A Sermon on the Doctrine of the Trinity

J.F. Moore, printer, 1846 - 12 páginas

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Página 12 - ... be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh us a, reason of the hope that is in us, with meekness and fear.
Página 6 - Therefore I shall again repeat the doctrine of the Trinity as it is positively affirmed in Scripture : that God is there expressed in three different names, as Father, as Son, and as Holy Ghost : that each of these is God, and that there is but one God. But this union and distinction are a mystery utterly unknown to mankind.
Página 7 - God should require us to believe mysteries, while the reason or manner of what we are to believe is above our comprehension and wholly concealed from us...
Página 8 - It is an old and true distinction, that things may be above our reason, without being contrary to it. Of this kind are the power, the nature, and the universal presence of God, with innumerable other points. How little do those who quarrel with mysteries know of the commonest...
Página 10 - Reason itself is true and just, but the reason of every particular man is weak and wavering, perpetually swayed and turned by his — interests, his passions, and his vices.
Página 6 - It is~\ impossible for us to determine for what reasons God thought fit to communicate some things to us in part, and leave some part a mystery. But so it is in fact, and so the Holy Scripture tells us in several places.
Página 8 - is the evidence of things not seen :" he means, that faith is a virtue, by which any thing commanded us by God to believe, appears evident and certain to us, although we do not see, nor can conceive it ; because by faith we entirely depend upon the truth and power of God. It is an old and true distinction, that things may be above our reason, without being contrary to it.
Página 7 - And all this is highly reasonable ; for, faith is an entire dependence upon the truth, the power, the justice, and the mercy of God; which dependence will certainly incline us to obey him in all things.
Página 8 - From what hath been said, it is manifest, that God did never command us to believe, nor his ministers to preach, any doctrine which is contrary to the reason he hath pleased to endow us with; but for his own wise ends has thought fit to conceal from us the nature of the thing he commands ; thereby to trj our faith and obedience, and increase our dependence upon him.
Página 9 - Him. It is highly probable, that if God should please to reveal unto us this great mystery of the Trinity, or some other mysteries in our holy religion, we should not be able to understand them, unless He would at the same time think fit to bestow on us some new powers or faculties of the mind, which we want at present, and are reserved till the day of resurrecSEED. 163 tion to life eternal. " For now," as the Apostle says, " we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face.

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