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ker, out of Maritornes....

of Margaret..... Lord Fitzwilliam's b. f. Dora, Sister to Mr. F. Lumley's b. f. Zingara, by Tramp, Medoro...........

dam by Shuttle!.. Mr. Crompton's b. c. by Waverley, out

Five to 2 agst Netherby, 4 to 1 agst Stotforth, and 6 to 1 agst the winner. SWEEPSTAKES of 20 sovs. each, for three-year-old fillies, 8st. 3lb.—Last mile

and a half.-Nine subscribers. Colonel King's Bessy Bedlam (J. Gar- Lord Milton's ch. Slut..

3 butt)

1 Lord Scarbrough's b. by Reveller, out Mr. Bower's b. Lady Vane

2 of Byram's dam.... Three to 1 on Bessy Bedlam.

March for 100, h. ft.-Two miles. Mr. Davidson's b. g. Paul Pry, by Nor- Mr. Athorpe's br. g. Candidate, 6 yrs ton, 5 yrs old, list. 6lb. (Mr. Kent)... 1] old, 12st.

2 Five and 6 to 4 on Paul Pry. Mr. Darnell's b. f. Nivalis, by Blacklock, 8st. 31b. rec. ft. from Lord Kelburne's br. c. Reviewer (dead), 8st. 61b. “A mile and three-quarters, 500, h. ft.

WEDNESDAY, May 14.-The First Year of the ConstitUTION STAKES of 20 sovs. each :—for three-year-olds, 5st. 10lb. ; four, 8st. ; five, 8st. 9lb.; six, 9st. llb. ; and aged, 9st. 51b.—A mile and a quarter.-Nine subscribers. Major Yarburgh's b. c. Laurel, by Mr. Petre's b. f. Matilda, 4 yrs old...... 2 Blacklock, 4 yrs old (T. Nicholson)... 1 Lord Milton's b. c. Mulatto, 4 yrs old... 3

Five to 4 on Matilda, and 7 to 4 agst Mulatto. The SAPLING STAKES of 50 sovs. each, h. ft. for three-year-old colts.—Last

mile and three-quarters.-Six subscribers. Mr. Gascoigne's bl. c. by Whisker, out rion, 8st. 2/b....

of Trulla, 8st. 5lb. (R. Johnson)...... Lord Cleveland's ch. by Comus, out of Mr. Watt's ch. by Whisker, out of Ma- Gonsalvi's dam, 8st. 5lb...

3 Even betting on the Marion colt. The STAND PLATE of 50l. :—for three-year-olds, 7st.; four, Sst. 4lb. ; five,

8st. 10lb. ; six and aged, 9st.—Mares allowed 3lb. ; a winner of 501. in Plate, Match, or Sweepstakes, carrying 3lb. extra.—Heats, a mile and three quarters. Mr. Ridsdale's ch. c. Harlequin, by out of Manuella, 4 yrs old ......... 3 2 Cervantes, 3 yrs old

11 Mr. S. Lee's b. f. Sarah, 4 yrs old, 2 dr. Mr. Shepherd's b. f. by Magistrate,

Sarah the favorite.


KELSO SPRING MEETING, 1828. TUESDAY, May 13.-A SWEEPSTAKES of 10gs. each, for three-year-olds :

colts, 8st. 3lb.; fillies, 8st.—A mile and half.-Five subscribers. Mr. Baird's b. f. Queen Elizabeth, by Mr. Dawson's b. c. by Champignon, out Champignon, out of Anna Bullen

of Bit of Tartan

2 The following also started but were not placed : Lord Kennedy's br. c. by Champignon, Lord Tweedale's b.g. by Champignon, out of Eoina

out of Bravura's dam SWEEPSTAKES of 5gs. each, for horses that had been regularly hunted in the

preceding season, 12st. each.-Two-mile heats. Mr. Taylor's b. m. Miss laggerstone, by XYZ, aged

1 2 1 Mr. Brown's b. g. Colwell, aged

4 1 3 Sir C. Haggerston's gr. h. The Chief

2 3 2 Mr. Culley's h. by Whisker, 5 yrs old

3 4 dr. The Oat STAKES of five bolls each, for horses not thorough-bred, 12st.

Two-mile heats. Mr. Johnston's ch. g. Simon Magus, Mr. Taylor's Miss Haggerstone ... 2 de

by Rubens

ا 1

A PLATE of 501. given by the Gentlemen of the Lothian Hunt, for Farmers'

horses, 13st. each.--Two-mile heats. Mr. W. Hood's b. m. Spitfire (the | Mr. Brodie's b. g. by Caleb Quot'em, 2 2 Owner)..

11 Mr. R. Oliver's ch, m. by Caleb 3 3 Eleven others started.

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CLIFTON AND BRISTOL MEETING, 1828. TUESDAY, May 13.— The Asuton Court Stakes of 20 sovs. each, h. ft.

and only five if declared, &c. with 20 sovs. added.--About two miles.

