Foundations of Ecology: Classic Papers with Commentaries

Leslie A. Real, James H. Brown
University of Chicago Press, 20 de dez. de 2012 - 920 páginas
Assembled here for the first time in one volume are forty classic papers that have laid the foundations of modern ecology. Whether by posing new problems, demonstrating important effects, or stimulating new research, these papers have made substantial contributions to an understanding of ecological processes, and they continue to influence the field today.

The papers span nearly nine decades of ecological research, from 1887 on, and are organized in six sections: foundational papers, theoretical advances, synthetic statements, methodological developments, field studies, and ecological experiments. Selections range from Connell's elegant account of experiments with barnacles to Watt's encyclopedic natural history, from a visionary exposition by Grinnell of the concept of niche to a seminal essay by Hutchinson on diversity.

Six original essays by contemporary ecologists and a historian of ecology place the selections in context and discuss their continued relevance to current research. This combination of classic papers and fresh commentaries makes Foundations of Ecology both a convenient reference to papers often cited today and an essential guide to the intellectual and conceptual roots of the field.

Published with the Ecological Society of America.

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Part One Foundational Papers
Part Two Theoretical Advances
Part Three Theses Antitheses and Syntheses
Part Four Methodological Advances
Part Five Case Studies in Natural Systems
PART SIX Experimental Manipulations in Lab and Field Systems
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