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of suche defaultes, that they maye be punyshed accordinglie. And if any person or persons doo com uppon the walles after the standwatche ys sett and charged, not having the watcheworde, the said watchmen shall in no wise suffer any suche person or persons to passe, but to his power shall let hym; and if the saide person or persons soo commyng on the wall, and have not the watcheworde, make any resystaunce, if the watchman doo sle him he is in no defaulte.

The Ordre of the Serche Wache in the Est [and] West Howse[s].

First, the two tipstaves appointed for that weike to charge the constable watche in the est and west howses shall receyve the watcheworde in the counsaill chamber of the clarke of the counsaill, whiche com[mon]ely ys geven in the saide chamber at iij. of the clok at afternone. And then at the latter ringing of the Flemmyshe bell, which hangethe under the great hall, one of the saide tipstaves shall goo to the est house, and the other to the west house, at which tyme shalbe at every of the saide houses one constable with his companie, which with hymselfe be x. in nombre. And then the saide tipstaff shall cause the bill of the same nombre to be called ; and then the saide tipstaff shall gyve the watcheworde; and in his absence, he having lawfull excuse, his deputie, and shall charge them to kepe good rule for that night; and then shall depart, and shall goo to the Markett, and when he commyth ther, he shall knok with his staff upon the stones, and the under-marshall hering that, shall in like case do the same, soo that the one maye finde the other. And then the saide tipstaff shall make reaport to the saide marshall, that the saide watche ys furnyshed sufficiently; and yf it be not, shall showe hym in whose defaulte it ys unfurnyshed; and the saide marshall shall see the same furnyshed incontynent; and the saide partie soo offending shall pay to the saide marshall for the saide defaulte xviijd. sterling. Alsoo the saide tipstaff shall shewe to the saide marshall who lackethe ther of the saide constablerie in proper person; and the saide marshall shall make reaport therof to the kinges deputie that night, to the intent that if he ys absent have not licence of the saide deputie shalbe punyshed for the same accordinglie. And the saide constables and ther companie soo beinge in the est and west howses at ix. of the clok shall goo oute of eyther of the sayde howses two persons of the constableries, wherof two shall go southe and (two] northe, wherof one of the two to have the watcheworde of the constable, and the other not; and soo serche the standwatche uppon the walles, and shall loke oute twoo tymes in every warde of the walle. And when they come besyde the Water-gate, at the lope in the walle right over against the scoutwatche house, they shall call over to the scoutwatche and saye, “ Rownde, rownde," and the scoutwatche shall answer, “ Ye, ye,” or “Well, well.” And soo they of the est howse shall goo tyl they come to the est house, and shall not tarrie bi the waie, but hast to ther owne house, without plaing at dyse or other game, soo that they maye bee at their owne house by a xj. of the clok. And then shall goo forthe other two oute of the saide howses, which shall ordre themselves as the other dyd bifore; soo that they maye goo rownd abowte the towne, and be at the saide howses againe by one of the clok. And then other ij. owte of eyther of the saide howses shall make the saide serche in manner and forme as bifore is saide. Soo that every of the two howses make fyve courses abowte the towne every night, bothe winter and sommer. And after the saide fyve courses soo in manner and forme as bifore ys expressed done, they shall remayne in the saide howses till the watche bell strike downe in the morninge, and then the saide ij. constables with ther saide companies maye depart, and doo what they woll, soo that they be at the firste opening of the Lanterne gate, and ther to remayne till the saide gate be opened and cleare, upon payne of inprisonment. And it is ordeyned that the constables and ther whole fellowshipps shall watche in the saide houses in ther proper persons, except they or any of them be lycensed by the kinges deputie, or marshall in his absence, or els that he or they be syk or deseased, upon payne, he that dothe the contrarye, to have for the firste defaulte viij. dayes inprisonment, and for the seconde defaulte xxti dayes inprisonment, and for the thirde defaulte to be put out of wages, and soo to remayne at the discrecion of the deputie and counsaill. And if any of the saide serche watche finde any of the saide stand watche not having the watche worde perfit, he shall instruct hym in the same ; and if he shall finde any of the saide stande watches oute of his warde, or gyve any ill langage to the saide serche watche, he shall present the same defaultes to the under-marshall, and he shall see punyshment according to the demeritt. And if any of the saide serche watche (find any of the stand watch] iij. tymes sleping in one night, and so take hym by the nose, he or they that shall take any of the saide stande watche sleping iij. tymes, shall present the same the daye following to the kinges deputie, marshall, or other of the counsaill ther; and they shall commande the under-marshall that he shall the next market daye cause hym or them soo offending to be hanged in a basket over the walle, X. or xij. foote from the water; and he shall have with hym, in his basket, one lofe of brede and a pott of drinke; also a knyff to cut the rope when he will. And the saide under-marshall shall commande the dyke kepers to be present with ther bote, to take hym upp when he fallithe. And when he is taken upp he shall be kept in the mayor's pryson till the nexte market daye, and then he shall be banyshed the towne for one yere and a daye. And none of the saide watchemen on the walle shall { uffre man, woman, or childe to passe by them withoute he have the watche worde, except suche persons as have lodging in the towers, and they to come up at the nexte stayer directly leding to the tower, and none otherwise; and that he, nor none of them, so having the watche worde, shall depart downe from the walle till the realif in the morning, nor tell nor gyve the saide watcheword to none other persone, uppon paine that ye or they soo offending in any of the premises to lose their lyves. And yf any of the standewatche shall see, here, or percyve any thing withoute the towne or within which he or they shall thinke prejudiciall or hurtfull to the towne, he or they that soo percyvethe shall shewe the same incontinently as they com abowte. And he or they of the saide serche watche that hath the watche worde shall incontinentlie sende hys companion to the kinges deputie, or in his absence to the next of the counsaill that he can come to gyve warning therof; and the saide watchman that soo shall sende his companion shall not depart from the saide place till hys companion be returned to hym agayne, and than to goo furthe his course. And if the cause [be] veraye perellouse, as by occasion of ennymies or fier, or other daungerous case, the saide companion shall, in his going as aforesaide, make an outecry, to the entent that redresse therof may be hadd. And if any of the serche watche or stand watche ether in the saide houses or upon the walle do make any fraye one with another, the partie soo offending shall lose his lief.

