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Página 278 - Any person violating the provisions of this section shall be liable to a fine of not more than five hundred dollars nor less than one hundred dollars.
Página 278 - Provided, that one-half of such line shall be paid to the informant, and the balance shall go to the benefit of the hospital or asylum in which such person was...
Página 25 - ... and in different trades. In Utah the eight-hour day is in force for men, women, and children. In Massachusetts the working hours of women and children are limited by law to fifty-eight hours weekly. In this State and Pennsylvania women and minors under eighteen years of age are not allowed to labor for more than ten hours per day or sixty hours per week. In Illinois a statute was passed in 1893 prohibiting the employment of females and children for longer than eight hours in the day or forty-eight...
Página 276 - ... up and directed to the Secretary of the State, with a superscription expressing the purport thereof: and the said town clerk shall cause such attested copy to be delivered to the sheriff of the county in which such town or parish shall lie, forty days at least before the...
Página 277 - ... and return to France. If at the end of that time he has not done so, the United States is free to consider the request of Canada for his extradition to that country. " The order is reversed, and writ sustained.
Página 276 - State at least thirty days before the day of election, attested by the presiding officer of the convention or caucus naming the candidates, or by nomination papers signed...
Página 19 - Bancroft began to fail and during the last few years of his life he was able to do but little work. Our honored and loved associate, Mr. Hoar, visited Mr. Bancroft in the evening of the last Sunday in December, 1890. " He was sitting,
Página 276 - ... after the time limited for such return, and the party originally making the nomination may fill the vacancy within three days after such notice.
Página 30 - York statute prohibiting bakers from working more than ten hours per day or sixty hours per week.

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