Imaginative Biography, Volume 2

Saunders and Otley, 1834

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Página 50 - At whose approach the soul of Petrarch wept; And from thenceforth those graces were not seen, For they this Queen attended: in whose stead Oblivion laid him down on Laura's hearse...
Página 246 - Do, pious marble, let thy readers know What they, and what their children owe To DRAYTON'S name, whose sacred dust We recommend unto thy trust. Protect his memory, and preserve his story : Remain a lasting monument of his glory ; And when thy ruins shall disclaim To be the treasurer of his name, His name that cannot fade shall be An everlasting monument to thee.] " Read ' Ml ' [Michael ?]. 1 Of Anderson's Life.
Página 265 - The power that predominated in his intellectual operations was rather strong reason than quick sensibility. Upon all occasions that were presented he studied rather than felt, and produced sentiments not such as nature enforces, but meditation supplies. With the simple and elemental passions, as they spring separate in the mind, he seems not much acquainted; and seldom describes them but as they are complicated by the various relations of society, and confused in the tumults and agitations of life.
Página 205 - He passed the flaming bounds of Place and Time: The living throne, the sapphire blaze, Where angels tremble while they gaze, He saw; but, blasted with excess of light, Closed his eyes in endless night.
Página 177 - Epitaph on the Countess of Pembroke UNDERNEATH this sable hearse Lies the subject of all verse, Sydney's sister, — Pembroke's mother. Death, ere thou hast slain another Fair and wise and good as she, Time shall throw a dart at thee!
Página 20 - His malice is fixed, and will not evaporate by any your mild courses, for he will ascribe the alteration to her Majesty's pusillanimity and not to your good nature, knowing that you work but upon her humour, and not out of any love towards him. The less you make him, the less he shall be able to harm you and yours, and if her Majesty's favour fail him, he will again decline to a common person.
Página 35 - He was the most fearless of death that ever was known, and the most resolute and confident, yet with reverence and conscience.
Página 20 - I AM not wise enough to give you advice; but if you take it for a good counsel to relent towards this tyrant, you will repent it when it shall be too late. His malice is fixed, and will not evaporate by any of your mild courses...
Página 30 - ... passed already, the king having under his broad seal, " made you admiral of your fleet, and given you power of " the martial law over your officers and soldiers.
Página 153 - He was exceedingly beloved in the court, because he never desired to get that for himself, which, others laboured for, but was still ready to promote the pretences of worthy men. And he was equally celebrated in the country, for having received no obligations from the court which might corrupt or sway his affections and judgment...

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