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1864. 1189 Mr. Seward to Mr. Dec. 13 Alleged manufacture of Greek fire in Canada Adams.

to be used to burn cities of the United

States. 1190 do.... Dec. 14 The discharge of the persons who committed

the robbery and murder at St. Albans. 1191 .do..... Dec. 15 Delivery of deserters from men-of-war...... 832 Mr. Adams to Mr. Dec. 16 Rebel organization at Marysburgh, Canada..

Seward. 833 do... Dec. 16 Case of Ellison vs. Jorss, involving claim

for goods to run the blockade. 835 do....

Dec. 16 | Addresses of the London Emancipation So

ciety, Anti-Slavery Society, and Working

men of South London. 1192 | Mr. Seward to Mr. | Dec. 17 Moral effect of the presidential election......

Adams. 1193 .do......

Dec. 17 The military situation 1194 Dec. 19 The raids from the British provinces... 1197 do......

Dec. 21 Case of detention of the Great Western... .836 Mr. Adams to Mr. Dec. 22 Case of the Roanoke

Seward. 838

.do.... Dec. 22 Case of Mr. Leon Smith 839

.do.... Dec. 22 Reply to Lord Wharncliffe.. 840 .do...

Dec. 22 Hostile movements in Canada 841 Dec. 22 The Sea King changed to the Shenandoah,

and her depredations on the coast of Brazil. 842 Dec. 23 Address from the people of Dewsbury...... 844

Dec. 23 Address of Central Council of International

Workingmen's Association. 1199 Mr. Seward to Mr. Dec. 21 Proclamation of Prince Maximilian affecting Adams.

British settlement in Honduras. 1200 do...

Dec. 25 Case of the Deerhound 1201

Dec. 26 Earl Russell's communication to rebel emis.

saries. 1203 .do....... Dec. 26 Case of the Rappahannock. The Queen os.

Rumble. 1204 Dec. 26 Earl Russell's reply in reference to affairs in

Canada. 1208 Dec. 27 The military situation 845 Mr. Adams to Mr. Dec. 29 | The release of the Great Western...

Mr. Seward.

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1864. 846 Mr. Adams to Mr. Dec. 30 The departure of Lord Lyons. Operations Seward.

of rebel emissaries in Canada. The order

of General Dix. 848 do.

Dec. 30 Address from the Oldham Auxiliary Union and

Emancipation Society. 1214 Mr. Seward to Mr. Dec. 31 Case of Ellison vs. Jorss.

Adams. 1215

Dec. 31 Reply to addresses of London Emancipation

and Newmiln's Anti-Slavery Society. 1216 .do.

Dec. 31 Contentions of British subjects concerning

our affairs. Addresses of delegations.

1865. 1219 do.... Jan. 1 The military situation 1221 Jan, 1 The rebel organization in Marysburgh, Canada 850 Mr. Adams to Mr. Jan. 5 Hostile outrages committed along the borders Seward.

of Canada and action of the courts. Ar

rest of Captain Corbett, of the Sea King. 1223 Mr. Seward to Mr. Jan. 9 | Hostile movements in Canada.

Adams. 1224 .do.... Jan. 9 Reply to address of the Central Council of

International Workingmen's Association. 1225 .do..

Jan. 9 Reply to address of the people of Dewsbury.. 1226

Jan. 10 Emissaries of the insurgents in Canada and

Europe. 1297 Jan. 10 | The military situation. Debates in Congress

and in the Kentucky legislature. 1223 Jan. 10 Arrival of the Shenandoah at Bahia.... 1229 .... Jan. 10 Acknowledgment of letter of congratulation

from Merthyr Tydfil. 1233 ..... Jan. 10 Transfer of crew of the pirate Florida to the

Rappa hannock. 854 Mr. Adams to Mr. Jan. 12 Instructions as to the treatment of neutral Seward.

vessels by confederate cruisers. 855 Jan. 13 Address from the British and Foreign Anti

Slavery Society. 1236 Mr. Seward to Mr. Jan. 16 Death of Edward Everett. The military sitAdams.

uation. Abolition of slavery in Tennessee

and Missouri. 1237 Jan. 16 | Lord Lyons. The hostile movements in







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1865. 1238 Mr. Seward to Mr. Jan. 16 Acknowledgment of address of Oldham AuxAdams.

iliary Union and Emancipation Society. 1241 Jan. 18 Termination of the reciprocity treaty.... 1242 do... Jan. 18 Plan for the seizure of American steamships

on the Pacific coast. 857 Mr. Adams to Mr. Jan. 19 Cases of violation of the foreign enlistment Seward.

act. 1245 Mr. Seward to Mr. Jan. 23 Insurgent expectations of recognition by Great Adams.

Britain and France. 1246 .do..

Jan. 24 Fall of Fort Fisher. Discontent and demor

alization among the insurgents. Removal

of Judge Coursol. 1247 Jan. 26 Difficulties in Canada..... 864 Mr. Adams to Mr. Jan. 26 Case of the Roanoke at Bermuda........

Seward. 865 Jan. 26 Position of parties in Parliament on Ameri

can policy. 1250 Mr. Seward to Mr. Jan. 27 The pirate Shenandoah. Her depredations ..

