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For themperour's logienge. Firste, his bed-chambur to be hanged with clothe off golde, and a trussinge bedde with testour and celour, and counterpointe of riche clothe of golde, the curteynes with damaske, withe all other necessaries therto belongeng.

Item, a chaier of clothe of golde, and v. cussions of the same for the said chambur.

Item, for the borde, cubbourd, and windowes, carpettes of the same, or of velvet.

Item, iij. fyne carpettes to ley in the flowre aboute his bedde.

Item, a pailet bedde furnished for theym that be in his chambur.

The secounde chambur. Firste, the secounde chambour to be hanged with riche aras of golde and silke.

Item, a bedde with a sparver and counterpoint of clothe [of] golde, the courteyns of double sarcenet.

Item, a chaier of clothe of golde, and cussions of the same, for the said chambour and windowes, a greate carpet for the floure, and smale carpettes for the bourde, cubborde, and windows of velvet or of wolle, and a clothe of astate of clothe of gold.

The iiide chambour. The iijde chambour to be hanged with fyne tapestry, with carpetes upon the cubbord and windowes, and cussions of velvet, if nede be.

Item, a chambour hanged and well dressed for his chamberlayn.

The prince of Castille. For the prince of Castille in like fourme as the emperour, excepte the prince to have the halle well hanged and appointed, and also the chapelle.

For my lady Margarete, archduches of Austriche.

Firste, her bedde chambour to be hanged with riche aras. The secounde chambour also. The iijde of fyne tapestry, a longe trussinge bedde of clothe of gold, the courteyns of damaske, a chaier of clothe off golde, and iij. cussions of the same. Carpettes aboute her bedde of wolle, and upon the cubbourd and windowes of velvet.

The seconde chambour. In the seconde chambur, a bedde with a sparver and counterpoint of clothe of golde and velvet perpale, courteynes of double sarcenet, with all that belongeth therto. A clothe of astate of clothe of goulde. A longe carpet on the floure. A chaier covered with crymsyn velvett, and cussions of the same for the saied chaiar and windowes, carpettes for the bourde and windows of velvet or of wolle.

Item, a chambour to be hanged and dressed for her chamberlayn.

Item, to have in store paillet beddes furnished for every chambour where beddes be, and v. or vj. besides them, for every of the said logienges for th’emperour, prince, and archduchesse.

The kinges logieng. Item, for the kinges lodegeinge iiij. chambours at the lest to be hanged and welle appointed, and a chapell if nede bee.

Th’emperour to be lodgied wher the late deputie dwelled

in Calais.
The prince in the staple-house.
My ladie Margaret archduches in the tresourer's house.
The kinges grace in the castelle.

chambour, &c. And he tonne to be her

My La


For the transportyng of my lady Mary, princess of Castille. [The name

Firste, that it may please the kinges grace to name burnt away.]

some honorable aged personne to be her chamberlayne for the tyme, &c. And he to devise for the apparelle of her chambour, and for officers of the same.

Item, to appointe some sadde personne to be tresourer ..... ed.

of her chambour for the tyme, &c. And that he devise

plate for her chambour, coubbord, and ewry. M, Edmunde.

Item, to appointe an almosyner and confessour both in one persone, certayne chaplayns, and a clerke of the closet, and the same clerke to devise the ornamentes and

other stuffe necessarie for her chapelle. Ric. Jernyngham.

Item, to appointe a maister of her horse, and he to provyde palfrais, litters, sadils, and apparelle for the said palfrais.

Item, that it may please the qwenis grace to name somme honourable personage to be her lady maistres.

Item, to appoint certayn other ladies, the whiche with thear attendaunce gevyng uppon the said ladie maistres, and by her advise, have the charge to devise for thapparelle of her person.

Item, to appoint other ladies and gentilwomen, wherof somme to attende and somme to serve in the chambour of the said princes, and somme to contynue in her service in Flaundours. My Lady the Princesse of Castille.

Furste, a cronelle for her hedde, of golde and stone, in the day of her mariage.

