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ABORTION, punishment for producing, 158 ABSCONDING DEBTOR, attachment against,

69 Writ of ne excat may issue against, 381

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ABSENCE. (See Abandonment.)



43 Pleas in, to be sworn to,

43 Overruled plea in, plaintiff to recover costs on,

43 Of suits for non-joinder of defen

After plea in, name of defendant

may be inserted in plea in,
Only one plea in, allowed,

44 Of suit, by marriage of feme sole, 44 Of suit, not produced by death of a party,

44 97 Of suit, not produced by death of

executor, administrator, trustee
or public officer,

Of proceedings in partition, 45
Of suits brought by one for the
use of another,

45 New parties introduced after plea in,

45 Sci. Fa. after plea in,

45 Of writ of attachment, 59, 60, 70 Of action in ejectment,

208 Of suits brought by partners, 233 Of suits brought against several, 233 of proceedings for partition, not allowed,

401 Of suit not produced by revoca

tion of letters of administration, 545 Of actions of trover, detinue and

replevin, sor or against execu-
tors, &c., not allowed,

563 Of legacies, when to be ma

de.63, 598

5 ABDUCTION, punishment of,

159 ABETTORS, OF CRIMES, to be arrested,

176 Punishment of, in certain cases,

168, 169 Counselling infant to commit offence,


ABSTRACTS, of accounts against collectors,

79 Of taxable lands, Auditor to ob

tain and transmit to clerks, 438 Of votes given at general election,

219, 220 ACADEMIES. DIVISION 2, of ChapTER 25,

117 How to acquire estate, and becoine incorporated,

117 Election of trustees of, how proved,

117 Style and power of corporation, 117, 118 Election of officers of,

118, 119 Grants of real estate to,

Powers of officers of,
Expenditures of, how defrayed, 118
Donations for benefit of,

118 May have treasurer,

118 To be open to the education of all,



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45 Of profits of real estate, who required to render,

45 Actions of, concerning real estate,

46 By and against whom,

46, 563 Service of process in,

46 Defendant not appear

ing, may be attach-

46 After judgment in, au

ditors to be chosen, 46 Duty, powers, &c. of auditors in,

46 Parties may be sworn in,

46 Appeal and writ of

error allowed in, 46 Jurisdiction of chan

cery respecting, 46 Limitation of,

348 Executors and administrators may have,

563 ACCOUNTS, of State, Auditor to keep 78,79

Against collectors, Auditor to

Copies of, certified by Auditor to
be evidence,

79 Treasurer of State to keep

79 Of Treasurer, how settled, in case of his death,

79 Book of, to be kept by county Treasurer,

183 Of incorporated towns, how kept, 113 Penalty for injuring or destroying,

162 Of public offices, to be approved by the Governor,

238 Of guardians, examination of, 265, 267 Balance of, suit for, may be brought before justices,

316 May be kept with convicts in Penitentiary,

407 of public printer, how settled, 423, 424 Of school commissioners,

498 of deceased person, subject to inspection,

556 Against estates, to be filed in probate court,

561 Of executors and administrators, when to be settled,


Of release of mortgage,

110 Of town plats for record

115 Fraudulent, by personating another,

167 of deeds, probate justices may

take Of sheriff's deeds, who by 519, 104 Commissioners to take, in other


Of power of attorney, ACTIONS, criminal, not affected by chapter 5,

51 Limitation of, against runaway ap

Limitation of, against reputed fa-

ther of bastard,
Of debt, for not making proper re-

turn of census
Of account (See Account.)
In which defendant may be held
to baid,

Against special bail,
Of debt or assumpsit, for passing
unlawful notes,

84 For notes unlawfully passed, barred,

84 Of debt, for not inclosing castor beans,

89 Of debt, to recover penalty for violation of census law,

91 Of debt, for recovery of penalty

for fraudulent sale or mortgage, Not to abate by death of parties, 97 Against counties, where to be brought,

132 Owner of stolen goods, may bring, to recover them,

161 Of trespass for mesne profits, substitute for,

209 Against herrs or derisees, not

barred by judgment against ex

ecutor or administrator,
In which justices have jurisdic-

315 At law, not barred by judgment to enforce lien,

315 Limitation of,

348, 319, 350 (See Limitations.) At law, when stayed by injunetion,

392 On penal bonds,

416 Not' discontinued by arrest of judgment,

417 On petition and summons, to be debt,

415 In replevin, and on replevin bonds,

433, 434 On mortgages for school monies,

502, 505 For slander,

521 For cutting trees, &c.

179, 497, 525, 526, 603 Not to be brought against execu

tor or adıninistrator in one year, 554 On bonds of executors and adinin.

istrators for a devastaril, 562, 564

ACKNOWLEDGMENT of chattel mortgages,

91 Of conveyances of real estate, 105, 106,

107 Before what officers, 105, 106, 107 In other countries or States, how authenticated

106 Of conveyance wife's estate, by husband and wife,

106 or assignments of certificates of purchase of land,

107 of assignments of claims to school and canal lands,


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Of bail, may recover money
paid for principal,

83 To record death, &c.,

87 When required to perfect title to land,

109 Security for costs, in suits on the bonds of,

126 When not to pay costs,

127 May sue or be sled, to set aside fraudulent devises,

259 Not liable in execution, unless for mispleading, &c.,

301 īviay redeem lands sold on execution,

302 May enforce judgments,

307 May bid off real estate,

308 May be sued before justice, 316 May be party to suit to enforce lien, 347 May be sued in probate court, 427, 428 Of securities, how released, 493 or creditors, compelled to sue principal debtor,

493 Of sheriff, may execute deed for him,

519 Of estates, when appointed, 540 When appointed, on relusal or incapacity of executor,

541,542 Who entitled to be, with the will annexed,

541 Oath of,

541, 550 Bond of,

541, 542, 550 Widow may be administratrix, 542 How affected by division of county,

542 Resignation of,

543 Vacancy of office of, how filled, 543 With the will annexed, to have pre

ference in administering intes-
tate estate,

545 May sue for waste,

545 Of wife, husband entitled to be, 547 Who entitled to preference, as, 547, 597 Il non-resident, to give bond for costs,

597 Persons having priority of claims, to be appointed,

549 Form of letters to,

550 Of executor, to give bond,

551 Letters of, repealed on production of will,

551 Power of court to repeal letters of, 552 Non-resident of State, to vacate office,

552 If one die, &c., court may appoint, 552 Liability on bond,

552 Application of provisions respecting,

552 Noi chargeable beyond assets, 552 Acts of, how far valid,

553 When to give new bond,

553 To make inventory of estate, 554 To receive and file appraisement bill,

555 When to file new appraisement bill,


ADJUTANTS, appointment of,

357 Duties of, (See Militia.) ADMEASUREMENT OF DOWER, 200, 210 ADMINISTERING POISON, 158, 155 ADMINISTRATION, if not had in one year, heir may be sued,

261 When to be granted,

540 When granted to widow,

541 When to other relations,

541 When to creditors,

541 Revocation of letters of,

543 When granted to preserve estate, 513 Form of letter of,

543, 519 When and to whom granted, 547 Not granted till proof of death, &c., 547 On estates of non-residents, 547 When granted to public administrator,

548 When taken from public administrator,

548 Applications for,

550 Repeal of letters of, 552, 553, 556 Repealed by production of will, 552 Coinpletion of, under new law, 565 Letters of, from other states, how proved,


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