The Novels and Tales of Robert Louis Stevenson ...

Charles Scribner's sons, 1901

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Página 58 - Shelton, Simon Malmesbury, and"—striking his broad bosom—"and Ellis Duckworth, by the mass! " Another man came, red with hurry, through the thorns. "Tis not Sir Daniel!" he panted. "They are but seven. Is the arrow gone ? " "It struck but now," replied Ellis. " A murrain! " cried the messenger. " Methought I heard it whistle. And I go dinnerless!
Página 62 - and menacing, with doubled fist. Matcham lay where he had fallen, with his face in the grass, not thinking of resistance. Dick bent his bow. "I'll teach you!" he cried, fiercely. "Oath or no oath, ye may go hang for me!" And he turned and began to run. Matcham was on his feet
Página 98 - deal heartened up! See how they fall again to work." This praise of Sir Daniel put a thought in the lad's head. "Bennet," he said, "how came my father by his end?" " Ask me not that," replied Hatch. "I had no hand nor knowledge in it; furthermore, I will even be silent,
Página 44 - or warfare, I did risk my two poor ears to have you over whole. Content you; I can no more, on my salvation ! " Hugh was still speaking, lying on his oars, when there came a great shout from among the willows on the Island, and sounds followed as of a strong man
Página 135 - I fynde ye were untrue and unkynd fro the first. Ye have my father's blood upon your hands; let be, it will not wasshe. Some day ye shall perish by my procurement, so much I let you to wytte; and I let you to wytte farther, that if ye seek to wed to any other the gentylwoman,
Página 146 - men of Sir Daniel's in that house, and to be taken between two shots is a beggarman's position. Take me this ladder; I must leave it where I found it." They returned the ladder to the stable, and groped their way to the place where they had entered.
Página 293 - to the more deplorable necessities of war, and the thought of old Lady Brackley checked the command upon his tongue. His own men became restive. Some of them cried on him by name; others, of their own accord, beganto shoot; and at the first discharge poor
Página 83 - What! will ye be a man ?" Dick crossed himself. "Would ye have me shoot upon a leper?" he cried. "The hand would fail me. Nay, now," he added—"nay, now, let be! With sound men I will fight . but not with ghosts and lepers. Which this is, I wot not. One or other, Heaven be our protection
Página 222 - foremost from the stall, and thrust him by the shoulders down the chancel steps. Lawless, on his part, sat as still as a mouse. Sir Daniel, brushing the blood out of his eyes, stared blinkingly upon his captive. "Ay," he said, "treacherous and insolent, I
Página 180 - for after having lived nobly and richly all the days of my life, this is a sad pass that I should get my hurt in a little ferreting skirmish, and die here, in a foul. cold ship upon the sea, among broken men and

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