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[first] in welcommyng and enterteignyng of theym with moost goodly countenaunce, proper communicacion, and pleasaunt passetyme in playing at the virginalles, that they greatly marvailed and rejoysed the same, her young and tender age considered. Communicacion had, and licence taken by the

said gentilmen of the goodly chere was made unto theym of

strawberes, wafers, wyne, and ypocras in plenty. The same nighte th'oder shirif of London made unto theym a goodly soper. Yesterday (Sonday) my lord of Norfolk had the said gentilmen with hym at dyner, and used and enter[tained] theym all the day with moche goodly chere and passetyme. This present daye they entende to see the Towre, and so to depeche themselves from hens. We have at this tyme written unto the kinges highnes, and geven unto his grace our moost humble thankes for his gracious advertisement lately geven unto us, by his moost honourable lettres, concerning his moost excellent and goodly actes, passetymes, and pleasures had in those parties, like as your grace shall conceyve by the copye of our lettre whiche we sende unto you herinclosed. And almighty God have your

grace in his preservacion. At the second day of July.

(Signed,) Alle youres,

T. Norfolk.

Ri. Wynton. W. Lincoln. Joh'n Abbot [of Westminster.]

Joh'n Berners. Joh'n Fynnex. Thom

Rob't. Brudenell'. T. Wvndam

Other signatures are burnt off. The lords who signed on the 13th June may bo seen in Ellis, Orig. Letters, I. i. 176.

[P. 80], The Expenses Of Wolsey's Embassy, 1521. (Abstracted from MS. Harl. 620.) The booke of Soluc'. In my lordes graces Jorneye to Cales, Bruges, and other places. Master Roberte Carter occupyinge the office of stewardeshipe.—Anno xiij".

f. 2. "Ale and beare," extending three pages. Total cciiijZi. ix«. iijrf. f. 3 b. "Wyn." Total Ixixft. xiij*. \d. ob.

f. 4. "Buttry." The account for " mapylle bollys, lether pottes, ashen cuppys," &c. Total cxiij*. iiijrf. ob.

f. 5. "Pautre." Expenses of washing "clothys" and "covyr-payns." Total xvij*. xd.

f. 6. "Ewrye." Three pages. Total lxxiij/i. xij*. \d.
f. 8. "Sault and sawcys." Total xj/i. ixs. ixd.
f. 9. "The pultrye." Total vjli. vj*. jrf. ob.

f. 10. "Lynges, coddes, and other salt-fyschys, bought of Basdeyn and of other fyschmongare." Total xij/i. viij*.

f. 11. "Beffes and muttuns." Total cclxvj/j'. iij*. ijrf.

f. 12. "Foreyn chargys;" that is, miscellaneous expenses, amounting to cxliiij/i. xvij*. viijrf. Some of them are curious, as this for the scocheons which ambassadors were accustomed to leave on their route:—

"Item, payd to Joh'n Browyn, paynter of Lundun, for dyvers scochyns bought of hym and receyved be the syght of the said officers, as apperyth be bylle,—xli. xvij*."

The following items of expenses incurred on the cardinal's attendance at the two churches in Calais may also be considered worth extracting:—

"Item, payd to Wylliam Elton, for a carpynter and tymber, in seynt Mary's chyrche of Caleys, for hangyng of [the] hye auter, the iijtl' day of August, vj d.

"Item, for the hyer of a cart for carrying of the vestry staff from the stapylle to seynt Mary's chyrche, iiij d,

"Item, paid to the sexton of seynt Peter's, for the hyer of a carpenter, and for iiij ledges for the hye auter, and for my lordes traves, xvj d.

"Item, paid for a wagon carrying of the gret standard of the vestry to seynt Peter's chyrch, xvj<f."

f. 18. "Weet" (wheat). Total cxliij/i. vj*. vijrf. ob.

f. 19, 20. "Burdwages." Lists of gentlemen. (See hereafter.)

f. 21b, 22. "Burdwagys for yomen."

f. 22b. "Burdwagys for gromes."

These accounts continue to f. 29, where is the "Summa totalis denar' solut' pro commensalibus forensecis ccxxviijft. vij*. ijrf. y." f. 30. "Veelys and lambys." Total iiij"ij li. xij*. vijrf. f. 33. "Caryages." Eight pages. Total iiij"ij li. vij*. xd. f. 37. "Woode and coole." Total cxjli. xij*. jrf. f. 38. "Rusches." Total iiijft. xv*. viijrf. ob.

f. 39. "Rewardes." These are curious as enumerating the presents Wolsey received, and the senders of them; but they were in England, on his route to the coast. Total, vij li. vj*. viij d.

