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but this spring they have gone at it of their own We condense the main features of the

accord. They have raised enough money to shingle year's work into the following, viz.:

it, relay the chimneys, plaster it overhead and paint

it outside., This requires about $250, and they Number of Missionaries,


have sacrificed a great deal to do this. The conNumber of Missionary Teachers,

215 Years of Labor,

1,155 gregations keep up to the usual size, and at our last Additions on Profession of Faith,


communion there was one addition by letter. I Additions on Certificate, .

7,046 lost one or two services in the months of March Total Membership,

87,294 and April, owing to the bad going. On Easter Total in Congregations,

138,590 Sunday I started for there with a wagon and driver. Adult Baptisms,


We got along about half the distance, when we Infant Baptisms,


found the roads just impassable. I sent him back Sunday-schools organized,

392 Number of Sunday-schools,


home and went on afoot, but the road was so very Membership of Sunday-schools,


bad that I did not reach there until so late that the Church Edifices (value of same, $4,307,388), 1,547 congregation had given up my coming and gone Church Edifices built during the year

home. Then, after a little rest, I walked home (cost of same, $305,772),

125 Church Edifices repaired' and enlarged

six miles through snow, mud and water, and I

thought that I was becoming quite a home mis(cost of same, $65,036),

262 Church debts cancelled,

169,072 sionary. It hardly seems possible now to think Churches self-sustaining this year,

54 that the roads were so bad just a couple of months Churches organized,

175 ago. We are much encouraged about the church Number of parsonages (value, $384,228), 312 and believe that there is still work for us to do in

that place. The following is a summary of the schools and teachers among the exceptional popula- SELF-SUPPORTING UNDER DIFFICULtion of our land, viz.:

Schools. Teachers.
Among the Indians,

21 84
Among the Mexicans, 21 40
Among the Mormons, 37 81

Our church this quarter has been suffering a Among the southern whites, 4 10

pretty severe trial on account of the strike at the Totals,

83 215

works of the Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Company. Our town is made up of the employes

of that company, and as the time of the strike kept QURAGE AND ENCOURAGEMENT.

nearing, their interest in church matters appeared WORCESTER, N. Y.

to decline. Only two of the members of our church REV. F, H, COFFRAN.

are among the strikers, but quite a number belong At the conclusion of nine months service with to families of which some of the members are the church of Westford, I can see many things to strikers. We shall lose many of our Sabbathencourage-things which perhaps it is easier to school children, and probably some of our church recognize than it is to describe. One noticeable members. The strangers who come in will very change is in the spirit of the people. They have likely fill their places, so we do not need to feel passed the period when the having of services is discouraged. All the churches will suffer. an experiment. They look upon it now as a set- Just before the strike four persons were about to tled fact. Their belief that this church has a fu- join our church on profession of faith. I had read, ture grows stronger every day. It is touching to prayed and talked with all of them, and called on see the love of some of the older ones for their them for that purpose at their own request. They church. One of the oldest ladies says all she wants had already made great outward changes in their to live for is to go to that church on Sunday. Dur- conduct. But when the strike came on they were ing the period of its close the building became carried away, and three of them are now probably quite out of repair. I tried to have them fix it far worse than they ever were before. last fall, but they had not faith enough to try it; Rev. A. F. Walker, of Tarentum, and I are con


ducting a very prosperous Sunday school in the God bless you and long spare you in your useful town between us (Avenue). It was only lately work, is my prayer. started, but there were 109 persons present last I think you owe me $100. Please take $50 and Sabbath.

use it as the exigencies of the Board may require, My church has been well attended notwithstand- and send me the other $50. ing the strike and the fact that many persons dread to leave their homes and be on the streets. Only General Miles has lately occupied the new one person has joined this quarter-an adult, on headquarters of his department at Los Angeles. profession of faith. It is very difficult to accom- While on the way, with his family, to take posplish much here at present.

session, he said to representatives of the press Thanks to the Board for the help of last year.

that he looks for a speedy solution of the Indian We shall not apply this year.

problem in the plan of granting the Indians land in severalty, and thinks that placing them in families and houses will in five years civilize

them. That system, which he says he has adSELF-SUPPORTING,

vocated for the past fifteen years, will do away SAN LUIS OBISPO, CAL

with the agencies. REV. WILLIAM M. HERSMAN.

