Narratives Illustrative of the Contests in Ireland in 1641 and 1690, Volume 14

Camden Society, 1841 - 184 páginas

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Página 27 - Francis Harrison Rankin, Esq. FRGS Local Secretary at Liverpool. Christopher Rawson, Esq. FGS President of the Halifax Literary and Philosophical Society.
Página 16 - George L. Craik, Esq. Rev. John Antony Cramer, DD Public Orator, Oxford. Rev. Richard Crawley, MA Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire. Anthony Crofton, Esq. Barrister. The Rt. Hon. John Wilson Croker, LL.D., FRS THOMAS CROFTON CROKER, Esq. FSA, MRIA James Crofts, Esq.
Página 15 - Rev. Francis Foreman Clark, BA Townfield House, near Newcastle, Staffordshire. George Thomas Clark, Esq. William Clark, MD Professor of Anatomy, Cambridge. Charles Clark, Esq.
Página 13 - Octavian Blewitt, Esq. Secretary to the Literary Fund Society. (c.) Rev. Philip Bliss, DCL, FSA Registrar of the Univ. of Oxford. Local Secretary at Oxford. Bindon Blood, Esq. FRSE, FSA Scot., MRIA Edinburgh. Edward Blore, Esq. DCL, FSA B. Blundell, Esq. Temple. Rev. Wm. Blunt, BA Under Master of Merchant-Taylors
Página 151 - SOCIETY, FOR THE PUBLICATION OF EARLY HISTORICAL AND LITERARY REMAINS. AT a General Meeting of the Camden Society held at the Freemasons' Tavern, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, on Monday the 3rd of May, 1847, THE RIGHT HON.
Página 28 - The Hon. Sir Robert Monsey Rolfe, one of the Barons of the Excheq. Wm. Henry Rolfe, Esq. Sandwich. John Romilly, Esq. MA Barristerat-Law.
Página 6 - March 1869, and that we have examined the said accounts, with the vouchers relating thereto, and find the same to be correct and satisfactory. And we further report that the following is an Abstract of the Receipts and Expenditure during the period we have mentioned.
Página 14 - Oxford. William Thomas Carr, Esq. John Carter, Esq. Coventry. George Alfred Carthew, Esq. East Dereham, Norfolk. (c.) Cornelius Cartwright, Esq. Dudley.
Página 10 - ... subscription shall receive a copy of every work published by the Society during the year, for each sum of One Pound subscribed, without any charge for the same; and that the number of copies printed in each year, shall be limited to the quantity required for the number actually subscribed for. VI. — That every member of the Society who shall intimate to the Council a desire to withdraw, or who shall not pay the subscription by the time appointed, shall cease to be a member of the Society ;...
Página 9 - Member shall be entitled to vote at any General Meeting whose Subscription is in arrear. IX. That in every year one-fifth in number of the Council of the year preceding shall be ineligible for re-election ; and that in case any Member of the Council shall not attend more than one-third of the number of Meetings of the Council, such Member shall be considered to be one of the retiring Members. X. That in the absence of the President and Director, the Council at their Meetings shall elect a Chairman,...

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