Abraham Lincoln: A History, Band 1

Century Company, 1890 - 470 Seiten
Lincoln's law partner wrote a history of Lincoln containing many little-known facts some of which have been disproved by later scholars.

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Seite 379 - that is despotism. What I do say is, that no man is good enough to govern another man without that other's consent. The master not only governs the slave without his consent, but he governs him by a set of rules altogether different from those which he prescribes for himself.
Seite 340 - Indeed, it is not to be disguised that our attitude as a nation and our position on the globe render the acquisition of certain possessions not within our jurisdiction eminently important for our protection, if not in the future essential for the preservation of the rights of commerce and the peace of the world.
Seite 70 - The sight of men in chains was intolerable to him. Ten years after this he made another journey by water with his friend Joshua Speed, of Kentucky. Writing to Speed about it after the lapse of fourteen years, he says: " In 1841 you and I had together a tedious low-water trip on a steamboat from
Seite 379 - open war with the very fundamental principles of civil liberty, criticizing the Declaration of Independence and insisting that there is no right principle of action but self-interest. The doctrine of self-government is right,— absolutely and eternally right,— but it has no just application as here attempted. Or perhaps
Seite 237 - expressly stated that the State was to be formed " subject to the adjustment by this Government of all questions of boundary that may arise with other governments," but the moment the resolutions were passed the Government assumed, as a matter beyond dispute, that all
Seite 35 - I can say, what scarcely one mother in a thousand can say, Abe never gave me a cross word or look, and never refused in fact or appearance to do anything I asked him. His mind and mine—what little I had—seemed to run together.
Seite 359 - as a great moral wrong, as a breach of faith eminently unjust to the moral principles of the community, and subversive of all confidence in national engagements; as a measure full of danger to the peace and even the existence of our beloved Union, and exposing us to the righteous judgment of the Almighty.
Seite 392 - since there is no escaping your challenge, I accept it in behalf of Freedom. We will engage in competition for the virgin soil of Kansas, and God give the victory to the side that is stronger in numbers as it is in right
Seite 74 - anxious to sell the land where you live and move to Missouri. I have been thinking of this ever since, and cannot but think such a notion is utterly foolish. What can you do in Missouri better than here ? Is the land any richer ? Can you there, any more than here, raise corn and wheat and oats without work
Seite 419 - no person who is conscientiously opposed to holding slaves, or who does not admit the right to hold slaves in this Territory, shall sit as a juror on the trial of any prosecution for any violation of any of the sections of this act.

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