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This volume assembles the criminal laws contained in the two volumes of the Revised Laws of 1910, the Session Laws of 1911, 1913, 1915, 1916, 1917, and 1919.

Chapter One contains Procedure Criminal and such other remedial and provisional laws as are in aid of the practice of criminal law.

Chapter Two contains Crimes and Punishments, together with other penal provisions which are complete within themselves; that is, those provisions under which a prosecution can be carried on without resort to any other antecedent parts. Political acts that carry penal provisions, which could not be incorporated herein, are cata. logued in the back of this volume.

Chapters are arranged in alphabetical order and numbered consecutively. In Chapter Two “General Provisions" is made Art. 1, and “Prohibition and Enforcement” is the last article, this for convenience.

At the end of each section will be found parenthetical figures which refer to the original section of the Revised Laws, 1910, or to the Session Laws by page, as the case

may be.

No change is made in the original text, except statutory forms are made to comply with constitutional requirements. References found in sections or foot notes mean the section numbers herein. For convenience in classification some original sections are sub-divided. Sections which correlate are cited in notes.

The annotations, which are mere catch words, cover 58 volumes of Supreme Court Reports, and 15 volumes of Criminal Court of Appeals Reports.

In the back of the book will be found parallel sections showing the source of the original with the corresponding section herein set opposite.

The critic, in the exercise of his pleasure, should remember that this is only a compilation—not a revision. Yet, notwithstanding its imperfections, we trust that the investment is worth while and the bench and bar will profit by, and appreciate the labor expended. Tecumseh, Okla. April, 1921


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