Annual Report of the Prison Association of New York for the Year ..., Volume 68


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Página 108 - January, in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven, no person in any such prison, penitentiary, jail or reformatory, shall be required or allowed to work, while under sentence thereto, at any trade, industry or occupation, wherein or whereby his work, or the product or profit of his work, shall be farmed out, contracted, given or sold to any person, firm, association or corporation.
Página 235 - ... including institutions for epileptics or idiots) ; a State Commission of Prisons, which shall visit and inspect all institutions* used for the detention of sane adults charged with or convicted of crime, or detained as witnesses or debtors.
Página 66 - feebleminded" is meant, according to the definition adopted by the American Association for the Study of the Feebleminded, in 1910, "all degrees of mental defect due to arrested or imperfect mental development, as a result of which the person so affected is incapable of competing on equal terms with his normal fellows, or of managing himself or his affairs with ordinary prudence.
Página 235 - Aid in securing the just, humane and economic administration of all institutions subject to its supervision.
Página 278 - ... minutes of their proceedings. They shall have a general superintendence and direction of the affairs of the society, and shall annually report to the society all their proceedings, and such other matters as shall be likely to advance the ends of the association. ARTICLE V.
Página 235 - The compensation of each commissioner, in recognition of the provisions of the constitution, is fixed at ten dollars for each day's attendance at meetings of the board or of any of its committees, not exceeding in any one year the sum of five hundred dollars. The expenses of each commissioner, necessarily incurred while engaged in the performance of the duties of his office...
Página 234 - Ascertain and recommend such system of employing said inmates as may, in the opinion of said commission, be for the best interest of the public and of said inmates and not in conflict with the provisions of the constitution relating to the employment of prisoners.
Página 282 - The order of business at the Annual Meeting shall be as follows: (1) Call to order by the presiding officer.
Página 126 - When it appears to the said managers that there is a strong or reasonable probability that any prisoner will live and remain at liberty without violating the law, and that his release is not incompatible with the welfare of society...
Página 237 - The commission shall, annually, report to the legislature its acts and proceedings for the year ending September thirtieth last preceding, with such facts in regard to the...

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