacinth,

II. 42.

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VII. 41.

Turtle-dove, IÚ.

, 2.

LN A, fignifies either am Lell or a

cubit, ill. 105.
Tarquin parchafed the Sibylline Oia. Universe, supposed to be adinated,
cles, IV.4.

(111: 60.
Telephium, II. 47

Upilio, whence derived, X. 19.
Ferens, VI. 78, 80.

Uvistas confidered, X, 20.
Thalia, VI. 1.
Theocritas, a Sicilian, II. 21. VI. 1.

Theftylis, fancied to be Virgil's mother,
not the mother of Corydon,

II. 18.

Varius, an Epic and Tragic Poet, IX.
Tbetis, IV. 32.

Thiafus, V. 29.

imitated by Virgil, VIII. 88.
Thora Valdenfium, a poisonous herb, Varus, a Tragic Poet, III. 20.

Alfenus, VI. 6.
Three, that number thought to be sa-

Quintilius, his history, VI, 6.
cred, VIII. 73, 75.

Thyme, good for bees, V. 77.

thought to be Daphnis, V. 19.
Thyrje, V. 31.

Corydon, VILL
Thyrsis, thought to be one of Virgil's

the patron of the
contemporaries and rivals, VI. 1.

Silena's, V1.6.2
Theocritus, ibid.

Quintus, VI. 6.
Tiberius, IV. 8.

courted by Virgil,
Tigers, yoaked to draw the chariot of
Bacchus, V. 29.

Vates, the difference between that and
Timavus, VIII. 6.

Poeta, IX. 33.
Tipbys, IV. 32.

Vaudois, used poisoned weapons, Vit.
Tityrinus, a pipe made of reeds, I. 1. 41.
Tityrus, whence derived, ibid.

Večtor, said to be used both in an a&tive
not Virgil in the first Eclogue,

and passive fense, IV. 38.

Venena, signifies drugs of extraordinary
when that Eclogue was written, efficacy, VIII. 95.
V. 86.

Venus, called Lucifer and Vesper, VI.
not the first of Virgil's Ec-

logues, V. 86. VI. 1.

represented as the mother of Ju-
Tmarus, or Tomarus, a mountain of

lius Caefar, V. 23.
Dodona, VIII. 44.

used for a mistress, III. 68.
Torches used in nuptial ceremonies, Verso, fignifies to feed, X.68.

Vesper, or Hefperus, VI. 86,
Tornus considered, III. 38.

Vexo explained, VI. 76.
Trees, the Roman laws severe against Viburnum, I. 26,
injuring them, III. 11.

Vine wild, V. 7.
Triumvirate, IV. 13.

Vinitor confidered, X. 36.
Trivia, the Moon, IV. 10,

Vintage, the feason for it, IX. 48.

IX. 35.


VIII. 29.

IX. 7.

VIII. 30.

Violae pallentes explained, II. 47. Wallwort, X. 27.
Virgil describes his own estate, I. 47. Walnuts used in nuptial ceremonies,

affaulted by Arrius the Centu- Water, used hot in magical rites; VIII.
rion, IIF. 94. IX. 1, 16.

great respect paid him at Rome, Wayfaring-tree, I. 26,
VI. 66.

Wax, of what made; I. 55..
had frequent impulses to rise to Weedbind, II, 18.
the higher poetry; IV. 1.

Well at Syene, IIL. 104.
defended against an old Critick, in which mysteries were celebrat-
III. 1. VI. 76.

ed, ibid.
Pliny, IV. 45. Willows, their flowers described, I. 55.

flexibility their most remark:
VII. 1.

able property, V. i6.
supposed to be Corydon, II. 1. Witbwind, II. 18.

Damoetas, III.1. Woad, IV. 43.
Daphnis, VII.1. Wolf seeing a man first, deprives hier
Meliboeus, ibid.

of his voice, IX. 54.
Menalcas, V.1, Wood-pigeon, III. 69.

Woold, IV. 43

Phoebus, V. g.
Vitis and viticula, used for a scandeng
plant, III. 38.

Vitula, used for a cow,


Vivite explained, VII. 58.
Void, or


birth, IV. 60.

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