Ordre of the Banner Watche, and when it shal begynne. It is ordeyned, that assone as herring marte is proclaymed by the mayor, that the shercher of the herring botes or his clarke shalt dailie viewe and serche how many herring botes of straungers be within the haven, what nombre of persons, what gonnes or weapons be with them, and all ther saide hernes* and artillery the saide sercher or his clerke shall take oute of the saide shepps and botes and laye upp the [same] savelie. And when the same ships or botes or any of them will depart, and no more return for that herring tyme, then the saide sercher or clarke shall delyver to every suche shipp or bote soo departing, his or ther armore, weapons, aud artillerie. And every night during the saide herring tyme, bifore the shutting of the gates, the saide sercher or his clerk shall make a bill reaporting the nombre of the saide herring botes, and what nombre of persons be in them, and delyver the same bill to the kinges deputie or to his deputie in his absence. And when the saide deputie shall perceave by the saide reaporte that ther be xv. herring botes of straungers in the haven, then the saide deputie shall gyve knowledge therof to the treasurer, and then the treasurer immediately shall direct vj. mandates unto vj. counsailors appointed to kepe the banner watche nightly duering the saide herring tyme ; and also appoint the names of the speres, archers on horsback, and souldiers as shall attend uppon the saide counsaill nightlye duering the watche, in manner and forme following ; that is to saye, the comptroller shall firste begynne for the kinge, and shall have with hym iiij. speres, iiij. archers on horsback, and iiij. souldiers, all which persons shall attende upun hym the night of his watche. The seconde night the kinges deputie shall order the watche, and shall have with hym ix. speres and ij. archers on horsback. The high marshall shall order the watche the thirde night, and shall have with hym iiij. speres and oon archer on horsback. The treasurer shall order the watche the iiij. night, and shall have with hym vij. speres, vj. archers on horsback, the constable of the escheker with his companie, and vj. archers being under his retynue. The maister porter shall order the watche the vth night, and with hym ij. speres and iij. archers on horsback, The under-marshall shall order the vj. watche, and shall have with hym ij. speres and vj. archers on horsback. And of the vj. tipstaves shall every night one, with the trumpet and phipher, and the dromslade, gyve

# harness, i.e. armour.

ther attendaunce upon the saide counsailors as long as they shall contynew the saide watches.

The Comptroller's Watche.

It is ordeyned, that when the comptroller have receyved his mandate, he shall command the tipstaff to warne all his companie appointed to be at his lodging before viij. of the clok in the night with ther weapons, and shall commaunde them to sende ther hernes to the chamber wher the watche shalbe kept. And when the clok hathe stricken viij. the trompet shall blow at the iiij. corners of the Market, to gyve warning that the Banner watche begynneth. And the saide trumpet, with the phipher and the drome, shall goo to the comptroller's lodging; and then shall the comptroller goo with his companye to the Market, and from thens to the chamber on the Lanterne gate, wher the Banner shalbe charged. And from thens he and his speres shall goo upp into the ledes upon the gate, and shall see that ther bee sufficient light set in the lanterne, and commaunde the trompet ther to blowe, and shall come downe into the chamber againe ; and thenne the comptroller shall cause the tipstaff to call the bill of those names that shall watche ther that night. And if ther be any lacking, the comptroller shall furnyshe the rome with another man, at the coste of hym that so lackethe ; and then the comptroller shall gyve the watche worde, with the bill of names of those that watche, to one of the speres, and commaunde hym that he shall see the watche bell kept for that night, and that due serche be made aboute the walles in the accustomed manner, and too see good rule kept amonge his company. And then the comptroller maye depart, and at ix. of the clok the saide spere, so having the watch worde, or one of the saide watche for hym, to whome he shall gyve the watchworde, shall take one of the saide watche with hym, not having the watchword, and shall [goo] towarde the est rownde abowte the walle of the towne ; and in the going, shall speke to every of the standwatche, and loke oute at one lope of the walle betweene every tower. And when they come to the est house, they shall salute the constable and the companye that kepeth the watche there. And from thens they shall goo to the west house, using like manner as before. And if any of the said standwatche, or any other watche, may be founde fawte, they shall make reaport therof to the deputie accordinglie,


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