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The ordre howe Reportes shalbe made for Straungers' Lodging es in the

town. It is ordeyned that all suche as kepe free lodginges, which ought to be burgeces and none other, and they being sworne the ordinairie othe, for they every night at the shitting of the gate shall come to the place where the clarke of the reaports usythe to sit, and ther shall declare unto hym howe manye straungers be comen that night to lodge in ther howses, and of what towne and countrey they and every of them be, and also how many strangers they have remayning with them of the daie before, which nombre the saide clarke of the reaports shall make fower billes being lyke at all points one to another; and shall delyver one of the same billes to the tipstaff which that night charged the skoute watche, whose name shall be written in every of billes ; and if the tipstaff of the wall come to the saide clark while he ys in the saide house, the clark shall delyver unto hym two other of the saide billes; and if the clark be gone or he come, thenne the clark shall leve the saide bille at a place appointed betwene them, wher he shall have the same. Of the which two billes the saide tipstaff of the waule shall delyver out one of them to the heigh marshall and kepe the other for himselfe; and the clark hymselfe shall bere them forthe to the kinges deputie; and the saide tipstaff which hathe the saide two billes shall hymselfe, and assone as the straungers' bell ys ceased, goo and serche the saide free lodgings, and as many mo as he listeth that kepith lodgings ; and if he shall finde any moo straungers lodged in any of the saide free lodgings thenne be namyd in the saide bille he shall make reapport therof to the kinges deputie ; and the saide house soo offending shall paye to the king for a fyne; and if he find anye straunger lodged in any other house then the saide free lodgings, he shall take the saide straunger or straungers and have hym or them to his prison, ther to remayne till the deputie and highe marshall have examined the matter and discharged hym. And the oste that soo lodged hym shall forfaite to the kinge in the name of a fyne , and otherwise to be punisshed at the discrecion of the deputie and other of the councell. And if the saide tipstaffe doo finde any straunger in his saide serche abrode oute of his lodging after the saide belle ceassed, whether he be reported or not, but if he have his oste with hym, he shall have hym to prison ther to be punished as before is saide.

The ordre of the Watches within the towne and withoute. First, whereas there be xij. vinteners and the companies being twelve skore in nombre, and xviij. constables with ther companies, being ix. skore in nombre, it is ordered that of the saide xij. vinteners viijth with ther company shall kepe the standewatche uppon the waull, that is to saye, every night one vintener with his company; and fower vinteners shall kepe the skoutewatche withoute the gate, that is to saie, every night tenne persons of them, wherof the vintener hym self shall watche the firste night, and the xviij. constables shall kepe serchewatche in the est and west howses uppon the walle, that ys to saye, every night one constable with his company shalbe in the est howse, and one constable with his companye shalbe in the west howse, and the seconde daye after ther saide watche night they shall come to the Market to kepe ther warde daye, in the morning after the watche bell hathe stricken downe.

The ordre of the Scoute Watche. First, before the gate be shitt, the highe mershall or his deputie shall see that oon vintener and ix. of his fellowes be ther present for to kepe the skoutwatche for that night, who shall take with theme, by delyverage of one of the porters, the kaies of the braye and tornepyke; and also he shall se one tipstaff be ther, whose course shalbe to charge the scoutwatche for that night, which tipstaffe, in presens of the marshall, if he be ther, shall call the saide vintener and his fellowes that be appointed to watche for that night, and shall gyve to the saide vintener or his deputie the watche word; and yf any of the saide vinteny be absent, and have no licence of deputie or highe marshall, then he or they so lacking, though he have a sufficient man for hym, shall the nexte day be commytted to the walles by the deputie. And if any of the saide vintenye doo lak, and no sufficient man in his rome admytted by the highe marshall or tipstaff, the tipstaff shall appoint another sufficient man in his rome, and for the same default the souldior so lacking shall paye to the under-marshall xviijd. sterling ; and the saide under-marshall shall paye the saide watcheman so set in the rome of the soldier for his night's watche ; and that done, the saide tipstaff shall make reaport to the high marshall, yf he be not present at the ordering of the saide watche, howe the saide ys furnyshed ; and the scout watche so charged, they shall goo to the watch house near to the west gate, and at viij. or ix. of the clok the vintener shall sende forthe fower of his saide vintenye,

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two of them towardes the est, and two of them towardes the west, wherof one of eyther of the vj. shall have the watchworde, and the other not; and they shall go abowt the towne, and whan they come to the west house on the wall they shall ring a bell whiche bangethe in the saide howse, and hathe a corde over the dyke, and than they within the saide west howse shall look out and aske and if all be well, and they shall saye as the case ys, and so shall go forwards rownde abowte the towne, till they coom againe to the saide watche house; and then shall goo forthe other fower of the saide watche, [and] they shall behave themselves as bifore is sayde. And bicause the saide scoutwatchesoo going aboute the towne must passe throughe the brayes and the turne pyke, the one of those ij. shall go southward shall take the kaies of the saide brayes with hym, and one of the other ij. that goethe estwarde shall take the kaeis of the turnepike, and shall surely see the gates of the saide brayes and turnpike lockked after them. And when they shall mete in ther course they shall chaunge ther kaies. And yf it shall [chance) at any tyme that any of the saide scoutwatches so having the kayes to meate with any of ther ennymies, he or they that soo shall have the kayes shall incontinently throw the kayes of the saide brayes and turnpike into the dytches of the towne yf he cannot save them otherwise, and shall as much as in hym ys gyve warning to those upon the waules. And so shall continue ther courses about the towne, if no suche daunger be, till the watch bell hathe stricken downe. And then they shall reassort to the gate, and ther remayne till it be opened and clered; and then they shall entre, and the vintener shall deliver to the porters the kaies of the west gate, and of the turnpike and brayes, in manner and forme as he bifore receyved them. And if it fortune that any fraye be done or commytted bi any of the saide watche after in ther watchehouse, or in ther courses, the partie soo offending shall lese his lief. And if they see, finde, or here any thing, or that any kaies be broken, or other fault nedefull to be amendyd that may be prejudiciall to the non suertie of the towne, the saide vintener or his companye shall present the same to the deputie or any one of the counsaill that he shall finde at the gate.