The reports of the Indian commissioners for You have heard from a member of the finance

years past have contained most complimentary committee that this church has resolved to ask no acknowledgments of the part performed by the aid from the Board this year. They have paid me different missionary societies in civilizing the up in full for last year and promise $1200 for the Indian, and the government now assists all year to come. May our heavenly Father bless our

these societies in their school work by contractefforts for the future as he has in the past.

ing to pay a certain sum per annum for each Now let me most heartily thank you for your

Indian child cared for and taught. This branch

of the work would be facilitated if Congress kindness to me and to the church. I shall ever

would appropriate enough money to enable the have the highest esteem for the officers of the

department to pay these societies the bare cost Board for the gentlemanly and Christian conduct

of the food, clothing and care of the pupils. they maintain toward their brethren to whom they At present only about one-half the expense is minister of the church's worldly substance. May met by the government.


[We hope our readers who are fearful and timid about the Roman Catholics in this country will read the following article of Dr. Pomeroy, and see how the Lord is managing them and saving the country.]


January.—The evangelization of the great West.
February.- The Indians of the United States.
March.-Home Missions in the older States
April.—Woman's work.
May.—The Mormons.
June.—The South.
July.-The Roman Catholics in our land.
August. Our immigrant population.
September.— The Mexicans.
October.—The treasury of the board.

November. Our missionaries and missionary teachers.

December.—The spiritual condition of the whole country.


Fears in this direction have periodically shaken popular composure. Those fears need periodical relief in the interest of truth and Christian courage. One of the providential marvels of the ages is that our republic is not absolutely a Roman Catholic country to-day. Romanism increased 109 per cent. Suffer anRomanism girdled our land at the start. It other comparison. In 1830 the Romanists had earliest chance of unchecked possession, were one-twenty-ninth of the entire populafrom ocean to ocean, from the great lakes to the tion; in 1840, one-eighteenth; in 1850, oneGulf. Roman Catholics were the early ex- eleventh; in 1860, one-eighth; in 1870, over plorers of this continent. British America and one-eighth. We shall presently see what they South America were theirs. Jesuits pioneered are in 1887. A like amazing increase of propthe exploration of our magnificent Mississippi erty has occurred in the accumulations of the valley. In a long southern belt—from Florida Romish Church, In proportionate growth, it to California, including Texas, Louisiana and has cast the increase of national wealth into New Mexico-missions of the papal church the shade. Two hundred millions of dollars were once the only religious stations with a would not cover the property of these ecclesiChristian name upon them. So it continued astics to-day-property wherein the people who until almost within the present generation. paid for it have no title or authority whatsoThen in a northern zone, covering Michigan, ever. We see a closely-banded hierarchy, unWisconsin, Illinois, and reaching fror der absolute central control, with unparalleled souri's western edge far out into the wilderness organization, perfected by experience of centhat now is blossoming, the Roman Catholic turies for the ends it has in view; moved from Church held all the ground. Not a Protestant Rome as by machinery, keeping its own secrets, church of any name was known there until consumed with zeal for propagandism; shrewd, within the present century; while Maryland, able, aggressive, untiring, changeless in dogma, on the Atlantic, was a papal colony from the yet with practiced adaptation of its methods first. French and Spanish Romanists bade to every grade of human nature, every changing fair to parcel out the land between them, at a environment, every phase of human society, time when a papal decree was as good a title holding its adherents from the cradle to the as any king could show. Only by unforeseen grave with a grasp that never slackens in its victories for Protestantism, as providential as

purpose or its effort. when Wolfe conquered at Quebec, have papal That old corrupted church has in bright expectations been thwarted.

