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[Acts 1903, p. 226. In force March 9, 1903.) 3461b. Copy of articles, fees, certificate.—2. Every company incorporated for purposes of gain under the laws of any other state, territory or country, now or hereafter doing business within this State, shall file in the office of the secretary of state a certified copy of its articles of incorporation, or in case such a company is incorporated merely by a certificate, then a copy of its certificate of incorporation, duly certified and authenticated by the proper authority; and the principal officer or agent in Indiana of the said corporation shall make and forward to the secretary of state, with the articles or certificates above provided for, a statement duly sworn to of the proportion of the capital stock of said corporation which is represented by its property located and business transacted in the State of Indiana; and such corporation shall be required to pay into the office of the secretary of state, upon the first ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) or under, of the proportion of its capital stock represented by its property and business in the State of Indiana, twentyfive dollars ($25.00), and upon the proportion of its capital stock represented by its property and business in the State of Indiana, over and above ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00), incorporating taxes and fees equal to those required of similar corporations formed within and under the laws of this State. Upon a compliance with the above provisions by said corporation, the secretary of state shall give a certificate that said corporation has duly complied with the laws of this State, and is authorized to do business therein, stating the amount of its entire capital and of the proportion thereof which is represented in Indiana. And such certificate shall be taken by all courts in this state as evidence that the said corporation is entitled to all the rights and benefits of this act, and such corporation shall enjoy those rights and benefits set forth in its original charter or articles of association, unless this shall be for a greater length of time than is contemplated by the laws of this state, in which event the time and duration shall be reckoned from the creation of the corporation to the limit of time set out in the laws of this State: Provided, That nothing in this act shall be taken or construed into releasing foreign loan, building and loan, or bond investment companies, or other corporations, on the partial payment or installment plan, from any provisions of law requiring them to make a deposit of money with a proper officer of this state to protect from loss the citizens of this state who may do business with such loan, building and loan, or bond investment companies, or other corporations.

This act amends section 3461b, Burns R. S. 1901.

[blocks in formation]

3482. Creation of sinking fund.

3493. Investments, payment of bonds. 3483. Commissioners, appointment.

3494. Tax levy, how certified. 3484. Terms of commissioners, vacancy. 3495. Meetings of commissioners. 3485. Organization of commissioners. 3496. Controller or clerk, reports. 3486. Salary of commissioners, bond. 3497. Advertising, costs. 3487. Depository, selection, bids.

3498. Withdrawals from fund. 3488. Opening of depository bids. 3499. Eligibility of depository. 3489. Successful bidder, bond.

3500. Vote for depository, when a penalty. 3490. Treasurer, sinking fund taxes. 3501. Payments from fund, warrant, bonds. 3491. Depository, interest, credits. 3502. Tax rate, minimum. 3492. Character of depository.

[blocks in formation]

3503. Where executive authority vested. 3505. City clerk, powers and duties. 3504. Mayor, powers and duties.


3506. Departments, creation, powers and 3509. Contracts and agreements, when duties.

void. 3507. Appointees, qualifications, fees. 3510. Warrants, excess of appropriations, 3508. Expenditures, estimates.



3511. City controller, appointment, sal- 3513. Deputy controller, appointment, ary.

salary 3512. Powers and duties.


3514. City attorney, powers and duties, salary.


3515. Board of public works, appoint- 3518. Streets, alleys, public grounds, ment, salary, bond.

supervision. 3516. City engineer, appointment, sal- 3519. Contracts, notice, bids, forfeiture.

3520. Expenses, how paid. 3517. Powers and duties of board of works.

ary, bond.


3521. Condemnation proceedings, notice, 3525. Remonstrance, appeal. remonstrance, hearing.

3526. Appeal, how taken. 3522. Order, benefit or damage, property 3527. Assessment roll, liens. list.

3528. Assessments, when due, collection. 3523. Assessment of damages and bene- 3529. Damages paid by city. fits.

3530. Certificates for damages. 3524. Minors and insane persons.


353). Order for improvements, notice, 3536. Duplicate assessment roll on commaterials.

pletion. 3532. Cost of improvements.

