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“The Racing Studs of England, Part II., NEWMARKET as it is,”
will be given in our next Number.

It was not with astonishment that we read the letter of our Corre-
spondent at Darlington ; for we had heard the report, months ago, from
many quarters ; but, certainly, pity mingled with scorn was the feeling
with which the conviction was attended, that the rumour was too true.
Time, and the hour, bring on many and strange chances ; but that we
were ever destined to see the day in which the Duke of Cleveland-
The Darlington, on whom the Chase had shed the glories of a tenth
lustrum—would become the most rancorous and remorseless vulpicide
in England, was never dreamt of in our philosophy; a more melancholy
instance of the infirmity of human nature it has never before fallen to
our lot to record.

We have to acknowledge the receipt of several letters, directing our
attention to an article in the Old Sporting Magazine for last month, in
which vulgar and uncourteous allusion is made to H. S. H. Prince
Ernest, in an article entitled, “ The Adelphi's Budget, from Leices-
tershire.” We have read it: it is a very contemptible attack, with a
motive all who run may read. From our knowledge of the work in
which it appeared, we should certainly not have calculated upon such
gross offence to the brother-in-law of the Sovereign appearing in its
pages. We have inquired who the parties are who write under the
signature of The Adelphi, in the Old Sporting Magazine ; and are
informed, they are a village apothecary and his pony.

The Editor will write to the Author of “ Connemara Fishing."

" Hog Hunting" is under consideration. “The Deccan Boar-
hunter" wont do.

The article signed “Hillam” is not suited for the Sporting Review.

Many communications stand over from known correspondents,
which were not inserted from want of room : several from anonymous
writers shall receive early attention.

The Sportsman in Ireland and Scotland," “ Wright's Translation
of the Paradise of Dante,” “Sketches of Country Life,” and “Defen-
sive Exercises,” were received too late for notice in the present Number.

In our next Number we purpose giving a notice of the splendid en-
graving of The Melton Hunt, which Messrs. Hodgson and Graves are
about to publish, from the celebrated Painting by Mr. Francis Grant.

Proof Impressions of all the Plates that have appeared in this
Work, are on sale, at 2s. each ; or, beautifully coloured, 2s. 6d.

Vols. I. II. and III. of The SPORTING Review, bound in fancy
cloth boards, lettered, may now be had, at all Booksellers', price
16s. 6d. each.

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