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c. S. VAN WINKLI, PRINTER, Water-street, Nero. York.



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Answer to a Paper called a Memorial of the poor Inhabitants,

Tradesmen, and Labourers of the Kingdom of Ireland, .

Maxims controlled in Ireland,

A Letter on Mr. M'Culla's Project about Half-pence, and a

new one proposed, . . . . . . - .

A Proposal that all the Ladies and Women of Ireland should

appear constantly in Irish Manufactures, . . .

A modest Proposal for preventing the Children of poor People

in Ireland from being a Burden to their parents or Country,

and for making them beneficial to the Public, ... .

Two Letters on Subjects relative to the Improvement of Ire-

land, . . . . . . . . . . .

A Vindication of his Excellency John Lord Carteret, from the

Charge of favouring none but Tories, High Churchmen,

and Jacobites, .

The Craftsman of December 12, 1730, on a very interesting

Subject relative to Ireland, . . . . . .

An Answer to the Craftsman, . . . . .

The Presbyterians' Plea of Merit in order to take off the l'est,

impartially examined, . . . . . . .

A Narrative of the several Attempts, which the Dissenters of

Ireland, have made for a Repeal of the Sacramental Test,

Considerations upon two Bills sent down from the House of

Lords to the Commons of Ireland, relating to the Clergy,
On the Bill for the Clergy residing on their Livings, . i
A Proposal for an Act of Parliament to pay off the Debt of the

Nation, without taxing the Subject, . . . .
An Examination of certain Abuses, Corruptions, and Enormi-

ties, in Dublin,
Some Reasons against the Bill for settling the Tithe of Hemp,

Flax, &c, by a Modus, . . . . . . .

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