Adams. 1253 .do...... Jan. 30 The military situation. Arrival of three peace

commissioners from the rebels. 1256 .do...... Jan. 30 Proceedings of insurgent emissaries to France

and Great Britain. 1257 Feb. 1 Insult to the United States flag at Port Mahon. 867 Mr. Adams to Mr. Feb. 2 Difficulties in Canada. Repeal of the reci. Seward.

procity treaty and passport system. 868 .do....... Feb. 2 Position of parties and public men in refer

ence to policy towards America. 869 do..... Feb. 3 Case of the Peterhoff (Hobbs os. Henning)

and of the Rappahapnock (Queen vs. Rum

ble.) 1258 Mr. Seward to Mr. | Feb. 7 Interview granted by the President at ForAdams.

tress Monroe to the peace commissioners

of the rebels. 1259 do........ Feb. 7 The military situation. Passage of the con









stitutional amendment abolishing slavery. 1261 ...... do......... Feb. 7 Cases of violation of foreign enlistment act.. 870 Mr. Adams to Mr. Feb. 9 Meeting of Parliament. The Queen's speech.


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1865. 87) Mr. Adams to Mr. | Feb. 9 Rebel schemes and projects

Seward. 872 .do...

Feb. 9 Case of the Rappahannock, (The Queen ts.

Rumble.) Prosecutions under the foreign

enlistment act. 873 .do.......

Feb. 9 Escape of the Olinde, or Stonewall, from

Nantes. 874 Feb. 10 | English opinions of the American struggle... 1263 Mr. Seward to Mr. Feb. 13 | The military situation

Adams. 1265 do.... Feb. 13 British national sentiment in regard to the

civil war. 1269 .do .... Feb. 13 Termination of the treaty regulating the naval

force on the lakes. 1270 Feb. 13 Case of the Roanoke at Bermuda.... 877 Mr. Adams to Mr. Feb. 15 Conference with Earl Russell in reference to Seward.

the growing irritation between the two

countries. 879 Feb. 16 Outfits of vessels for account of the rebels... 1271 Mr. Seward to Mr. Feb. 16 Movements of the rebel steamer Laurel.....

Adams. 880 Mr. Adams to Mr. Feb. 17 The depredations of the Shenandoah. Effects Seward.

in Europe of probability of peace in the

United States. 881

Feb. 18 Movements of United States steamers in pur

suit of the Stonewall. 1272 Mr. Seward to Mr. Feb. 18 Project of the rebels to get out the Alexan Adams.

dra. 1273

Feb. 21 The military situation. Evacuation of Charles.

ton. 1274 Feb. 21 British aid to the insurgents and its effects... 1277 Feb. 21 Cases of the Peterhoff and the Rappabannock. 883 Mr. Adams to Mr. Feb. 23 Parliamentary proceedings and state of public Seward.

opinion. 884

Feb. 23 The intimations of the rebel commissioners.

Proceedings of insurgent emissaries in
France and Great Britain. Insult to the
United States flag at Port Mahon. Termi-
nation of the reciprocity treaty. Insurgent
vessels fitted out in British ports.

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1865. 1278 Mr. Seward to Mr. Feb. 25 Treatment of United States ships-of-war at Adams.

the Bahamas, and treatment of rebel vessels

in British colonial ports. 1279 do.... Feb. 27 | The military situation. Surrender of Wil

mington. 1280 do.... Feb. 28 The supplies of the Stonewall. Movements

of the City of Richmond and the Laurel. 1282 .do.... Mar. 1 Popular opinions and apprehensions in Eu

ropo in regard to action of the United

States. European aid to the insurgents.
Mar. ·1Intercepted communication from rebel emis-

saries in Canada.
886 Mr. Adams to Mr. Mar. 2 Appointment of Sir Frederick Bruce in place

of Lord Lyons. Effect of American news

on English opinion. 1283 Mr. Seward to Mr. | Mar. 6 Case of The Queen os. Rumble.....

Adams. 1284

Mar. 6 Policy of the United States government to

wards Canada. 1285 .do.... Mar, 6 The irritation growing up between the two

countries. 1286 .do....

Mar. 6 The equipment and armament of the Olinde,

or Stonewall. 1287 do.... Mar. 6 Opinions of Earls Russell and Derby, and

the efforts of insurgent emissaries in Eng.

1288 do.... Mar. 74| Proceedings of Congress and its adjourn-

ment. Inauguration of President and Vice-
President. Appointment of Mr. McCul.

loch. The military situation.
1289 do.... Mar. 8 Termination of the treaty limiting the naval

force on the lakes. 1293 do.... Mar. 9 Outfits of vessels for account of the rebels ... 889 | Mr. Adams to Mr. Mar. 9 British opinion and policy in reference to the Seward.

United States. 890

Mar. 9 Case of The Queen os. Rumble.... 1296 Mr. Seward to Mr. Mar. 10 British apprehension of hostile designs on the Adams.

part of the United States towards Canada. 1297 .do.... Mar. 13 Case of the Shenandoah. Communications

with rebel emissaries. European delusion
that rebel debts will be paid.

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