3537. Installments, waiving errors. pay. 3533. Assessments, extent, lien.

ing before due. 3534. Payment by installments.

3538. Treasurer, duty, separate accounts. 3535. Assessment roll to finance de- 3539. Street improvement bonds.

partment, remonstrance. 3540. Installments unpaid, effect, notice.


3541. Establishing sewers and drains.
3542. Costs of sewers, how paid.
3543. When costs divided.

3544. Assessments for sewers and drains.
3545. Sewer or drain through cemetery.


3546. Levee, watercourse, drain, change, 3551. Minors and insane persons. construction.

3552. Remonstrance, appeal. 3547. Levee and street, appropriation of 3553. Procedure on appeal. land.

3554. Assessments a lien. 3548. Plan of levee, construction, remon- 3555. Agreement with land owner. strance, hearing.

3556. Contracts with owners. 3549. Final order, list of property. 3557. Contract for entire work. 3550. Damages, benefits, estimates of cost. 3558. Benefit assessments, how payable.

[blocks in formation]

3564. Third, fourth and fifth class cit- 3571. Wheelways in parks. ies, control.

3572. Donations of property, control. 3565. First and second class, department 3573. Power over waterways. of parks.

3574. Condemnation of land. 3566. Commissioners, terms.

3575. Boulevard assessment, damages, 3567. Officers of boards, reports, funds.

benefits. 3568. Control of parks and boulevards, 3576. Powers and duties of assessors. powers.

3577. Payment of damages, certificates, 3569. Action for damages, publication

benefits. of rules.

3578. Payment to owners, title to lands. 3570. Sale of park land, authority over 3579. Recording land descriptions.

adjacent land.


3580. Construction or improvement of harbors.


SEC. 3581.

Construction of levees, procedure.


3582. Board of public safety, appointment. 3591. Political work prohibited, penalty. 3583. Rules, quorum, clerk, police, fire- 3392. Bonds of appointees. men, salaries.

3593. Insurance fund. 3584. Fire and police forces, removals. 3594. Marshal, fifth class, powers, duties. 3585. Powers of policemen.

3595. Exempt from jury duty. 3586. Additional fire and police forces. 3596. May destroy property adjoining fire. 3587. Oaths, who may administer. 3597. Stolen property, custody and dis3588. Duties of police force.

position. 3589. Gaming

3598. Humane officer, salary, duties. 3590. Arrest and trial of offenders. 3599. Police matron, duties, salary.



3600. Pension fund, trustees, terms, pow. 3603. Retired members, duties, examin

ation. 3601. Moneys of fund.

3604. Forfeiture of pension. 3602. Investment of funds--- Beneficiaries. 3605. Existing boards, when control ceases.


3606. Firemen's fund, trustees, where ap- 3611. Beneficiaries, deficiency, pro rata plied.

payments. 3607. Composition of board, powers, by- 3612. Sums paid retiring members, delaws.

pendents. 3608. Fire company defined, election of 3613. Pensioners under former laws. trustees.

3614. Re-examination after retirement. 3609. Pension fund, of what consists. 3615. Payments on warrant. 3610. Investments, accounts-President's 3616. Pension exempt from seizure. bond.

3617. Custodian of fund.
3618. Existing funds, transfer.


3619. City treasurer, county seat excep- 3627. Notice by treasurer, collections, tion.

delinquents. 3620. Treasurer in county seat city.

3628. Treasurer's settlement, delinquent

list. 3622. Transfer of funds, tax duplicate.

3629. County auditor, delinquent list. 3623. License or special tax, how paid. 3630. Delinquent settlement. 3624. Taxation, assessment and appraise- 3631. Delinquent sales. ment.

3632. Compensation of auditor and 3625. Assessment certificate, levy.

treasurer. 3626. Tax duplicate.

3633. Treasurer's accounts with cities.

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