Walter Evelyn; or The long minority, Volume 1


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Página 277 - Oft, in the stilly night, Ere Slumber's chain has bound me, Fond Memory brings the light Of other days around me : The smiles, the tears, Of boyhood's years, The words of love then spoken ; The eyes that shone, Now dimmed and gone, The cheerful hearts now broken ! Thus, in the stilly night, Ere Slumber's chain has bound me.
Página 161 - Yet o'er that house there hung a solemn gloom ; The step fell timid in each gorgeous room, Vast, sumptuous, dreary as some Eastern pile, Where mutes keep watch — a home without a smile. Noiseless as silence reigned there, like a law, And the cold luxury saddened into awe ; Save when, the swell of sombre festival Jarr'd into joy the melancholy hall, As some chance wind in mournful autumn wrings Discordant notes, although from music-strings.
Página 276 - ... his duty in that state of life to which it pleased God to call him, as any young person who has been under my pastoral care.
Página 185 - ... darkness that still enmeshes the human intellect. I was ignorant of what part I should play in this struggle; but I felt the enthusiasm of a recruit who joins an army and does not yet know in what capacity he is to serve. Such a recruit pulls his sweetheart's arms from about his neck, and marches off, with a tear in one eye and a smile in the other.
Página 218 - William, who has taken it into his head that he would like to go into the Austrian service.
Página 6 - This truth is expressed in the oft repeated maxim that "a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still." At any rate it seems clear enough to me that if it is legitimate to present arguments in the classroom which disparage man's rationality, and there are many such arguments presented today, it is equally as legitimate to present arguments which uphold his rationality. If it is legitimate, for example...
Página 147 - And now come with me, and I will show you where you are to stand till I am ready to let you put my shawl on.
Página 181 - ... he had lived quite long enough in the world to know that...

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