vision the repair in this land of her shattered Until we traverse the peculiar reasons for its throne in Europe. Her grand rally is here. increase, the phenomenal growth of Romanism And we must not forget that the hiding of her will appear surprising. It must be remembered power is in the amount of essential scriptural that no country, either in modern or ancient truth she holds in her doctrinal system as a times, has ever matched the increase of popu- visible church. In this point she excels some lation in these United States during the present denominations that are ordinarily classed century. From five and a third millions in among the Protestant ranks. Here she stands, 1800 we advanced in 1880 to 50,153,000, and pushing with all her might, not at all reticent in 1887 to 60,000,000—more than eleven-fold about her expectations, in feverish eagerness increase in eighty-seven years! But Romanism for conquest, in asserted, often confident, exulthas increased relatively far faster than that. Be- ant hope of one day controlling the majority ginning with its 100,000 adherents in 1800, its of our population, and so, one day, ruling this growth in some decades has been three times land. We know their purpose. How near are faster than the unparalleled growth of the na- they coming to it? Let us see. tion at large.

Such figures of numerical increase as I have For instance, the ratio of increase for the given need to be translated by a mention of astotal population from 1840 to 1850 was 36 per sociated facts. The unprecedented growth of cent., while for the Roman Catholic portion it the United States has not occurred from natwas 125 per cent. From 1850 to 1860 the pop- ural increase merely, but by bodily importation ular ratio of increase was 35 per cent., while of fresh material. The old world has been unloaded upon us.

No such immigration was has done more for that church than it is likely ever known before on the face of this earth. to do again, and without immigration she would What has composed this influx? Why, in vast have wellnigh died out of the land. Growth proportion it has come from Celtic nations, is the custom of this country, and so she will and has consisted in large part of Roman Cath- grow; but never so fast again, unless some olics. This element, with its descendants, cov- wholesale importation of new material should ers undoubtedly about half of our present pop- unexpectedly occur. ulation. Yet we find, by careful examination Then, although Romanism has so largely of their latest statistics, they have less than increased upon the population, it must not be seven millions of Romanist population-count- forgotten that evangelical Christianity among ing men, women and children to show for a us has largely increased upon Romanism. Repapal immigration of as many as that during member that, in order to match the mode the past generation—to say nothing of their adopted by Romanists in their count of popnatural increase, or the descendants of that ulation, the number of evangelical communmillion and a half who were here thirty-five icants must be multiplied at least by threoyears ago. If they had merely held their own, some will think by four. Yet, if we waive they would have numbered twenty-two millions this for the present, our increase of enrolled to-day, instead of less than seven.

communicants in the last thirty years has been When the Romish authorities are not play- two millions greater than the increase of the ing games of bluff, haranguing for popular ef- entire Romish population. Single Protestant fect, but writing for their own people, they de- denominations have greatly outstripped Romplore enormous losses which have been fully anism within that period. From 1850 to 1880 as great as they confess. Some institutions Romish priests increased 5100; but meanwhile never could healthily endure a voyage across Presbyterian ordained ministers increased 4276, the Atlantic Ocean. Romanism is one of them, Baptists 11,428, and Methodists 15,430, to say Our very atmosphere, oxygenated as it is with nothing of large growth in the other denominfluences of religious freedom, must be un- inations. The aggregate increase was 44,315 friendly to Romanism. The second generation evangelic ministers, to match about 5000 priests. can hardly breathe it without some chilling Then, estimating the evangelic population by toward the Romish faith. In the assault of adding only two for each enrolled communicant, that church upon our country to capture it, as it has grown within the past ten years alone many have fallen away as would have dropped more than six times as fast as the Romish popfrom the ranks of a forlorn hope in some des- ulation, and the proportion seems to be rising perate charge on hostile batteries. They emi- every year. grate from lands where they were securely Romanism is comparatively at a standstill in fastened under papal dominion, to a continent everything except financial accumulation and where they melt out of papal hands like snow political strategy. Even in those favorite dein a warm palm. As a scheme for killing off partments of her effort she has received many Romanism from the face of the earth, facts go a pronounced arrest, and others stand ready to show that emigration to America is a pro- for her upon occasion.' nounced success. They were much more than The two great rivals of evangelical Chrisone-eighth of our people in 1870. Now they tianity before our people are Romanism and are considerably less than one-eighth, and the materialism. They instinctively dislike each falling off is powerfully suggestive.

