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Rome should ever dominate America as she word of penance or indulgence or human dominates Italy or Spain or Ireland, we merit or sacramental grace; not a sentence might find her rule as fatal an incubus as which any evangelical preacher might not those hapless countries have found it. Who have gladly uttered in his own pulpit. The could bear to think of a United States of whole sermon was such a delightful surprise America as priest-ridden as the United States that, unable to find the preacher after the of Colombia ? Why would not a paramount service, we ventured to send him a note expapal influence blight North America as it pressing grateful pleasure that a gospel so has blighted South America ? We are send pure, so tender, so devoted to the exaltation ing missionaries to the Roman Catholics in of the Lord Jesus, was preached to the haChili. Still more need is there that we seek bitual attendants of Saint Sulpice. A day to ply Romanists around us with a simple or two after an answer came, of which the gospel. Patriotism and self-defence, and following is a translation: love of civil and religious liberty, and the

REVEREND SIR:— I thank you for the favor interests of popular education, and care for

with which you judge my discourse. Your inpersonal freedom and the right of private dulgence exaggerates my feeble talents ; but judgment—all the rights and dignities of the fact is that I have made of Jesus the pasmanhood and citizenship-demand that we sion of my life, and it is my sole ambition to do our best and utmost to bring the truth as

make him known in his truth and to make it is in Jesus to bear upon the masses of

him loved for his goodness. You also, reverend those in our own land who are now ad

sir, have consecrated to him your life, under

another flag yet as the same adored Master. herents of Rome.

Go to him always with a true conscience, a generous heart, a devoted life; and, as I hope

for myself, you will be happy one day that you THE GOSPEL IN SAINT SULPICE.

have believed in him, that you have served Not long ago, in Paris, the writer attended him, that you have loved him. the Sunday vesper service in the well-known I am, reverend sir, your devoted servant and old parish church of Saint Sulpice. The

your brother in Christ. attraction to a Protestant stranger was of Would that such preachers and such course the service, the music being famous preaching might be found in all the pulpits for its rare excellence, and the organ one of the vast Romish communion, where there of the three or four largest and finest on the is too much reason to fear they are all too continent. We hardly expected to hear rare! There would then be small need of anything in the shape of a sermon, and that missionary work

that missionary work among Romanists were somewhat surprised when the preacher which for lack of this we feel it necessary to mounted the pulpit—a man of middle age press with all our might. and pleasant and benign appearance. He took for his text the parable of the prodigal REPORT OF THE STANDING COMson, and discoursed on it for half an hour

MITTEE ON HOME MISSIONS. in a most admirable and delightful manner. He set forth the misery of sin, the forlorn- The Standing Committee on Home Misness of separation from the Father's house sions would respectfully recommend to the hold, and the blessedness of repentance and General Assembly the adoption of the folconfession and amendment and return to lowing paper. Instead of reciting the enGod, the fullness of the divine mercy and couraging facts and achievements set forth the sweetness of divine welcome, the joy of in the report of the Board, we urge our pardon and reconciliation, and above all the ministers and people as far as possible to redeeming love of Jesus, whom he named in secure a copy of the same and give it carealmost every sentence, and glorified as the ful and earnest attention. No words of only Saviour from beginning to end. There ours could improve on that presentation of was not a word of saint or virgin; not a this cause, its capacities and the duties of our people in regard thereto. We therefore Board and the Assemblies of the past. We submit the following:

especially charge the eldership of the Pres1. Thanksgiving.–We thank God for a byterian Church to see to it that in each full year of prosperity—for 1465 mission

congregation an earnest effort is made in the aries in the field, doing 1155 years of work, name of the session for an increase of congathering 175 new churches, receiving tributions to this Board. Not less than 10,812 members on profession of faith and $800,000 will be needed to meet the most 7040 members by certificate from other urgent demands of this work for the coming churches, and supplying about 138,890 peo- year. We repeat therefore our urgent adple of their congregations with the word of monition to pastors and ministers generally, life; 215 teachers have cared for 83 schools as those charged by the Head of the church scattered throughout this country. The with submitting his claims to the people, work in every form and in every direction is to do their share to secure this increase of prospering abundantly.

