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of, 499.

The names of contributors are printed in SMALL CAPITALS; subjects treated, in ordinary type;

titles of books reviewed, in italics. Action of the Colleges on the nents, 289; Life and Works of Schools, The, 422.

Horace Mann, 387; Goodwin's ADAMS, HERBERT B.-American Present and Future of Harvard Pioneers of University Extension, College, 388; The Boston Confer

ence on Manual Training, 1891, Adams (President), Annual Report 503.

CALKINS, N. A.--Miall's Object ALBRO, S. H.--Appleton's School Lessons from Nature, 30. Physics, 193

CARPENTER, W. H.-Kluge's EtyAmerican Pedagogical Society, An, mological Dictionary of the Ger179.

man Language, 189. Appleton's School Physics, 193. Cassell's Map Building Series, 205. X Applications of Psychology in Edu CHAPIN, ANGIE CLARA,-Butler's cation, 1.

. AREV, Albert L.- The Use of XCheckley, Edwin.-Natural Method

Text-Books in Teaching Elemen of Physical Training, 192. tary Science, 69.

Chicago Exposition, Educational Arts, The Seven Liberal, 467.

Congresses at, 180; Director of X Association, A Statistical Study of the Department of Liberal Arts at, Memory and, 442.

276. Х Athletics (College) and Heart Dis City School Supervision, 256, 283. ease, 453

362, 482. Backus, Truman J. and Brown, Clay in Schools, The Use of, 264.

Helen D., Great English Writ COLLAR, WILLIAM C.-The Action ers, 398.

of the Colleges on the Schools, BALLIET, THOMAS M.-City School

422. Supervision, 482. Bemis, EDWARD W.--Steele's Rudi X College Athletics and Heart Disease, mentary Economics, 202.

Colleges Commencements, 79; BLODGETT, JAMES H.--Education Shortening of the Course, 80;

in the Eleventh Census Year, 238. Policy of the Small College, 313; Boutmy, Emil, Studies in Consti The Action of, on the Schools, 422. tutional Law, 392.

Colloquy, A Grammatical, 168. Bowker, R. R. and Iles, George,

Comegys, Benjamin B., Primer of Readers' Guide in Economic, Ethics, 201. Social, and Political Science, 93.

Comenius Celebration, The, 277, Brooklyn, Educational Progress in,


COMPAYRÉ, GABRIEL. -ContempoBRYANT, MRS. SOPHIE. Some X Characteristics of a Sound Mind,

rary Educational Thought in

France, 171.

Compulsory Education, Resistance
Herodotus, Book to, 379.
X Conference on

Manual Training, BUTLER, NICHOLAS MURRAY.- 503.

Maher's Psychology, 82 ; Bowker Congress at the Chicago Exposition, and Iles's Readers' Guide in

Educational, 180. Economic, Social, and Political

COOK, E. H.-Dole's American Science, 93; Notes on

Recent Citizen, 404.
Pedagogical Literature, 97; Gras-

Cooke, Geo. W., Guide Book to the by's Teaching in Three Conti Works of Robert Browning", 85.



Butler, Agnata F.,

vii., sc.

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Cornell University, Annual Report Foreign Correspondence, 171, 487.
of the President of, 499.

France, Contemporary Educational
Cotterill, Jas. H. and Slade, J. H., Thought in, 171.

Lessons in Applied Mechanics, Free Education in England, 78, 281,

303, 487.
Croll, James, Philosophical Basis of Gardiner, S. R., Student's History
Evolution, 284.

of England, 91.

ent Condition of the German Uni Notes on English Literature, 293.
versities, 28.

GENUNG, JOHN F.-Nichol's Eng-
DARMESTETER, T.-School for Ori lish Composition, 89.

ental Languages at Berlin, 103. German Philologists and School-
DAVIDSON, THOMAS.—The Seven masters, The Annual Meeting of
Liberal Arts, 467.

the Association of, 254.
DAWSON, SIR J. WM.-Croll's German Schools, Impressions from,

Philosophical Basis of Evolution, 231.

German Universities, The Present
Deighton, Karl.--Shakespeare's As Condition of, 28.
You Like It, 506.

Dewey, John, Outlines of a Critical Principles of Political Economy,
Theory of Ethics, 297.

Director of the Department of Lib GILBERT, CHARLES B.-The New

eral Arts at the Chicago Exposi School Law in St. Paul, Minn., 372.
tion, 276.

Gilman (President) on the Educa-
Dole, Charles F., American Citizen, tional Value of Libraries, 380.