other as much as they both dislike us. By the Every source of information points steadily blessing of God we have been enabled to gain to the fact that the relative increase of the upon them both, and marshal them against Romish Church has reached flood tide already. each other where we can, in the interest of an The ebb is upon her now. Sisyphus has rolled open Bible and an unfettered gospel. his stone to the top of the hill. Immigration Our Washington was not blind when he

solemnly warned us against the advance of loose from him and from his truth, we shall Romanism. That hierarchy, so long as they be defeated, and deserve to be. All Romanists stand absolutely obedient to a foreign ruler, are not the hierarchy. They are neighbors, their pope, who curses by every anathema the fellow citizens, our fortune wrapped up with basic principles of our national life, is the theirs. Effort is not wasted always upon Romsworn enemy of our institutions, our political anists. Many a convert from their ranks is in rights-religious freedom and state neutrality our churches. We remember that converted -our civil marriage, our free press, our free priests brought on the Reformation, and our public school system, our separation of church hopes are strong. and state, and our open Bible. Not one of these has escaped papel denunciation. The hierarchy is more of a secret society than the


LAND. free, masonry which it inconsistently opposes. Their work is not to elevate the people, but to There are many Protestant Christians, induce the people to elevate them.

even in our own communion, who underRomanism is the smallest contributor to value or absolutely oppose and decry evancommon charities in proportion to wealth and gelistic work for Romanists. They are numbers, and it draws more from the commun- sometimes very severe upon efforts under ity than any other. Its annual gifts for for

the auspices of foreign missions to enter eign missions will not exceed $25,000, against

Romish countries. They say the Roman thirty times that amount from our Presbyterian Catholic Church is a Christian church. It Church alone, and three millions of dollars may be corrupt, defective, degenerate, but from our evangelical bodies combined. It

it is not absolutely apostate. It teaches leaves the rest of the world to shift for itself, saving truth, and, with all its glosses and while it bends its energies and spends its funds

additions, supplies enough of it for salvain strengthening its position in this country.

tion. If its adherents fail to discern and Our institutions are prevailing more on Rome

receive the truth offered through its services than Rome on us. She makes no systematic

and ministrations, and accept only the error attempts to proselyte among Protestants. All joined with it, that is their fault and folly; her efforts are roundabout and furtive. She

and we are not called on to ply them with has her hands full to hold her own people and missionary effort

, as if they were utterly secure their children. In this the hierarchy iads and millions wrapped in a darkness

destitute of the gospel, when there are myrhas conspicuously failed. They have not at

compared with which Romanism is light. all kept pace with their opportunities. Our

Now no one denies that there is Christian American people see the world-history of Rom

truth taught to Romanists and offered varianism written in spiritual tyranny, in enslave- ously in the Roman Catholic Church. Nor ment of intellect and corruption of morals.

is it worth while to insist here on the weakThey judge the tree by its fruit. History tells ening and corrupting of this truth by human no lies.

additions and alterations. The true test is How shall we meet this subtle foe?

By in

to be found in the results of the system. tolerance ? Not for an instant. Our policy is We look at the lands where Rome has had not to fight fire with fire. We depend on re

full swing and sway, and a chance to show ligious truth to put down religious falsehood.

how she can form a community and build a We shall beat them if we work harder, live nation.

nation. We see there popular ignorance, truer, love stronger, preach Christ more sin degradation of morals, poverty and beggary, cerely—not otherwise. Rome may bargain for impurity and falsehood, and all forms of evil, votes, control venal legislation, rope in multi- patent and rife, in spite of the ministers and tudes by her seductions, but she cannot con- the forms of religion without number on quer the Spirit of the living God. If we break every hand. And we fairly infer that if

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