funds and to meet these golden opportuni2. Regrets. We have nothing to regret ties. To this end we urge them to present in the features of the year except our fail- the substance of the annual report of the ure to reach the sum of money which was Board, with their own comments thereon, to set as our standard by the last General As. their several congregations. sembly. We sincerely mourn the death of 5. Missionary Conventions.—We would the Rev. Timothy Hill, D.D., one of our urge upon the attention of the synodical oldest and most faithful superintendents. home missionary committees the holding of Death has dealt hardly with our mission- conventions, according to the wants of their ary list this year. Fourteen missionaries several sections, for the discussion of this rest from their labors, and their works do great subject, the dissemination of informafollow them. Two teachers are among the list tion and the warming up of the hearts of the of the deceased, and from our Women's Exec- people toward this cause. utive Committee the beloved Mrs. Haines. In many churches it is found useful to

3. Wants.—The wants of our people were devote one of the monthly concerts to home never so large as at the present time. In missions, and have private members of the the older states, help is needed for old church to present brief papers on different churches, new railroad centres, new sub- phases of the question. urbs of large cities, new fields growing in To still further promote wide disseminapopulation, and new workers are needed to tion of information among our people, we meet the immense and increasing tide of recommend that a committee of thirteen immigration. West of the Mississippi river, ruling elders-Warner Van Norden, William Texas needs 12 men for new work; the In- Strong, Hon. R. N. Willson, George Junkin, dian Territory 16; Iowa 20; Idaho, Utah E. R. Perkins, William Howard Neff, and Arizona 27; the Pacific coast 45; Mis- Thomas Kane, S. M. Breckenridge, W. W. souri, Nebraska and Kansas 45 men, and Spence, W. E. Dodge, William A. Wheeother states and territories in proportion. lock, W. L. Skidmore and Archibald McNot less than 200 men are needed now. Clure—be appointed as a central committee

Our school work never was so widespread with power to fill vacancies, or to add to It is enlarging and strengthening among the their number, whose duty it shall be to inMormons, the Mexicans and the Indians. form the church on this subject of home It is capable of indefinite extension. The missions, to arouse the eldership and the field which is opening in the South seems to people to the necessity for greatly-increased us to have no bounds whatever.

effort in behalf of this cause, and the im4. Funds.—With reference to the money perative need of larger contributions, that to be raised for the year to come, we re thus this whole sum of $800,000 should be affirm with more emphasis than ever all secured, and to report to the next General that has been said by the Committee, the Assembly. The matter of the expenses of

this committee is referred to the Board of structions. So many special providences Home Missions.

of an open door and the money to enter it 6. Sustentation. --Soveral of the synods, have been granted us by our good Lord, such as New York, New Jersey and Penn- that we believe it best for the Board to fol. sylvania, have organized sustentation systems, low his leading day by day. Our church by which they care for their own home mis- is under profound obligation to the faithful sion work. We strongly commend this to and judicious men and women who gave other synods where it is feasible. Some their unpaid time and talent, thought and presbyteries in synods which are as yet brain power to the oversight and managewithout a sustentation system are doing the ment of this great scheme of evangelization, same work in their own bounds, and we and they have our thanks and our prayers, think many more presbyteries can also do and we unhesitatingly confide to their care so, and thus relieve the Board from mission the management of this work for the year work within their territory.

to come. 7. Reducing applications. The action of In the distribution of their resources, let the Board, recorded on page 15 of their them consider the question of numbers of report, in urging churches to strive to re- population, the condition of the people and duce their requests is approved. It does the prospect of growth in each several case. seem as if any church ought to be able to All restrictions are hereby removed, and the make a clear case of special misfortunes as Board is bidden to go anywhere in this to hard times and large removals, if it does broad land, in accord with the presbyteries not show growth toward self-support. Pres- on the ground, wherever they find the most byteries are urged to make special inquiry hopeful openings to make the best use of as to such churches as continue year after all the money they can possibly get. year asking the same amount of aid.

