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Address of the Publishers

31 Connecticut Christian Knowledge So-
Address occasioned by the death of ciety

Mrs. Wand Mrs. M-

331 Consecrations 32, 64, 192, 223, 256, 288,
Albany and its vicinity Bible and Com-

319, 320, 352, 383, 384
mon Prayer Book Society
63 Convention of Rhode Island

Ante-communion service, use of 282 Conyention of Connecticut

Bacon, John, death of

184 Convention of North-Carolina
Barrow, Dr. on the life of
108 Convention of Pennsylvania

Bartow, Rev. Theodosius, death of 383 Convention of Maryland
Bearing Botany-Bay ship
90 Convention of Ohio

Bede, last days of the venerable 266 Convention of New Jersey

Berkeley, Bishop, memoirs of 289 Corinth, modern

Beza, death of
29 Correspondents, to

96, 256
Bible, the

238 Cross, influence of the doctrine of the 222
Bible, introduction to the new 270, 292 Curate, the

Bible, new Family, now publishing by Cyrus and Tigranes

T. & J. Swords 211, 237, 325, 359 Day-break

Bishops, succession of
197 Divine decrees

Boabab, natural history of

91 Divinity, polemical and controversial 268
Book of Common Prayer
319 Divinity, empiricks in

Bowen, Clergy's address to Bishop 152 Duncan, Rev. William, death of 96
Bowen's, Bishop, reply to the Clergy 153 Easter-Day, a morning hymn on 93
Bowen's, Bishop, address

154 Edward VI. last moments of king 28
British Christian Knowledge Society 111 Episcopal Church of Scotland
Brownell, consecration of Bishop 352 Episcopal Fund, collections for 146
Butler, Joseph, life of Bishop 321 Evangelists, Harmony of the four 256
Campbell, Rev. John, his death 320 Evergreens at Christmas, use of 362
Ceylon, archdeaconry at
91 Europe, statistics of

Chalmers's Discourses, extract from 137 Experiences, remarks on

Charleston Prot. E. missionary society 285 Flowers, the, by Bishop Horne 128
Charleston P. E. Şunday school society 330 Frost, Rev. Thomas, death of 276
Chase, Bishop, consecration of 32 Georgetown, church at endowed

Chase, Clergy's address to Bishop 329 Glasse's reply to William Jones
Chase's, Bishop, reply to the Clergy 329 God, trusting in

Chateaubriand, remark by

269 Good Friday, on the observance of 78
Chinese superstition

351 Gospel, a good wish about hearing 344
Christ's resurrection

351 Greenfield, Massachusetts, church at 145
Christian Journal, utility of the 19 Guilford female B. and P. B. society 275
Christianity in Persia, toleration of 82 Hagerstown Prayer Book & tract soc. 237

158 Hamersley, Andrew, death of 191
Church of England. Man, the Old 159 Hearer, danger of a fruitless 209
Churches, incorporation of, act for 185 Heaven

Church-membership, misapplication Hebrew Bible

of the term

188 Herbert, Rev. George, anecdote of 23
Churchman's Recorder, prospectus of 223 Hickes, Bishop, extract from 178
Church at Buffalo

255 Hindoo corpse, ceremonies in burning 81
Church at Mantua, a new Episcopal, 288 Hindoo superstitions and cruelties 370
Church at Norway, a new Episcopal, 319 Holy Scriptures, on the study of the 355
Church in Boston, a new Episcopal, 319 Horne, Bishop, memoirs of 1, 33
Clay's, Rev. J. C. his addresses 216, 334 Horne on Garrick's funeral procession 64
Clergyman, character of a country 260 Horsley and Porteus, Bishops 80
Clergyman, performances of an old one 288 Horsley, anecdote of Bishop 384
Collegiate honours conferred 288, 320 Hubbard, Bela, memoirs of 257
College at Worthington, Ohio 221 Human nature, corruption of 38
319, 320 Human depravity



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Christian courage


Human life
189 Osborn, Dr. John C. death of

Human affairs, on the instability of 190 Ordinations 32, 96, 192, 256, 288, 319,
Huss, Rev. John, martyrdom of 70

320, 352, 384
Hymn for charity children
380. Parkhurst, Rev. John, life of

Idolater converted

29 Parochial limits, questions respecting 339
Inscription for an hour glass
64 Patience


288, 319, 352, 383 Pennsylvania Common Prayer Book
Jews, society for converting them 169 society, report of its managers 46
John the Baptist, life and death of 53, 71, Pennsylvania society of the P.E. C.

