The Comedy of Mucedorus, Band 2

M. Niemeyer, 1878 - 79 Seiten
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Seite 33 - The eye of man hath not heard, the ear of man hath not seen; man's hand is not able to taste, his tongue to conceive, nor his heart to report, what my dream was.
Seite 63 - And (that which is worst) their ground is not so unperfect as their working indiscreet ; not weighing, so the people laugh, though they laugh them (for their follies) to scorn : many times (to make mirth) they make a clown companion with a king : in their grave councils they allow the advice of fools ; yea, they use one order of speech for all persons, a gross indecorum...
Seite 9 - In time of yore, when men like brutish beasts Did lead their lives in loathsome cells and woods And wholly gave themselves to witless will, A rude unruly rout, then man to man Became a present prey, then might prevailed, The weakest went to walls: Right was unknown, for wrong was all in all.
Seite 61 - The satyrs and the wood-nymphs shall attend on thee And lull thee asleep with music's sound, And in the morning when thou dost awake, The lark shall sing good morrow to my queen, And, whilst he sings, I'll kiss my Amadine.
Seite 29 - SEGASTO solus. Seg. When heaps of harms do hover over head, 'Tis time as then, some say, to look about, And of ensuing harms to choose the least. But hard, yea hapless, is that wretch's chance, 45.
Seite 53 - I call'd for three pots of ale, as 'tis the manner of us courtiers. Now, sirrah, I had taken the maidenhead of two of them — now, as I was lifting up the third to my mouth, there came, Hold him, hold him...
Seite 33 - Thou shalt not need, if thou wilt dwell with me, 75 thou shalt want nothing. Mouse. Shall I not? Then here's my hand, I'll dwell with you. And hark you, sir! now you have entertained me, I will tell you what I can do. I can keep my tongue from picking and stealing, and my hands from lying and 80 slandering, I warrant you, as well as ever you had man in all your life.
Seite 3 - A Most pleasant Comedie of Mucedorus the Kings sonne of Valentia, and Amadine the Kings daughter of Aragon. With the merry conceites of Mouse.
Seite 36 - I bid 25 him come to you, or must you come to him? Seg. No, sirrah, he must come to me. Mouse. Hark you, master; how, if he be not at home? What shall I do then? Seg. Why, then leave word with some of his folks.
Seite 56 - Which not relieves but murders him; a drug Given to the healthful, which infects, not cures. How can a father that has lost his son, A prince both virtuous, wise, and valiant, Take pleasure in the idle acts of time?

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