10. Officers and members. — During the 8. Women's work.-We highly commend past year the Rev. W. C. Roberts, D.D., the efficiency and thoroughness with which the corresponding secretary, was called to the woman's executive committee under the another field of labor, and his resignation Board has organized the sympathy and was accepted by the Board with regret. In effort of the women, the children and the this regret we sincerely unite, and wish him Sabbath-schools of our church. We bid all success in his new field of labor. them “God speed " in their work, and re- The Rev. William Irvin, D.D., was joice in their prosperity. Their magazine elected by the Board as his successor,


We is a remarkably successful and interesting earnestly commend him to the confidence monthly visitor, and we urge upon our peo- and co-operation of the church throughout ple its still wider circulation.

all our bounds. The Rev. Jonathan F. The experience of secular schools, Sab- Stearns, D.D., long a member of the Board, bath-schools and business enterprises shows also resigned during the year, and in his that wise superintendence secures both effi- place the Board elected the Rev. Thomas ciency and economy. We believe the large- A. Nelson. Their action in this election is ness and complexity of the school work may hereby approved. call for the appointment of a special super

The term of office of the following perintendent of that department, who can unify sons expires with this Assembly. They are the system and preach as occasion may re- hereby recommended for re-election : quire. We refer this subject to the Board Ministers-The Rev. Wilson Phraner, for special consideration.

D.D., the Rev. Thomas A. Nelson. 9. Distribution of resources. -As to the Laymen-Robert Lenox Kennedy, John proportion of money to be used in the Taylor Johnston and John E. Parsons. various forms of work (school work and All of which is respectfully submitted. church work) conducted by the Board, we

GEORGE P. HAYS, refer that to the Board itself without in





mended by the church for its foresight and faith, SELF-SUSTAINING-HAS IT PAID TO ESTABLISH and be supplied with funds that will enable it to THIS CHURCH?

continue such work.
I cannot say

"good-by” as one of your mission

aries without making grateful acknowledgment of Sometimes fault is found with the Board for

your uniform kindness. For fourteen years and sending ministers where they are not needed, and with presbyteries for organizing churches with few

one month I have served you on various fields.

I have had the privilege of speaking with Drs. members in sparse communities. But this church

Kendall and Roberts each only once, but in all my is an example of the wisdom of the Board and

correspondence I have had only words of cheer Presbytery in selecting and maintaining fields of this character. I came here at the bidding of

and encouragement, even when you were faithfully Presbytery without an invitation from the field.

"cutting down,” and when I knew the Board were

bearing a load of debt and anxiety almost greater Indeed, there was no field to invite me. People

than their strength; and now if I prefer to lean were few, the village small, members none, and railroads far away; but it was a good place to hold,

upon my congregation for my whole salary, it is

not because I have ever had cause to complain of and from which to keep an eye on the needs of

the Board. surrounding counties. Eight months afterward I organized the church with nine members. The

We are sorry to hear of sickness in the first year my receipts from this town were $2.

Nuyaka Indian school. Mrs. Moore writes Then came years of drought and discouragement,

as follows: and I was often asked why I had buried myself in

For a month we have had one case of malathis wilderness, and sometimes invited to greener

rial fever and dysentery after another, each pastures. But we and the Board held on, and

week hoping for a change for the better, but now after eight years we have a self-sustaining each time, after a few hours or possibly a day church of sixty-nine members, that has a large in- or two of seemingly perfect health, suddenly a fluence in the community, and are helping to place new case breaks out. Three successive Fridays ministers and churches in the adjacent counties; I have been compelled to send to Red Fork for a and although the church pays the whole of the

physician-thirty-five miles. Every doctor we

have ever had said he saw no local cause for minister's salary, it yet spares one-fourth of his Sabbath services for missionary work elsewhere.

