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Thy wise decrees are right and just,

Let no one, impious! tax thy will; But on thy glorious mercies trust,

And see a good, thro' ev'ry ill:

Arm-arm, with fortitude iny breast,

The various ills of life to bear; And teach thy servant when at rest,

For storms and troubles to prepare :

But thro' whate'er distressful scene,

Thy righteous hand may lead me still; Resign'd to what may evil seein,

Content my breast shall calmly fill :

And as the seasons onward roll,

And years revolving quickly fly; Sweet gratitude shall warm my soul,

For all the blessings I enjoy :

Still-still I'll praise that heav'nly source,

For what it pleases to bestow; That petrifies the streamlet's course,

Or bids its silver current flow;

That regulates creation's laws,

Bids all in harmony unite; And is, -The univ -al cause,

Of ev'ry thing that's good and right;

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Terms used by Anglers explained.
Bawk, a knot in a hair or link.
Bed, hairs bed well when they twist kindly.
Bedding, the body of an artificial fly.
Break, a knot in the joint of a rod.

Chine Chine a salmon, cut him up.

Cock, a float cocks when it swims perpendicular in the water.

Drag, an instrument to disentangle the line.
Fin a chub, cut him up.
Frush a chub, dress him.
Gildard, the link of a line.
Gobbet a trout, cut him up.

Grabble, fishing on the grabble is when the line is sunk with a running plummet fast to the bottom, so that the hook-link plays in the water.

Hang a fish, hook him.

Kink, a line kinks in trowling, when it is twisted between the top of the rod and the ring.

Leash of fish, three.
Pouch, a pike pouches when he swallows the bait.
Prime, fish are said to prime when they leap out
of the water.

Shoal, any great number of fish together.
Solay a bream, cut him up.
Splate a pike, cut him up.
Thrash, any thing which swims down the water.
Trouncheon an eel, cut him up.
Tusk a barbel, cut him up.
Veer your line, let it off the reel after striking.

A Table

A Table of the Sun's Rising every Third Day in the Year.












Deceinber 8.017.58 7.5+ 7.50 7.45 7.407.35
7.3017.24 7. 6. 55 6.50 6.44 | 6. 39
6.366.30 6. 246.11 6.12 6.(16 6.00 5. 54 | 5.485.42
5.34 5.28 5.235.173. 115.05 5.00 4.54 4.49 4.44.
4.384.33 4. 28 4.23 4. 1914. 154. 104. 07 4. 03 4.01
3.56 3.543.52 3.50 3.493.4813.4713. 48 3. 48 3.49
3.513.52 3. 54 3.57 4.00 4. 03/4. 06 4. 104. 154. 19
4.25 4.30 4.35 4.40 4.45 5.50 4.56 5.01 5.07 5.32
5.20 5.26 5. 32 5.38 5.415.49 5.556.01 6.07 6. 13
6.1916.25 6. 316.36 6.42 6.48 6. 54 7.00 7.02 7. 11 7. 297.34 7.-99 7.447.487.50 7.598.00
18.03 18.05 8.08 8. 1018. 118.4218. 138. 1318. 128. 01


To know the Sun's setting, you need only subtract the rising from 12. For in

stance, the Sun rises January 2, at nine minutes after 8, which, subtracted from 12, there remains 3 hours, 51 minutes, which is the time of the Sun's setting, viz. 51 minutes after 3 in the afternoon. To find the length of the day, double the setting; for the length of the night, double the rising. ADDENDA.


INNOW-fishing comes in about the middle of

March, and continues till the latter end of August; it is a most excellent bait, very destructive, of strong exercise, being always in motion, and af. fords the angler variety of sport. To be angled with at any time of the day, from sun-rise till sunset, and takes the best and largest fish.

Cod-bait-fishing comes in about a fortnight in May, and continues till about the middle of June: it is a very killing-bait, and will take almost every sort of fish, in deep standing-waters as well as in streams, mornings and evenings, till the middle of June.

Maggot, or Gentle-fishing comes in about the beginning of May, and continues till the latter end of February, in the next year; it is the best and most killing ground-bait that was ever made use of; it will take every sort of fish that swins in fresh water, except salmon or pike.

Grass-hopper-fishing comes in about the latter end of June, and continues till the latter end of Augusi. It is a curious fine bait, very natural to fish, but very tender ; to be drawn upon a leaded hook, No. 2, after the same manner as the codbait, and will take almost all sorts of fish, as pike, trout, greyling, perch, chub, roach, dace, &c. &c.

Cabbage-worm-fishing comes in about the middle of June, and continues in their successive flights,


till the latter end of O&tober. There are three sorts which the fish are remarkably fond of, and are equal in goodness to the cod-bait and grasshopper, and will take the same sorts of fish.

Worm, or Botton-fishing, comes in about the middle of February, if the weather is mild, and continues good all the year ; you may fish with a worm all, or any time of the day, if the water is discoloured by rain ; but if low, clear, and fine, only mornings and evenings; it is the most general bait we have, and will take every kind of fish ; the proper worms for angling are fully described in this treatise.


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