103, 132, 167 for the Advancement of Christianity 239
Johnson, William Samuel, memoirs of 380 Pleasures, vanity of temporal

Johnstown Auxiliary Bible and Com. Pluralities

mon Prayer Book society

18 Pope, Garth, and Lord Halifax 232
Jones, William, lines written by 64 Porteus and Horsley, Bishops, com-
Jones, Rev. William, memoirs of 65, 97 parison between

Jones, Rev. W. on the death of his wife 101 Prayer days, on the service of 181
Juggernaut, disaster of
277 Prayer, weekly, remarks on

Kiss of Charity, spoken of in Rom. Prayer Meetings, &c. essay on 279, 314

xvi. 16, an essay concerning the 57 Preachers, impropriety of rambling
Klopstock, memoirs of

after various

Knox, John, and Queen Mary 44 Preaching

Knox's sentiments of ordination 51 Protestant Episcopal Tract Society,
Lavater, anecdote of

343 9th annual report of the New York 16
Light and love
89 Prudence

Lewis, Harriet, liberality of
23 Psalm 109, on its use

Lines written at an inn
31 Psalms of David, on the

Lines written in a church-yard 255 Publications, proposed

Livingston, Miss Mary, on her death 124 Quack, punishment of one

Lonsdale's sermon, extract from 231

Raffle's Tour, passages in

Luther, death of

49 Reflections for the 4th of July 219
Lyttleton, Lord, death of
95. Reformers, remarks on the

Mahomedan, an Englishman turning 82 Religious knowledge, mode of im.
Maniac, the religious

parting it

Martyrdom of a Christian in Smyrna 349 Religious life, letter respecting 368
Maryland society for the advancement Rochester, Lord, confession of 95
of Christianity
330 Savings Bank

May, Rev, Thomas P. death of 320 Scripture biography, advantages of 324
Melancthon, last hours of
84 Sharpsburg Sunday school

Middleton's, Bishop, letter

339 Shepherd's Town Sunday school 333
Ministry, qualifications for the 127 Shrewsbury Episcopal society 260
Missionaries, errors respecting 52 Singleton, John, some account of 317
Mistake corrected
189 Slater's, Mrs. donation

Moore's, Bishop, visitation

152 South-Carolina Prot. Episc. Society
Moore's, Bishop, address

206 for the Advancement of Christianity 117
Moore, lines by the late Bishop 352 South-Carolina, parochial reports of 182
Mother's love

379 Stillingfileet, biography of Bishop 353
Nain, the widow of

94 St. Philip's Church, consecration of 256
62, 157, 158 Sunday schools, on

New Year, on the
379 Swearing, prohibition of

New York Lunatic Asylum, report of Swords's Pocket Almanack

the physician of the
13 Teacher, the wicked

New-York Bible and Common Prayer Terms, misapplication of certain 92, 138

Book society, Auxiliary, report of 24 Thanksgiving and prayer, days for 352
New-York Bible and Common Prayer Theatrical representations, on 122
Book society, 9th annual report of 45 Thy will be done

New-York Bible and Common Prayer Times, present, in a religious view 10

Book society, terms of subscription 63 Troy Episcopal Sunday school 363
New-York Protestant Episcopal Sun- Verse 6th of the 26th Psalm, on 367

day School Society, report of 199 Version of the 84th Psalm, a Latin,
New York Protestant Episcopal Mis-

and its translation

158, 159
sionary society, 38 annual report of 374 Wallace, Joshua Maddox, death of 192
Northorp, Rev. William H. death of 96 Williamson, Dr. Hugh, death of 191
Onondaga chief a Christian instructor 30 Wilson, Bishop, memoirs of 161, 193





No. 1.)

JANUARY, 1819.


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Memoirs of the late Bishop HORNE; While Mi. Horne was at school, a

extracted from the life of that emi- Maidstone scholarship in University nent Prelate; by the Rev. WILLIAM College became vacant; in his appli. Jones, of Nayland.

cation for which he succeeded, and,

young as he was, the master recomDoctor George Horne, late Bishop mended his going directly to college. of Norwich, and for several years

Soon after he was settled at Uni. President of Magdalen College, in versity College, (where he was adOxford, and Dean of Canterbury, was mitted on the 15th of March, 1745-6,) horn at Otharn, a small village near Mr. Hobson, a good and learned tutor Maidstone, in Kent, on the first of of the house, gave out an exercise, November, in the year 1730. His for a trial of skill, to Mr. Horne and father was the Rev. Samuel Horne, the present writer of his

life, who M. A. Rector of Otham, a very learn- was also in his first year. They were ed and respectable clergyman, who ordered to take a favourite Latin ode for some years had been a tutor at of Boëtius, and present it to the tutor Oxford.

