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N. B. The word in parenthesis denotes the Play wherein the paf.

Jage is to be found; the numeral, the volume; the figure, the page; and the word in Italic charaflers, the person who: Speuks.


RTHUR, a hopeful young Prince, unfortunate,(King

John) vol. v.. Alcibiades, banithed for interceeding for his friend, (Timon); X 56.

-visits Timon with two misles, (ibid) 65:

-exhorted to cruelty. by him, and the women to luítz (ibid) 68.

-conquers Athens, (ibid) 96. Antony, Mark, his conference with Brutus after Cæsar wasmurdered, (Julius Cæsar) i. 151.

-his reflections on it when alone, 155. Antony, Mark, spcaks Cæsar's funeral oration, (Julius Ca. far) x. 159.

-his eloquence praifed by Calius, 1856 -his valour degenerates into fondness for Cleopatrag: (Antony and Cleopatra) ix. 105,

-Relolves to leave hier, 114. -his former bravery described by Ocavius Cu?ar, 124. -Pompey's with that he may live on in love and luxury, quarrels with Octavius, which ends in a marriage with Odavia, 133. -his genius inferior to Octavius's, 143. Sooth. Ant. -complains of Octavius's ill treatment to Octavia, 163,


Antony, beaten at Actium, and despairs after it, 181, 182,

-sends to Octavius to treat, and is refused, 184.
-grows jealous of Cleopatra, 189.

-beats Cæfar by land, and meets the Queen in rapture,

-his fleet revolting, he quarrels again with Cleopatra,

-being told the is dead, he falls on his sword, (Antony
and Cleopatra) ix. 216.
-carried to Cleopatra, he dies in her arms, 220.
-Octavius and his generals lament and praise him, 3,280,

-and Cleopatra, 22.9.
Ajax, his character, (Troilus and Creffida) xi. 245. Ser.

BLANCH, her beauty and virtue, (King. John) v. 259. Cil.

Burgundy, Duke of, a false, ally, (1 Henry VI) vii. 186.
Beauford, cardinal, vid. Winchester.
Buckingham, duke of, treacherous, cruel, mercenary, (Rich.
ard III) viii.
iu Henry VIII's reign, rash, cholerie, (Henry VIII) 254.
-his character given by Henry VIII, (ibid) 262.

-condenned, (ibid) 274.
Bullen, Anne, her beauty, (ibid) 273. King:

-item, (ibid) 288. Chamberlain..
-item, (ibid) 308. Suffolk.

-item, (ibid) 320. 2 Gentleman,
Brutus, reserved and melancholic, (Julius Cæsar) 1. 103a

-spirited up by Callius against Cæfar, 104.
of great authority with the people, 123. Casca.
-his self-debate upon Cæsar's death, (Julius Cæsar)
X. 124

-opens himself freely to the conspirators, 130.
-declares for saving Antony, 131.
-importuned by his wife Portia, 1.34.
- bis fpeech to the people, to justity Cæsar's murder, 157.
-quarrels with Caffius, 171.
--relates.the death of Portia, 178

-fees Cæfar's ghost, 18..

takes his last farewel of Callius, 188.
resolves to die, and kills himself, 1966
---praised by Antony, 197.
Banquo, his character: (for the reft, vid. Macbeth,]. (Mace

buth) ix. 45. Marbeibo

vol. v.

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с CONSTANCE, a mother paflionately fond, (King John) Cade, John, a bold crafty rebel, (2 Henry VI) vii. 285. Pork. Clifford, bold and revengeful, (3 Henry VI) viñ. Cæsar, Julius, (Richard III) 170. Prince. Catherine, Queen to Henry VIII. (Henry VIII) 281. Norf. -pitied by Anne Bullen, (ibid) 285. -her speech to the King before her divorce, (Henry VIII)

(ibid) 290.
-praised by the King, (ibid) 294
recommends her daughter and servants to him, (ibid)

Cromwell, Thomas, (ibid) 328.
Cranmer's character by Gardiner, (ibid) 337.
-by Cromwell, (ibid) 348.
by the King, (ibid) 349.

- his speech over Princess Elizabeth (ibid) 354.
Coriolanus, brave, proud, a contemner of the populace, (Co-

riolanus) xi.
-chides bis foldiers when repulsed, (ibid) 123.
his character, 1.6. Comisius.
his entry into Rome after a victory, 137.
-his actions summed up by Cominius, 145. Cominius.
-approved by the tribunes, he rails at the populace, 151.
banished, 182.
-applies to, and is kindly received by Aufidius, 193.
--not to be diverted by his friends from invading Rome,

-yields to his mother's in treaties, 222.

-Sain by the envy and treachery of Aufidius, 2:30.
Cæsar, Julius, suspicious of Caflius, (Julius Cæfar) x. 114.

-refuseth the crown that was offered, 116. Casca.
addicted to superstition, and loved flattery, 133. Casca,

-dilluaded by Calphurnia from going to the senate, 138.
his contempt of death, 139 Ca/ar.
—firm against those who wrong him, (ibid) 546. Ca far.

-afsaffinated, filid) 148.
his ghost appears to Brutus, 182.
Callius confers with Brutus against Cæfar, 103.
bis character, 114. Cafar.
-resolves to kil bimself, if Cæfar is made king, 121.

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Caffius his quarrel with Brutus, 171.
millomens stagger him, though an Epicurean, 186.
-preiages he 1l ould die on bris birth day, 186.

-kills hintelf, 190. -moarned and praised by Titinius, Messala and Brutus,

190. Catia's character, 11n. Cafia. Cleopatra, the power of her beauty over Antony, (Antony and Cleopatra) ix. 108. Ant. 141. Eng.

-her character of Antony when he brad left her, (Antony and Cleopatra) ix. 125, -her failing down the Cydnus described, 140. [for the rest,

vii. Antony - her lamentation over the dead body of Antony, 220. refolves to die, 228. visited by Octavius, 232. -affronted by her treasurer Seleucus, 234. -kills herself with aspics, 241.

DOUGLASS, (1 Henry IV) vi. 182. Hotspur.

Duncan, King of Scotland, murdered, vid. Macbeth.

1 2 3

E EDWARD the black Prince, (Richard !!! vi. 35: York.

Eleanor, wife of duke Humphrey, ambitious and given to superstition, (2 Henry VI) vii. 242. -walks in procession for penance, and is banished, (2.Hen

ry VI) 271. Edward IV. amorous, bravs, successful, (3 Henry VI) viïi. his two sons, (Richard III) viii. 164 167. ---murdered, 205. Edward Prince of Wales, fon to Henry VI. (Richard III) Elizabeth, Queen, prophetically described by, Cranmer,

(Henry Viil) viii. 355 -complimented by the title of the Vestal Queen, (Midsum

mer Night's Dream) i. 108. Ob. Enobarbus, a brave Roman Captain, (Antony and Clea.

paira) ix.. dies with grief for deserting Antony, (ibid) 205.

F F A ULCON BRIDGE, boastful, brave and enterprizing,

(King Jolu) v.

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