Goodwin, Wm. W., Present and
DUNTON,LARKIN.--Practice Teach Future of Harvard College, 388.

ing in Normal Schools, 261. GOVE, AARON.-City School Super-
ECKOFF, WILLIAM J.-L'Escuela vision, 256.

Primaria en Francia, 504. Graham, Robert H., Geometry of
Editorial, 77, 178, 276, 376, 495.

Position, 87.
Education, At the International Con Grammar Schools, Authoritative

gress of Hygiene, 376; M. Gréard Suggestions for, 498.
on, as a Science, 377; in Ancient Grasby, W. C., Teaching in Three
Greece, 308; in Foreign Period Continents, 289.
icals, 100, 207, 303, 406, 514; in Gréard on Education as a Science,
the Eleventh Census Year, 238; 377.
Literature of, 322; of the Romans, Great Britain, Contemporary Educa-
414; The, of the Will, 57 ; Lec tional Thought in, 487.
tures on, at the Johns Hopkins GREENWOOD, J. M.-City School
University, 498.

Supervision, 362.
Educational, Progress in Brooklyn, Hancock, John, 178.

181; Progress in New Jersey, 377; HAMMER, KASPAR.--The Annual
Contemporary Thought in France, Meeting of the Association of
171; Contemporary Thought in German Philologists and School-
Great Britain, 487.

masters, 254.
Elementary Science, Use of Text HANUS, PAUL H.-The New De-
Books in Teaching, 69, 71.

partment of Pedagogy at Harvard
Emery, Fred. P., Notes on English University, 252.
Literature, 293

English Free Education Act, Full tion of Literature in Elementary
Text of the, 303.

Schools, 140.
Fitch, J. G.-Contemporary Edu HART, ALBERT BUSHNELL.-John-

cational Thought in Great Britain, ston's Shorter History of the

United States for Schools, 396.
Fogle, M. VIRGINIA. Cassell's Harvard University, The New De-
Map-Building Series, 205.

partment of Pedagogy at, 252.

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an Edu-

Ethics, 297:

HERVEY, WALTER L.-Regents' Literature of Education, The, 322.
Bulletin No. 5, University of the LOEE, MORRIS.--Jago's Inorganic
State of New York, 201; Rooper's Chemistry, 401.
Apperception, 390;

Low, SETH, -- Lowell as
Hewitt, W., Elementary Science cator, 417.
Lessons, 203.

Lowell as an Educator, 417.
X High School, The American, 40, Maher, Michael, Psychology, 82.

Mann (Horace), Life and Works
Hug, Lina and Stead, Richard, of, 387.
Switzerland, 83.

Manual Training Conference (Bos-
Hoffding. Harald, Elements of

ton), 503.
Psychology, 501.

Manual Training, The Progress of,
HUGHES, JAMES L.-Objective 179; in New Jersey, 378.
Method of Teaching Elementary

Reading, 162.

ers' Salaries, 73; The Use of Clay
XHULING. RAY GREENE.- The in Schools, 264; Peterman's Ele-
American High School, 40123.

ments of Civil Government, 299;
HYDE, WILLIAM DE WITT,—The The Literature of Education, 322;
Policy of the Small College, 313.

Thwaites's The Colonies, 398 ;
HYSLOP, JAMES H.-Dewey's Out Backus and Brown's Great Eng-
lines of a Critical Theory of

lish Writers, 398; Norris's

Scott's Marmion, 506; Deigh-
Impressions from German Schools, ton's Shakespeare's As You Like

It, 506.
JACKSON, A. V. WILLIAMS. Maxwell, William H., Advanced

Skeat's Principles of English Lessons in English Grammar,
Etymology, 294.

X JACOBI, MARY PUTNAM.-Appli Medical Course at the University

cations of Psychology in Educa of Pennsylvania, 178.
tion, I.

* Memory and Association, A Statis-
Jago, Wm., Inorganic Chemistry, tical Study of, 442.

Methods of Teaching Elementary
JASTROW, JOSEPH.-Lloyd Mor Reading, Objective, 162, 474.
gan's Animal Life and Intel. Morgan, C. Lloyd, Animal Life and
ligence, 81; Statistical Study of Intelligence, 81.

Memory and Association, 442. Miall, L. C., Object Lessons from

Nature, 301.
well's Advanced Lessons in Eng MURRAY, J. CLARK,-The Educa-
lish Grammar, 400.

tion of the Will, 57.
Johnston, Alex., Shorter History MYERS, PHILIP VAN NESS.-Gar.

of the United States for Schools, diner's Student's History of Eng.

land, 91.
Jones, D. E., Elementary Lessons National Educational Association,

in Heat, Light, and Sound, 298. The, 178, 277, 278, 495.
Kluge, Friedrich, Etymological Dic New England Association of Col-

tionary of the German Lan leges and Preparatory Schools,
guage, 189.