in a different Latin metre. This they Under his father's tuition he led a both did as well as they could: and pleasant life, and made a rapid pro- the contest, instead of dividing, united gress in Greek and Latin. But some them ever after, and had also the efwell meaning friend, fearing he might fect of inspiring them with a love of be spoiled by staying so long at home, the Lyric Poetry of that author. advised the sending of him

to school. To show how high Mr. Horne's To this his good father, who never character stood with all the members was given to make much resistance, of his college, old and young, I need readily consented: and he was ac- only mention the following fact. It cordingly placed in the school at happened about the time when he Maidstone, under the care of the Rev. took his Bachelor's degree, which Deodatus Bye, a man of good prin- was on the 27th of October, 1749, ciples, and well learned in Latin, that a Kentish fellowship became va. Greek, and Hebrew; who, when he cant at Magdalen College ; and there had received his new scholar, and ex- was, at that time, no scholar of the amined him at the age of thirteen, house who was upon the county. The was so surprised at his proficiency, senior fellow of University College that he asked him why he came to having heard of this, said nothing of school, when he was rather fit to go it to Mr. Horne, but went down to from school? With this gentleman Magdalen College, told them what an he continued two years; during which extraordinary young man they might he added much to his stock of learn- find in University College, and gave ing, and among other things, a little him such a recommendation as diselementary knowledge of the He- posed the society to accept of him, brew, on the plan of Buxtorf, which When the day of election came, they was of great advantage to him after- found him such as he had been reprewards.

sented, and much more ; and, in 1750,

he was accordingly chosen a fellow of * He died in 1768, aged 75.

Magdalen College, and on the first of VOL. III.


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June, 1752, he took the degree of in my own strength, but in the strength Master of Arts.

of the Lord God; and may he prosIf we look back upon our past lives, per the work of my hands !" He came it will generally be found, that the to me, then resident upon the curacy leading events, which gave a direc- of Finedon, in Northamptonshire, to tion to all that followed, were not ac- preach his first sermon: to which, as cording to our own choice or know- it might be expected, I listened with ledge, but from the hand of an over- no small attention ; under an assuruling Providence, which acts without rance, that his doctrine would be consulting us ; putting us into situa- good, and that he was capable of tions which are either best for our- adorning it to a high degree with beauselves, or best for the world, or best tiful language and a graceful delifor both; and leading us as it led the very. The discourse he then preached, patriarch Abraham ; of whom we are though excellent in its kind, is not

n told, that he knew not whither he was printed among his other works. Scrugoing. This was plainly the case in pulous critics,

he thought, might be of Mr. Horne's election to Magdalen opinion, that he had given too great College. A person took up the mat- scope to his imagination, and that

; ter, ‘unsolicited, and in secret: he the text, in the sense he took it, was succeeded. When fellow, his charac- not a foundation solid enough to build ter and conduct gave him favour with so much upon. This was his sentithe society, and, when Dr. Jenner ment when his judgment was more died, they elected him president : the mature; and he seems to me to have headship of the college introduced judged rightly. Yet the discourse him to the office of vice-chancellor; was admirable in respect of its compowhich, at length, made him as well sition and its moral tendency. Give known to Lord North as to the Earl me an audience of well disposed of Liverpool : this led to the deanry Christians, among whom there are no of Canterbury, and that to the bishop- dry moralists, no fastidious critics, ric of Norwich.

and I would stake my life upon the The time drew near when he was hazard of pleasing them all by the to take holy orders. This was a se- preaching of that sermon. With farrious affair to him; and he entered ther preparation, and a little more exupon it, as every candidate ought to perience, he preached in a more pubdo, with a resolution to apply the stu- lic pulpit, before one of the largest dies he had followed to the practice and most polite congregations at Lonof his ministry; and, above all the don. The preacher, whose place he rest, his study of the Holy Scripture. supplied, but who attended in the Soon after he had been ordained, on ehurch on purpose to hear him, was Trinity Sunday, 1753, by the Bishop so much affected by what he had of Oxford, he related the circumstance heard, and the manner in which it by letter to an intimate. friend, not was delivered, that when he visited without adding the following petition, me, shortly after, in the country, he which is well worth preserving : « May was so full of this sermon, that he he who ordered Peter three times to gave me the matter and the method feed his lambs, give me grace, know- of it by heart; pronouncing at the ledge, and skill, to watch and attend to end of it, what a writer of his life the flock, which he purchased upon ought never to forget, that—"George the cross, and to give rest to those who Horne was, without exception, the are under the burden of sin or sor- best preacher in England.” Which row! It hath pleased God to call me 'testimony was the more valuable, beto the ministry in very troublesome cause it came from a person who had, times indeed; when a lion and a bear with many people, the reputation of have broken into the fold, and are being such himself. This sermon is making havock amo ng the sheep. preserved; and if the reader should With a firm, though humble confi- be a judge, and will take the pains to lence, do I propose to go forth ; not examine it, he will think it merits



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