our sickness, and so says the present one. This

malarial fever is prevalent all through the Nor have we had a mushroom growth. We had

country. We are having frequent heavy rains to win every inch of the way. Members did not

after nearly two years of drought; and as the eagerly flock to our church. Evangelists, who do fevers came simultaneously, in different local80 much to increase the membership of city ities, after the rains, they seem to be the cause. churches, did not come out into the wilderness. Whatever the cause, the fact remains that in Trained elders and deacons and trustees in churches spite of care the sickness keeps coming. I do east did not settle here. We did the best we could

not like to take the responsibility of closing with the material we had, instead of sighing for

early and beginning earlier another year, withthe efficient workers who would not come, and we

out hearing from you; but if I cannot get a

physician, and there should be another case now have no need to be ashamed of the pillars we

this week before the trustees meet, we shall have hewn. There is harmony of feeling and

feel compelled to do so. unity of plan and purpose and work, so that there is good prospect of efficient work in Christ's vine

SALT LAKE CITY. yard hereafter. Therefore, I think my labor and the church's

REV. R. G. MỘNIECE, D.D. money have not been thrown away, and the Board, With this quarter (ending with May) will instead of being criticised for its improvident use close ten years of unbroken ministerial labors of funds and unwise enlargement, should be com- in this city. Considering the immense pressure and combination of work in the church, the the constant supply of new and efficient workschool, the Home Mission Committee of the ers to fill important vacant places; and the Presbytery, and official connection with the pleasant harmony and close fraternal union other important local boards, to say nothing now existing in all our ranks in both church about continued discussion in the papers and and school, when there are so many opportuncorrespondence, that I am now above ground ities for strife and division-surely all this is a at all must be due not only to the general clear and most impressive indication of the mercy of the Lord, but to his special mercy in presence and guiding hand of the Lord, in hardening my frame into iron by hard labor in answer to continued earnest prayer. a hard country farm in boyhood and youth. It As I look back, I am glad that I did not now takes on an average three hours a day five yield to importunities to go to other inviting days in the week to attend to correspondence. fields. The most moving appeal was from Still, during ten years, by the grace of the President Bartlett, who urged me to take a Lord I have been disabled for service only one professorship in Dartmouth College. But I Sabbath.

am now satisfied, more than satisfied, that I But I see it unwise to try to keep up this was induced to hold on here and continue to high rate of speed, without prolonged rest, al- participate in this "good fight of faith.” though my general health is first rate. And My faith in the great commercial, educathe deaths and disabilities among the members tional and religious future of this city is unof our Presbytery the past ten years bring me bounded—80 much so that I shrink from being warning which I think I ought to heed, and absent so many months, when there is so much get ready for the still greater demands of the important work to do. But you know that future by getting down to a lower and less sometimes the best way to push forward work nervous altitude for six or eight months. is to take a good rest. You may depend upon

I expect to start for Galesburg, Illinois, next it, the remarkable growth and prosperity of Tuesday, where I expect to take absolute rest Denver and Omaha are going to be repeated during June, July and August. On the 1st of here and on a still broader scale during the September I wish to begin, in a private way, next ten years; hence my great anxiety to the work of raising the money we need for this get our buildings here in better condition, so corner. I will also accept appointments by as to be ready to meet the demands which are the Board, if it is desired, to address synodical even now pressing upon us, so that we are like meetings on behalf of the Utah work during a an oak planted in a flower-pot. In closing, I part of the fall, if that be the Lord's will. wish to put on record here my grateful appreAs I look back over the past ten years, the

ciation of the fraternal kindness manifested thing that impresses me most is the abundant toward me by you all during our ten years of ground for thanksgiving to the Lord for his official relation. grace and help to myself and my Christian co- The work in church and school has gone workers in this difficult but interesting field. steadily forward, without special anxiety to The continued peace and harmony in this record, during the past three months. The church, where there are so many workers with attendance upon all our services has been strong individuality; the steady, wholesome larger than I have ever known it at this season growth of the church from 48 to 123 members (after dismissing 103 to go elsewhere), and in the face of great obstacles; the steady growth

LONG CREEK, OREGON. also in moral and spiritual power; the steady growth of the school from 105 to 315 pupils, I am the only Presbyterian in this part of Oreinvolving three enlargements of the school

gon. We have no preacher at this time. I ca building from an empty treasury, which en- safely say that there is a space of 75 miles here largements were due mainly to the self-sacrifice, that has had no preaching since I came here one generosity and energy of Professor Coyner; year ago. There have been two ministers of an

of the year.



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