Item, a goodlie devise for her necke, set with stone and perle.

Item, a goodlie gurdille of goolde, of as goodly facion as may be devised.

Item, ij. braselettes of golde, set with stone and perle.

Item, on the nexte day for her change a riche juelle of golde, with a cheyne of golde for her nekke.

Item, a goodlie gurdille of golde.

Ix oz.

XX oz.


To be provydyd in

Item, a goodlie crosse gilte, poisaunt iiij unces. Flandres. Item, vj. images gilte, poisaunt

Ix oz. Item, ij. chalises gilte, poisaunt both ) iuj Xx oz. to geddres

Item, ij. goodlie candilstikes gilte, poi- Cx 02. saunt

Item, iiij. cruettes gilte, poisaunt all to geddres

Item, ij. basens of her awne, poisaunt ) Cao

to geddres [Of her] awne, to be Item, a haliwater stok gilte, poinewly made here.

saunt To be newe made here. Item, a belle of silver and gilte, poi


Item, ij. goodlie cuppes of golde of her owne, the [one] garnyshyd with whyte hertes, the other with rosys.

Item, one other cup of gold, with perculles, and a rose in the tope, grene

glasse garnyshed with golde. .... of A ys. Item, ij. faire large pottes gilt, well

} iiijc unces. wroughte, either weying cc. (oz.] S

Item, ij. goodlie flagons gilt, well 2 CO,

wroughte, either of them weying cc. oz. s Her owne.

Item, ij. lesse pottes gilte, poisaunte iijç unces. Her owne stuff. Item, ij. pottes of a lesse sort, poisaunt Cxx oz.

Item, xij. bollis with ij. covers well

wroughte, poisaunt This to be newe made

and Item, a peir of flagons of Frenche ? Ch 02. oone with the cover to plate.c be made to the kyngs. Item, ij. standing cuppes gilt, poiOf the kynges owne. saunt

to thre of her owne, and


Erased, on garnysshed, either of theym of the valew of c. marc. b Erased, A leyr of golde of the same facion and garnyshyng, poisaunt xxx oz. Erased, or botells gilte pois.

xx oz.

To be newe made. Item, iij. cuppes of assey gilte, poisaunt lunces. Of hyr owne.

Item, a white potte for bere, poisaunt iiij«x unces. To be made of newe. Item, a greate water potte, poisaunt Cxx oz. Of her owne.

Item, a spone of golde, poisaunt ij unces.

Item, ij. goodlie saltes of golde garn- L Of hyr owne.

os nyshed, with one cover, poisaunt To be provydyd.

Item, xij. spones gilte, poisaunt xviij oz. To be provydyd. Item, a peir of kerving knyves, giltOne of her owne, two

Item, iij. saltes without kevers,a poi- 2 to be provydyd. saunt Of the kynges own.

Item, a peir of goodlie basins gilte, of 2;

a goodlie facion, poisaunt Of the kynges owne Item, iij. basins and iij. ewers : poi-) stuff of the Frenche

saunt a basin iïije oz., poisaunt a ewer} ijo xl oz. plate.

xl oz., poisaunt togeder To be made.

Item, a greate ewer for to warme water, la poisaunt

Item, v. spice plates, with ij covers , eos To be bowght of

gilt, poisaunt A ys plate.

Item xij. peces of spice plates, parcell

For powder, sokettes and peirs, poisauntijo x..
Item, a ginger potte and a forke, poi- ?

XXX ... saunt To be provydyd. Item, v. candilstikes gilte, of a goodlie

facion, poisaunt Of her owne thre, and Item, v. candilstikes parcelle gilte, z ij newe to be pro- poisaunt vyded.

Item, a weyving stole, to be plated with silver.

Item, a little pirling while.

Item, a peir of billettes, with a portaTo be provyded.

pynne and ij. mortues to the same.

Item, a faire coffer of iveryeb to lay in her juellis.

Item, a merour or glasse, golde, poisaunte vj oz.

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Erased, white.

6 Erased, to be plated with silver.

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