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cow's flank; the wings, the grey feather off a wild drake.

4. Dubbed with seal's fur, dyed a perfect black, mixed with a little Isabella-coloured mohair, the body made small, and the wings off a bright mallard's feather. A killing fly.

5. Dubbed with the down combed from the neck of a black greyhound, or the roots of a foxcub's tail, mixed with a little blue violet worsted, upon a hook, the size No. 9. the wings off the pale part of a starling's feather. This fly is a killing fly, and is taken from eight to eleven, and from one to three.

6. Dubbed with black mohair, upon a hook the size No. 9. and the wings the lightest part off starling's feather.

7. Dubbed with the Hair off a cow, or calf's hide, which has been drest in a skinner's limepit; if you hold it between your eyes and the sun, it will appear of a bright gold, or amber colour; the wings off a feather of a brown hen.




1. The Dark Brown. | 4. The Yellow Dun. 2. The Violet Fly. 5. The Horse-flesh Fly. 3. The Little Whir- 6. The small Bright ling Dun.

Brown. 1. Dubbed on a small hook, No. 8 or 9, with brown seal's fur, or with brown spaniel's fur, that looks ruddy, by being exposed to the weather, mixed with a little violet camlet ; warp with yel


low silk, and the wings off the grey feather of a mallard. hills best from eight to eleven.

2. Dubbed with dark violet stuff, and a little dun bear's hair mixed with it; the wings, off the grcy feather of a mallard. Kills very well from the sixth to the tenth of this month.

3. Dubbed with fox-cub down, ash-coloured at the toots, next the skin; ribbed about with yeliow silk, the wings off a pale grey feather of a mallard. Or, dubbed with the saine down, and a little ruddy brown mixed, warped with grey, or ruddy silk, a red hackle, under the wings, which must be made from the feather of a land-rail, or ruddy brown chicken, which is better. This fly comes on the water the twelfth of this month, and is taken in the middle of the day, all the month through, and in blustering weather to the end of June.

4. Dubbed with camel's hair, and marten's yellow fur, mixed together; or with a small quantity of pale yellow cruel, mixed with fox-çub down from the tail, warped with yellow silk ; and the wings of a pale starling's feather. This fly is taken from eight to eleven, and from two to four.

5. Dubbed with blue mohair, and with pink and red colour tammiy, mixed, a brown head and light-coloured wings. This fly is taken all the month two hours before sun-set till twilight.

6. Dubbed with spaniel's fur, the wing's the lightest part off a stare's feather. Taken very well in a bright day and clar water.

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The May-Fly. 1. The Dun Cut.

5. The Grey Drake. 2. The Stone Fly.

6. The Camlet-fly. 3. The Black May-Fly. 7. The Cow-Dung Fly. 4. The LittleYellow Mayfly

1. Dubbed with bear's hair, of a brownish colour, with a little blue and yellow mixed with it; the wings off a brown hen, and two horns at the head from the hairs off a squirrel's tail. Or, dubbed with bear's cub fir, a little yellow and green cruel mixed with it, warped with yellow, or green; wings off a land-rail. A great killer in the evening of a showery day.

2. Dubbed with dun bear's hair, mixed with a little brown and yellow camlet, so placed that the fily may be more yellow on the belly, and towards the tail, than any where else ; place two or three hairs off a black cat's beard on the top of the hook, in the arming it, in such a manner that they may be turned up

when you warp on the dubbing and stand almost upright, and start one from the other, rib the body with yellow silk, and make the wings very large off the dark grey feathers of a mallard. The hook No. 3. This is a very great killer, and comes on the water about the middle of April, and continues till the end of Fune; it is generally used in swift streams, but if there is a good wind stirring it will be taken in the deeps; it is taken but indifferently in the middle of the day, but excellently late and early.

3. Dubbed

3. Dubbed with the strands off a black ostrich's feather, ribbed with silver twist, and a black cock's hackle over all. A good killer, but not to be compared with the Green Drake, or Stone-fly.

4. Dubbed with yellow camlet, or yellow marten's fur, the wings off a mallard's feather dyed yellow. This fly is to be made very small, but exacıly in the shape of the green drake.

5. Dubbed with whitish hog's down, mixed with black spaniel's fur, ribbed with black silk; black cat's beard for the whisks of the tail, and the wings off the black grey feather of a mallard. Or, dubbed with white ostrich's feather; the end of the body towards the tail, off peacock's herl, warping of ash-colour, with silver twist, and black hackle, and the wings a dark grey feather of a mallard. A very killing fly, especially towards an evening, when the fishes are glutted with the green drake.

6. Dubbed with dark brown shining camlet, ribbed over with very small green silk, and the wings off the double grey feather of a mallard. It will kill small fishes, and continues till the end of June.

7. Dubbed with light brown and yellow mixed or dirty lemon-coloured mohair, with the same coloured hackle under the wings, which may be either inade of the feather off a land-rail, or a dark grey feather of a mallard.

The size of the hook, No. 7. This fly is used in cold windy days.




1. The Ant Fly,
2. The Purple Gold

s. The Little Black


4. The Brown Palmer
5. The Great Red Spinner.
6. The Small Red Spin-


1. Dubbed with brown and red camlet mixed; the wings the pale part off a starling's feather.

2. Dubbed with purple mohair, ribbed with gold twist, and red cock's hackle over all.

3. Dubbed with the black strands off an ostrich's feather, upon a hook the size No. 9. and the wings off the lightest part of a starling's feather. A great killer after a shower of rain, especially in an evening.

4. Dubbed with light brown seal's hair, warped with ash-coloured silk, and a red hackle

over all.

5. Dubbed with seals's fur dyed red, and brown bear's hair mixed together, but there must be bear's hair sufficient to make the body appear of a dullish red, ribbed with gold twist, the wings off a stare's feather ; and red cock's hackle over the dubbing. The hook, No. 7. This fly kills very well till the latter end of August from six o'clock till twilight upon a dark-coloured water.

6. Dubbed with the yellow off a spaniel, taken from behind the ear, ribbed with gold twist, a red hackle over all, and the wings off a starling's feather. The hook, No. 8 or 9. This fly kills exactly at the same time the other spinner does, but when the water is

very clear.


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