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This is fome token from a newer friend:
Of thy felt absence now i feel a cause :
Js't come to this? well, well.

Caf. Go to, woman :
Throw your vile guesses in the devil's teeth,
From whence you have them. You are jealous now,
That this is from fome mistress, some remembrance?
No, in good troth, Bianca.

Bian. Why, whose is it? Caf. I know not neither; I found it in my chamI like the work well : ere it be demanded, [ber; As like enough it will, I'd have it copied : Take it and do't, and leave me for this time.

Bian. Leave you ? wherefore?

Caf. I do attend here on the General,
And think it no addition, nor my wish,
To have him fee me womaned.

Bian. Why, I pray you?
Caf. Not that I love you not.
Bian. But that


do not love me; I pray you, bring me on the way a little; And say if I shall see you soon at night?

Caf.''Tis but a little way that I can bring you, For I attend here. But I'll see you soon. Bian. 'Tis very good, I must be circumstanced.


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Oth. An unauthorised kiss ?

lago. Or to be naked with her friend in bed, An hour or more, not meaning any harm?

Oth. Naked in bed, lago, and not mean harm?
It is hypocrisy against the devil: (43)
They that mean virtuously, and yet do so,
The devil their virtue tempts, and they tempt

lago. If they do nothing, 'tis a vertial flip:
But if I give my wife a handkerchief-
Oth. What then?

lago. Why then, 'tis hers, my Lord; and being She may,

I think, bestow't on any man. [hers, Oth. She is protectress of her honour too; May the give that?

lago. Her honour is an essence that's not feen; They have it very oft, that have it not: But for the handkerchief Oth. By Heaven, I would moft gladly have for

got it; Thou saidít-oh, it comes o'er my memory, (43) Naked in bed, Tago, and mean no harm?

It is hwpocrisy agninst the devil.} This paffage puts me in mind of vx singular set of deyotees in the primitive church of both sexes, (whom S. Cyprian condemns in one of his eo: pistles) and which had continued a considerable time, as we may see from Dodwell's Cyprianic Dissertations, where we have a full account of them. There were several of both sexes, who had made their vows and professions of chastity i and, as the extremelt trial of their virtue, scrupled not to ly naked together in bed. Some had been excommunicated for it of the female sex, who yet stuck to their innocence, and offered to undergo apy trials of their virginity. Whether our Author had these diffembling devotees in his mind or no, I dare not pretend to say : but some of the fect, if I remember right, were detected and brought to punishment in his time.

Ms Wari us 102,

As doth the raven o'er th' infected house,
Boding to ill,-----he had my handkerchief..

logo. Ay, what of that?
Oth. That's not so good now.

lago. What if I said, I'd seen him do you wrong? Or heard him say, (aas knaves be such abroad, (44). (:4)

-as knaries be suih abroad,
Hl'ho having by their own importunate füit,
Or voluntary dotaze of fime miirifs,
Convinced or supplied them, cannot chuse

But they musi blav.) I altered this, as I have now reformed the text, in the Appendix to my Shakespeare Resto. rea. i cannot understand the vulgar reading, which poiler ses the copies. My emendation makes the sense of the palfage eafy and intelligible: that there are fome such longtongued knaves in the world, who, if they through the force of importunity extort a favour from their mistress, or if through her own fondness they make her pliant to their defires, cannot help boasting of their success. To convince, here, is not, as in the common acceptation, to make sensible of the truth of any thing by. reasons and arguments ; but to overcome, get the better of, &c. So in Macbeth ;

his two chamberlains Will I with wine and wallel to convince, &c. And, again;

-their malady convinces.

The great assay of art. And so in Cymbeline;

Your Italy contains none fo accomplished a courtier to convince the honour of niy mistress.

To supple, (a verb formed from the adjective, 'tis well known, signifies, to make pliant and flexible : and is, para ticularly, a term in surgery, when any part swoln and stiff is, by fomentations, &c. reduced, and made soft and pliable. I find the word used in our Author's time, in the sense that I here make it bear. Fit.

-And you, mas broker,
Shall have a feeling.

-So it supple, Sir,
The nerves.

Staple of News

Who having by their own importunate suit,
Or voluntary dotage of fome mistress,
Convinced or suppled them, they cannot chule
But they must blab)

Oth. Hath he said any thing?

lage. He hath, my Lord; but be you well as No inore than he'll unswear.

Oth. What hath he said?
lage. Why, that he did I know not what he :

Oth. What? what!
lago. Lyon
Uth. With her ?
lago. With her, on her,----what you will....

Oth. Ly with her! ly on her ! ly with her!' that's fulsome: handkerchief---confeffions - hand. kerchief-handkerchief---to confefs and be hanged for his labour---Firit to be hanged, and then---to confefs !----| tremble at it---Nature would not invest herself in such fhadowing without fome instruction. It is not words that shake me thusama pith---noses, ears, and lips---ist polible!---confefs!.. handkerchief!----Oh devil !--- [Falls in a Trance:

lag. Work on,
My medicine, work! thuscredulous foolsáre caught;
And many worthy and chalte dames even thus,
All guiltless, meet reproach. What, hoa! iny Lord!!
My Lord, I say, Othello;-----

Enter CASS10...
How now, Callio?:

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Sparinha Curate,

He's monstrous vexed; and musty at myrhefs-play;

But this thall supple him; when he has read it.
Cypr. Thought and affection cannot be controlled
Pbil.. Yet may't be bent and fuppled with extremes.

Dumb Knights

you not hurt

Caf. What's the matter? lago. My Lord is fell into an epilepsy, This is the fecond fit; he had one yesterday.

Caf. Rub him about the temples.

lago. No, forbear,
The lethargy. must have his quiet course;
If not, he foams at mouth, and, by and by
Breaks out to savage madness: look, he ftirs.

you withdraw yourself a little while, He will recover straight; when he is gone, I would on great occasion speak with you.

[Exit. Cassio. How is it, General? have


head? Qih. Dost thou mock me?

lago. I mock you.not, by Heaven; Would you would bear your fortunes, like a man.

Oth. A horned man's a monster, and a beast.

lag. There's many a beast then in a populous. And many a civil monster.

[city, Oth. Did he confess it?

Jago. Good Sir, be a. man; Think, every bearded fellow, that's but yoked, May draw with you. Millions are now alive, That nightly ly in those unproper beds, Which they dare swear peculiar. Your case is better.. Oh, 'tis the spight of hell, the fiend's arch-mock, Tolip a wanton in a secure couch; And to suppose her chalte. No, let me know, And knowing what I am, I know what she shall be:

Orh. Oh, thou art wife ; 'tis certain.

lags. Stand you a while apart, Conhne yourself but in a patient lift. Whilst

you were here, o’erwhelmed with your grief (A pallion most unsuiting such a man) Cailio come hither. I shifted him away, And laid good 'cuses on your ecstacy;

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