Annual Meeting of the, 384.
Laurie (Professor) on Present Edu New Jersey, Educational Progress
cational Problems, 514

in, 377
L'Escuela Primaria en Francia, New York Council of School Super-

intendents, Annual Meeting of the,
Liberal Arts, The Seven, 467.

X Libraries, President Gilman on the Nichol, John N., English Composi-
Educational Value of, 380.

tions, 89.
Life and Works of Horace Mann,

Normal Schools, Practice Teaching

in, 261, 283, 366, 477.
Literature in Elementary Schools, Norris, Mary"H., Sir Walter Scott's
The Function of, 140.

Marmion, 506.


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Notes on Recent Pedagogical Liter SAFFORD, TRUMAN H.-Stewart's
ature, 97

Plane and Solid Geometry,
Oliver, Wait and Jones's Treatise 512.
on Trigonometry, 195.

PANCOAST, HENRY 5.-Thurber's Text-Books in Teaching Elemen-

Essays on Macaulay, etc., 511. tary Science, 71; Jones's Elemen-
PARKER, FRANCIS W.-The Ob tary Lessons in Heat, Light, and

jective Method of Teaching Ele Sound, 298.
mentary Reading, 474.

Saratoga for 1892, 495.

Teaching in Normal Schools, 366. Athletics and Heart Disease, 453.
Pedagogy, The New Department of, School, for Oriental Languages at
at Harvard University, 252.

Berlin, 103 ; Recent Legislation
Perry, Arthur L.. Principles of Po in the United States, 151; of the
litical Economy, 393.

Future, 102; Supervision, City;
Peterman, A. L., Elements of Civil 256, 362, 482 ; Schools of Tech-
Government, 299.

nology, The Place of, in An ican
Pioneers of University Extension, Education, 209; German Schools,
American, 220.

Impressions from, 231.
POLAND, ADDISON B.--Shake Schurman, J. G.-Höffding's Psy-

speare's Comedy of the Merchant chology, 501.
of Venice, 94; Checkley's Natural Science, Elementary, 69, 71; Is
Method of Physical Training, Elementary Science Teaching a
192; The Science versus the Art

Failure? 279.
of Teaching, 270; Tilden's Com Science versus the Art of Teaching,
mercial Geography, 508.

The, 270.
Policy of the Small College, The, 313. SEELYE, JULIUS H. Comegys's
Politics and Education, 497.

Primer of Ethics, 201 ; Duty: a
Practice Teaching in Normal Book for Schools, 404.

Schools, 261, 283, 366, 477. Seyffert, Oscar, Dictionary of Class-
Pratt, Charles, 183.

ical Antiquities, 290.
PRINCE, JOHN T.-Impressions Shakespeare, The Merchant of
from German Schools, 231.

Venice, 94.
Proletariat in Germany, The Edu SHAW, WILLIAM B.--Recent School
cated, 412.

Legislation in the United States,
Psychology, Applications of, in Edu 151.

cation 1; and Pedagogy, The Re SHIPMAN, PAUL R.-A Grammat-
lation between, 309.

ical Colloquy, 168.
Reading, The Objective Method of Shortening of the College Course, 80.

Teaching Elementary, 162, 474. Sihler, E. G., A Complete Lexicon
Regents' Bulletin No. 5, University of the Latinity of Cæsar's Gallic

of the State of New York, 201.
Regents' Examinations in the State Skeat, W. W., Principles of English
of New York, Recent Changes in, Etymology, 294.

Smith, A. TOLMAN.–Teachers'
Religious Instruction in State Salaries and Pensions, 335.
Schools, 105.

SMITH, WILLIAM B.--Twelve ver-
Reviews, 81, 186, 284, 387, 501.

sus Ten, 347.
RICHARDS,CHARLES R.--Sutcliffe's Snyder, Henry, Sihler's Lexicon
Handcraft, 96.

of the Latinity of Cæsar's Gaelic
Rooper, T. G., Apperception, 390.
Root, OREN.-Oliver, Wait and Socratic Method, The, 406.
Jones's Treatise on Trigonometry, Some Characteristics of a Sound

Mind, 100.
Round Table Conferences, 79, 277. SPALDING (Bishop). J. L.-Relig-
RUSSELL, E. H.-Practice Teaching ious Instruction in State Schools,
in Normal Schools, 477.


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War, 509.


War, 509,

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