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At a General Meeting of the Camden Society held at the Freemasons' Tavern, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, on Saturday the 2nd of May, 1846,

The Right Hon. Lord BRAYBROOKE In The Chair,
His Lordship having opened the business of the Meeting,
The Secretary read the Report of the Council agreed upon at their

meeting of the 15th April last, whereupon it was

Resolved, That the said Report be received and adopted, and that

the Thanks of the Society be given to the Director and Council for their


The Thanks of the Society were also voted to the Editors of the Society's publications for the past year; to the Local Secretaries; to the Rt. Hon. Lord Langdale; Sir Francis Palgrave; and the Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor, the Court of Aldermen, and Common Council of the city of London, for the manner in which they had severally assisted in the publication of the Liber de Antiquis Legibus; to Thomas VV. Bramston, Esq. for the loan of the Manuscript of Sir John Bramston's Autobiography ; and to the Lady Willoughby D'Eresby, for the loan of the Letters of the Duke of Perth.

The Secretary then read the Report of the Auditors agreed upon at their Meeting of the 29th April last, whereupon it was

Resolved, that the said Report be received and adopted, and that the Thanks of the Society be given to them for their trouble.


The Thanks of the Society having then been voted to the Treasurer,
The Meeting proceeded to the election of Officers, when
The Right Hon. Lord Braybrooke, F.S.A.
was elected President of the Society; and

Thomas Amyot, Esq. F.R.S., Treas. S.A.
Beriah Botfield, Esq. M.P., F.R.S., F.S.A.
John Payne Collier, Esq. F.S.A.

Charles Purton Cooper, Esq. Q.C., D.C.L., F.R.S., F.S.A.
William Durrant Cooper, Esq. F.S.A.
Bolton Corney, Esq.
Sir Henry Ellis, K.H., F.R.S., Sec. S.A.
The Rev. Joseph Hunter, F.S.A.
Peter Levesque, Esq., F.S.A.
Sir Francis Palgrave, K.H., F.R.S.
Thomas Joseph Pettigrew, Esq. F.R.S., F.S.A.
Thomas Stapleton, Esq. F.S.A.
William John Thoms, Esq. F.S.A.
Albert Way, Esq. M.A., Dir. S.A., and
Thomas Wright, Esq. M.A., F.S.A.
were elected as the Council; and

John Brodribb Bergne, Esq. F.S.A.
John Bruce, Esq. F.S.A., and
The Rev. John Joseph Ellis, M.A., F.S.A.
were elected Auditors of the Society for the ensuing year.

Thanks were then voted to the Secretary; and to Lord Braybrooke, for the interest he had always taken in the welfare of the Society, and for his able conduct in the Chair.


At a Meeting of the Council of the Camden Society held at No. 25, Parliament Street, Westminster, on Wednesday the 6th May, 1846,

The Rt. Hon. Lord Braybrooke, the President, in the Chair;

Thomas Amyot, Esq. was elected Director; John Payne Collier, Esq. Treasurer; and William J. Thoms, Esq. Secretary, for the Year next ensuing.


ELECTED 2nd MAY, 1845.

The Council of the Camden Society, elected on the 2nd of May, 1845, have great pleasure in repeating the assurance so uniformly made by former Councils of the continued welfare of the Society, and of establishing that gratifying fact, by pointing out, in confirmation of it, that the investments standing in the name of the Trustees of the Society have during the past year been increased from £779 15«. Id. to £831 13*. \ ld. Three per Cent. Consols.

The Council have added the following gentlemen to the List of Local Secretaries:—

John Bruce, Esq. F.S.A., for Gloucestershire;

Rev. James Raine, F.S.A. Newc., for Durham;

and Henry Annesley Woodham, Esq. M.A. of Jesus College,

Cambridge, who has been appointed Local Secretary for Cambridge,

in the place of the Rev. John Lodge, M.A.

And it would be very gratifying to the Council if other gentlemen possessed of local influence would kindly render assistance to the Society by undertaking the comparatively easy duties annexed to the office of Local Secretary. There is nothing which can more surely contribute to the permanent well-being of the Camden Society than such co-operation on the part of members resident in the country.