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Wherof cmlxxj. yardes at iiij*. the yard, xxxiiijli. iiijs. and cmlxx. yardes iij. quarters, at iij*. viijrf. the yard, xxxj/i. vj*. jrf.; in alle in moneye, lxWi. xi.jd.

"Somme totalle of moneye paid for blakke velwette delyvered to xvj. of the seid gromys, that is to saye, to v. of theym xv. yardes, to x. of theym xv. yardes, and to one of theym ij. yardes, in alle in blakke velvette xxxij. yardes, at vij s. viijd. the yarde, xij/i. v*. iiijrf.

"Somme totalle of money paid for cciiij".x. Millen bonnettes. Wherof delyveryd unto xlvj. of my lordes gentille menne, to cm. yomen, clerkes, and odyr, to iiijXIv. gromys, xxvj. abbeymenne, to x. chylder of the chapelle, to every of theym i. bonette. And M. Styward (iiij), M. Tresourer (iiij), and M. Comptroller (iiij ), xij bonettes, in alle in bonettes delyvered ccmlxxix, of the whiche cciiij". x. bonettes ccmlxiiij. coste iiij*. iiijd. the pece, and xxvj. cost v*. the pece; in alle in moneye, lxiij/i. xiij*.

"And there remayneth yette in bonettes notte yette delyvered, xl. Millen bonettes.

"Somme totalle of moneye paid for blakke velwette, skarlette, redde cloth, and for Myllenne bonettes, as it dothe appere before in this booke, Ccxli li. iiij*. ixd., over and besides xl. markes delyvered to master Tresourer and master Comptroller for theyr lyvereys."

f. 50. Here commences a fresh account, in which certain expenses, chiefly for provisions, are recorded day by day as they occur, from the 29th of July to the 4th of December. Mr. Sharon Turner, in his History of the Reign of Henry VIII. vol. i. pp. 211—213, has extracted some portions of this. It continues to the end of the volume. At the last page are these totals —

"Summa totalis denar' solut' per dictum dominum Itinerando per viam in isto itinere, prout particula patent antea, clxvZi. viij*. viijrf.

"Summa totalis omnium soluc' predict' in hoc libro cont' MiMiccciiij"vj li. xiiij*. y']d. q."

That is, 2.386Z. 14*. 6$d., not, as Turner has it, 2,346/. 13*. 6d.

A complete list of the fifty gentlemen who attended Wolsey on this occasion is supplied at f. 41, as follows —

Richard Page M. Fraunces Richard Pomerey

Thomas Henage Edward Steynynges John Synclere

Camd. soc. o

John Dudley
Thomas Dudley
Cristofer Conyers
Jamys Butteler
Thomas Arnedell
John Rescumer
Andrew Luttrell
Robert Owtrede
Roger Tempest
William Drewry
Arthur Newton
Water Denys
John Penyngton
Thomas Tempest
Raff Metford

Richard Crake
William Yeo
George Willoughby
John Wentworthe
Cristofer Coo
Robert Fraunces
John SenUohn
Edward Aston
Edmond Wyndham
Thomas Alford
Raffe Pexall
Edward Stanley
Richard Redman
Antony Hansard
William Dauncy

Thomas Yorke
John Yerdeley
Richard Crooke
Lewis Powys
William Ogan
John E3ton
John Gostewyk
Richard Candyshe
Miles Forrest
John Torrell
William Fayrfax
Watyr Stryklond
Henry Savelle
Cristofer Slyngesby

[P. 33.] Order In Council For The Advance Of 2000li. For The Reparation Of Calais, Upon Credit Of The Wools There: July 17, 1523.

(MS. Cotton. Faust. E. Vh. f. 41. On parchment)

The xvijth day of Juylle the xve. yere, &c. The kyng by th'avis of the lordes of his counsail and by th'assent of the maire and marchant3 of the staple of Caleys, consideryng the greet reparacions that most of necessitee in alle haste be maad at Caleys and in the marches there, hathe appointed therfore that of the wolles that nowe be at Caleys, wherof the king be agreement of the said maire and marchant3 shal take one peny, and the marchant3 an other; that is to say, after that xx»". marc" be receyved to the kynges use of the wolles that be nowe there, and other xxmU. marc to be received to the use and disposicion of the said maire and marchant3 of the same wolles there, there shal be delivered nowe anoon without delay or tarryeng by the same maire and marchant3 to William Cantelowe vitailler of Caleys, wolle, suche as he wol agree him to receive, to the value of ijMU./i. after the price of wolle that goothe at the said staple. The said ij ■""./i'. to be employed for and aboute the necessarie reparacions of Caleys asfer as it shal mowe reche. For the whiche ij mUJi. worthe wolle soo to be received by the said William Cantelowe the said maire and marchant} shal haue repaiement and

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