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The text of this volume is precisely that of Tickell's edition of 1721, except for the correction of misprints. Such corrections have been inclosed in square brackets, with references to the reading which has been displaced and to the sources of the better reading. In these references the original sheets are indicated by S; the first collected editions, by C; Tickell's edition, by T.

For assistance in reproducing the title-pages of books in foreign libraries we are indebted to Professor George Pierce Baker, of Harvard University, and to Professor George Rapall Noyes, of the University of California. For indispensable advice and assistance of every sort we are deeply indebted to Professor George Lyman Kittredge, of Harvard University.

CAMBRIDGE, September, 1904.

B. W. C. N. G.

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No. 155. The Political Upholsterer

158. Tom Folio
163. Ned Softly
249. The Adventures of a Shilling

254. Frozen Words
No.-1. Character of the Spectator .

2.* The Members of the Club
-5. The Opera .

7. Popular Superstitions
10. The Purpose of the Spectator
26. Westminster Abbey
34. The Spectator's Criticisms not Personal
37. A Lady's Library
39. Modern Tragedy
40. The same subject, continued
50. The Indian Kings
- 70. The Ballad of Chevy Chase
72. The Everlasting Club
81. Party Patches .
102. The School of the Fan
106.* Sir Roger at Home
108.* The Character of Will Wimble .
110.* Ghosts and Apparitions .
112.* Sir Roger at Church
115.* Labour and Exercise

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