The publications of the past year have been—

Autobiography of Sir John Bramston, Knight, Ax. Edited by the Rt. Hon. Lord Braybrooke, President of the Society, from the Original, in the possession of Thomas William Bramston, Esq. one of the knights of the shire for South Essex.

Inedited Letters of the Duke of Perth, from the Originals, in the possession of Lady Willoughby de Eresby. Edited by William Jerdan, Esq. M.R.S.L.

De Antiquis Legibus Liber, a Chronicle of the Mayors and Sheriffs of London, from 1178 to 1274. Edited by Thomas Stapleton, Esq. F.S.A. from the Transcript made for the late Record Commission (for the use of which the Camden Society is indebted to the Right Honourable Lord Langdale, Her Majesty's Keeper of Records), collated with the Original MS. in the Archives of the City of London.

The latter work is now only just ready for delivery, owing to the great care and attention bestowed upon it by Mr. Stapleton, to whose able hands the editorship was entrusted by the Council. The gratifying circumstances under which this volume was placed at their disposal for the purposes of publication were fully announced in the Report of the last year. The Meeting will probably feel it due to the Right Honourable Lord Langdale, Sir Francis Palgrave, and to the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, the Court of Aldermen, and the Common Council, of the City of London, to express by a general vote their sense of the obligations which they have conferred on the Society by the considerate manner in which they have on this occasion promoted its objects; nor will the Society, it is presumed, feel less disposed to give similar public expression of its thanks to T. W. Bramston, Esq., for the loan of the original MS. of Sir John Bramston's Autobiography; and to the Lady Willoughby de Eresby for the use of the Letters of the Duke of Perth.

The fact that the two last mentioned Volumes, like many of the preceding Camden Publications, have been derived from materials in the possession of private individuals, consequently from sources inaccessible to the general reader, furnishes a very striking proof of the advantages which the establishment of the Camden Society is destined to secure for future inquirers into the history of this country.

The fourth publication for the past year will be the " Chronicle of Calais," edited by John Gough Nichols, Esq., and to which, if the Meeting think proper, this Report, with the Report of the Auditors, and the List of Members for the past year, may be appended.

The first volume for the next year—being a further portion of the translation of Polydore Vergil's History of England—is completed at press; and will very shortly be ready for delivery to the members.

The Volumes which have been added to the List of suggested Publications during the past year, are—

A Selection from the Wills preserved in the Will Office at Bury St. Edmund's. To be edited by Samuel Tymms, Esq.

The Ancient English and French Romances of Havelok the Dane. To be edited by Sir Frederic Madden, K.H., F.R.S.

The Autobiography of Anne Clifford, Countess of Pembroke, Dorset, and Montgomery, and other Records preserved in Skipton Castle. To be edited by Edward Hailstone, Esq. F.S.A.

Regular Inclusarum: The Ancren Rewle. A Treatise on the Rules and Duties of Monastic Life, in the Anglo-Saxon Dialect of the xiij. century, addressed to a society of Anchorites, being a translation from the Latin Work of Simon de Ghent, Bishop of Salisbury. To be edited from MSS. in the Cottonian Library, British Museum, with an Introduction, Glossarial Notes, &c. by the Reverend James Morton, B.D. Prebendary of Lincoln.

The Council have to regret the deaths, during the past year, of—

John Adolphus, Esq., F.S.A.
Rev. Richard H. Barham, B.A.

Right Rev. the Lord Bishop Of Bath And Wells, F.R.S. and S.A.

William Fuller Boteler, Esq. M.A., Q.C.

Joseph Hoare Bradshaw, Esq.

Mr. Emerson Charnley.

Barron Field, Esq.

Richard Halliwell, Esq. F.S.A.

William F. Harrison, Esq., Local Secretary at Rochester.

Rev. John Hodgson, M.R.S^., V.P. Soc. Ant. Newc.

Lady Holland.

Thomas Moore, Esq. F.S.A.

Mr. Setchel.

The Ven. Archdeacon Todd, M.A., F.S.A.
Thomas George Waller, Esq.
Henry Walter, Esq.

The Rev. Christopher Wordsworth, D.D.

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