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ment that one truth which is plainly taught in the Bible, is rejected, the way to infidelity is paved. To that individual

“ The gate of hell stands open night and day,

Smooth the descent, and easy is the way !" It seems to us to be marvellous credulity, for a man to believe that a creature, a finite being, created at first and still sustains the universe. And it is equally marvellous incredulity, to disbelieve in the omniscience of the Creator and Governor of the universe. A man that can believe that a crealure made all things--all intelligences, in heaven and in earth_and yet that that creature did not possess the power of knowing all things of himself; that is, inherently, need never charge his fellow men with believing "mysteries,” while his own theory contains the mystery, that a creature created himself!!

There is but one uncreated being; anıl Jesus Christ created all created beings: therefore, if he is a created being, he must have created himself; and if he is uncreated, he must be that one uncreated being, and consequently God. Now this proposition can be, and is, as clearly demonstrated, as that “two straight lines cannot enclose a space.” Indeed, it is an axiom, and needs no demonstration; for it is self-evident the moment it is mentioned. To say that a creature was uncreated is folly. And to say that an uncreated being is a creature, is consummate folly. Now Jesus Christ is either a creature wholly, or in part, or he is not. If he is

uncreated in part, he is so far God. If he is a creature entire, he was self-created entire, or he did not make all things, as the Bible expressly declares; and this last ground makes us infidels. And is it the case that the Almighty Creator was not omniscient? If he was not, there is no being that is; and consequently there is no God-no all-wise God, in the universe! No such God as the Bible describes, and the fool had it right, when he said in his heart: " There is no God.” If there is no such God as the Bible describes, it is probable there is none at all. While we follow out the logical result of the doctrine that makes the Creator himself a creature, how it chills the flames of devotion and piety;. and how soul-abhorrent it is to the devoted follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is over all, God blessed forever. Amen.

But to impress this thought on the mind of the reader, we will give it the form of a syllogism. Jesus Christ created every creature in the uni

verse. Jesus Christ himself was a creature. Therefore, Jesus Christ created himself.

There is no such thing as evading this, and this, with all its absurdity, is Unitarianism-naked, plain, unvarnished Unitarianism. But we will try the propositions - of Trinitarians, by the same sollogistic method of reasoning.

That being that is self-existent is God.
Jesus Christ is self-existent.
Ergo: Jesus Christ is God.

The Lord Jesus Christ is either created or he is not; and here is the unequivocal, logical result of both propositions. Which do you choose?

If the Lord Jesus is a finite being, if he is not omniscient, paradventure while his children pray, his mind is pied with some other business, and he will not know that they are calling upon him, and especially if he is finite, and occupies but one place at the same time, he is not able to meet with all that meet in his name, and for his worship, and consequently cannot fulfill his precious promise. In this case, it would be totally unsafe to commit the keeping of our departing spirits into his hands, as did the holy Stephen. But with his own declarations before us, we will run all the risk there is in believing in his oninipresence, and omniscience.


The wisdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, is the wis

dom of Jehovah: therefore, in this respect, he is God.

CHRIST truly possessed all the deep treasures of unereated wisdom, even the wisdom of Jehovah, and this again, thus far, constitutes his perfect divinity. We wish it still borne in mind that Christ had, as we have clearly proved by God's holy word, the nature that other men have, that is, human nature. This point, we conclude, has been fully sustained. And as it respects his divine nature, we have already proved, that the existence of Christ was underived, that he is worshiped as God, in heaven and on earth, and that he was possessed of the attribute of omniscience in its full extent. The object of the present chapter is to show that his wisdom was not the wisdom of a created mind, but it was that wisdom which flows alone from the unfailing fountain of his Godhead, and is boundless as the realm of infinite extent over which the Almighty sways his sceptre. In proof, then, of the present position, we appeal to the veracity of the holy volume, which says, “To the only wise God our Savior, be glory, and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen." Jude, 25. Here Jesus Christ is addressed as the only wise GOD OUR SAVIOR, and the highest tribute of

praise ascribed to his venerable name. Again, he is said to be “ Christ, the power of God, and the wisdom of God.” 1 Cor. 1:24. And an apostle informs us that “ in him are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Mark: ALL the TREASURES of wisdom and knowledge are hid in him. Is there any wisdom which he has not? Here, then, he is plainly described as possessing infinite and unbounded wisdom, which can belong only to that Being whom we call God. His boundless wisdom is most clearly seen in the works of his hands.


" Who turns his eye on nature's midnight face,
But must inquire- What hand behind the scene,
What arm Almighty put these wheeling globes
In motion, and wound up the vast machine ?
Who rounded in his hand, these spacious orbs ?
Who rolled them flaming through the dark profound,
Numerous as the glittering gems of morning dew,
Or sparks, from populous cities in a blaze,
And set the bosom of old night on fire ?

Peopled the deserts, and made horror smile ?"" If, then, his works do not prove his uncreated wisdom and design, we can have no idea that any being in the universe possesses these qualifications.

St. Paul unhesitatingly affirms that “in him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily." (Theotetos somatikos) Col. 2:9.

He does not say, " the God” dwelleth in him, but the Godhead (theotetos.) This original word signifies “ Slate of being, or divine nature, the infinite attributes essen

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