The ordre of the Stande Watche at the Waulle. First, when the watche bell begynnethe to ringe to the shitting of the gates, then the under-mershall, yf he have no lawfull excuse, and his clerke, shall goo to the Castell hill, and ther shall see that the tipstaffe, called officer of the hill, and the vyntener with his xix. fellowes be ther in proper persons, onles they have a lawfull excuse, orels ther watchemen assigned and sworne at the hill bifore the under-mershall to watche for the saide vyntenie ; and yf the saide vinteiner be not ther in proper person, having no reasonable cause, [he] shall lease his dayes wages for the firste default, and for the seconde default to lose ij. daies wages, and for the thirde defaulte to be punished at the discrecion of the deputie. And then the undermarshall shall command the vintener to call the saide watchmen to the walle, and thenne the under-marsshall clark shall call the vinteners' bill; and if any of the saide watchmen be lacking and the souldier ther present for whome the saide watchmen shulde watche, it shal be lawfull to the saide souldier to get another sworne watchman to furnishe his owne rome, soo it be done bifore the charge be gyven by the saide marshall, or in his absence by the officer of the hill. And if the souldiers of the vynteyne be not ther present for whome the watchman lakkithe, then the saide marshall, or his officer of the hill only, shall assigne another watchman to furnyshe the same watche; and the souldier to paye to the saide undermarshall, upon presentment therof made in the escheker, xviijd. sterling for every suche defaulte; and thenne the saide marshall, or the officer of the hill in his absence, shall gyre to the saide vintener the watchwarde ; and when the castell bell begynneth to ring, then the saide vintener shall take with hym his companion, who shall not have with hym the watche warde, and soo goo to the syde of the towne that is appointed unto [him] for the night by the said under-marshall, or in his absence by the saide officer of the hill; and none of the saide watchmen shall goo bifore hym; and soo shall set the saide watchmen uppon the walles, one in every warde accustomed; and shall gyve to every of them as he sittethe them the watche worde. And if it happen any of the saide watchmen to be stolen awaye or lack, the saide vintener shall not depart from the saide warde wher the watcheman so lacking shall be, but shall sende downe his companion to advertise the under-marshall, whiche shall yet be upon the hill till the saide watche be sett, to take the reaport therof, or in his absence the tipstaff, whose office is immediately too sende for another watcheman to furnyshe the saide warde soo lacking, and then the under-marshall shall reasort too the Market-place; and the saide vintener shall not depart from the saide warde till the saide watcheman, soo appointed by the under-marshall or tipstaff, be brought to hym by his saide companion ; and (then) the saide vintener and his companion maye depart; and the saide watcheman soo stolen awaie or lacking ys to be punyshed by the saide under-marshall the nexte daye ; and that furnyshed, the tipstaff shall make reaport therof immediately. And if the saide tipstaff, called officer of the hill, be sicke or have licence of the saide deputie to be absent, he shall cause another tipstaff to furnyshe the saide rome in his absence; and the saide under-marshall shall make reaport to the kinges deputie.

For the Burges Watche upon the Castell Hill. It is also ordeyned, that the meane while that the saide under-marshall or his clarke hathe charge[d] the said vinteyne, the saide tipstaff called the officer of the hill, with the mayor's sergeant, who shall alsoo be ther present, shall cause the saide mayor's sergeant to call the boke of the burges watches, whiche be xxiij. in nombre. And if any of them be lacking, then the saide serjeant shall furnyshe the romes of lacking with one other watcheman ; and the saide tipstaff to have for every suche default of the partie soo lacking xijd. gr. to be paide to hym within thre nights nexte ensuing ; and for nonpayment, to reasort to the ground being charged with the saide watche, and distraine for the same as often as any suche default shalbe. And the saide watche so called and furnyshed, the tipstaff shall present the same to the under-marshall, and gyve to hym the watch worde, who shall gyve the same to the mayor's sergeant; and if the saide under-marshall be absent, than the saide tipstaff shall delyver the saide watche worde to the saide sergeant ; and then the saide sergeant shall appoint a setter, being oon of the saide watche, and with his saide watchemen shall goo to the walles, and furnysshe the wardes accustomed, and shall gyve to the watchemen as he sittethe them the watche worde. And if any of the saide watch stele awaie, or be lacking, then the sergeant shall goo to the saide tipstaff for another watcheman or watchemen, to furnyshe the saide rome or romes, and shall see the same furnyshed ; and the saide wardes soo furnyshed, the sergeant shall depart and goo to the mayor, and make reaport that the saide watche ys furnyshed, and delyver the saide watche worde to the mayor; and the next daye the sergeant shall make reaport to the under-marshall

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