The owner of the second horse received back his stake. Sir L. Glyn's ch. h. Noureddin, by Mr. Upton's br. m. Rigmarole, 6 yrs Aladdin, 5 yrs old, 9st. 2lb. (G. Cal. old, Åst. 121b.

2 loway).

The following also started but were not placed : Mr. Davis's b. g. Compte d'Artois, Sir W. Wynn's ch. g. Stingo, 4 yrs old, aged, 8st. 121b.

7st. I llb..... Mr. Andrews's gr. m. Zeline, 5 yrs old, Mr. Hiron's b. c. Grecian, 4 yrs old, 7st. 8st. 41b.


0 Five subscribers paid five sovs. each. SWEEPSTAKES of 10 sovs. each, h. ft. with 20 added, for horses which had

been regularly hunted in the preceding season with an established pack of fox-hounds.--Gentlemen riders.—Heats, about two miles.-Eight sub

scribers. Captain Martin's b. g: Gas-light, 6

Ilst. Illb....

2 2 yrs old, 11st. 9lb. (the Owner) 11 Mr. Davis's Compte d'Artois, aged, Mr. Allen's br. g. Jonathan, aged,

12st. 4lb.

3 3 SWEEPSTAKES of five sovs. each, 2 ft. with 20 added, for horses not thorough

bred, the property of persons residing, within 20 miles of Clifton.--Gentle."

men riders.--Two-mile heats.-Seven subscribers. Mr. Bayly's b. g. Anti-Catholic, 5


2 dr. yrs old, Ilst. 71b. (the Owner).. 11 Mr.Jones's Captain Copp, 6 yrs old, Mr. Smith's Gazelle, 6 yrs old, 12st.

Ilst. 121b...

3 dr. WEDNESDAY, May 14.--A PLATE of 50 sovs. and upwards, added by the Tradesmen of Clifton and Bristol to a Sweepstakes of 10 sovs. each, h. ft. if declared by the 6th of May.-The winner to be sold for 200 sovs. if demanded, &c.--Heats, about two miles.-Eight subscribers. Mr. Thorne's b. m. Forester Lass, by Filho da Puta, aged, Ist. lllb. (S. Darling)

4 1 1 Mr. Radclyfte's b. h. Lawrence, 5 yrs old, 9st. 71b.

1 2 2 Mr. Upton's br. m. Rigmarole, 6 yrs old, 9st. 9lb.

2 dr. Sir L. Glyn's br. f. Brocard, 3 yrs old, 6st. 1llb.

3 dr. Match for 50 sovs.- -Half a mile. Mr. Smith's Miss Paton, 6 yrs old, 10st. Mr. Wilson's Yellow Hammer, aged, 7lb. (Mr. Davis)

10st. 4lb.

2 A GOLDEN Punch Bowl, given by the Stewards, and added to a Sweepstakes

of five sovs. each, for horses not thorough-bred. The owner of the second horse to receive 10 sovs. out of the stakes.-- Gentlemen riders.--Heats, about

two miles.--Nine subscribers. Mr. W’hite's b. 8. Parilion, aged, 12st. 31b. (Mr. Davis)

0 0 1 1 Mr. Margerum's b. h. The Sailor, 5 yrs old, lìst. 131b....

2 1 2 Mr. Russell's ch. g. Moses, 6 yrs old, 12st. 3lb.

0 2 3 0 Mr. J. Bayly's Emma, aged, 12st. 3lb.

13 dr. Mr. Smith named b. m. by Guy Mannering, aged, 11st. 71b.

3 dr. Mr. Richards's ch. g. The Sheriff, 4 yrs old, 10st. 71b.

4 dis. Match for 100 sovs.

5.-Half a mile. Mr. Wilson's ch. g. Yellow Hammer, Mr. Jones's b. g. Captain Copp, 6 yrs (the Owner)




HANDICAP SWEEPSTAKES of five sovs. each, three ft. with 20 added. One

mile.- Ten subscribers. Mr. Davis's Comte d'Artois, by Bour- Captain Martin's Gas-light, 6 yrs old,

bon, aged, 10st. 9lb. (Brown)..... 1 Ost. 8lb. Mr. Allen's Jonathan, aged, yst. 4lb.... 2 Mr. Smith's Gazelle, 6 yrs old, 8st. 121b. 5 Mr. Hiron's Grecian, 4 yrs old, 10st. 21b. 3| Mr. Stevenson's The Deuce, llst.......


*.... 5

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EPSOM MEETING, 1828. TUESDAY, May 20.-The Craven STAKES of 10 sovs. each, for three

year-olds, 6st. ; four, 8st.; five, est. 9lb.; six, 9st. Ab. ; and aged,

9st. 5lb.--The last mile and quarter.-Seven subscribers. Lord Wilton's ch. h. Goshawk, by Mer. Mr. Payne's ch. c. Oppidan, 3 yrs old... 3 lin, 5 yrs old (S. Day)

1) Mr. Shailer's br. h. Sangrado, 5 yrs old 4 Duke of Richmond's br. f. Gulnare, 4 Colonel Lautour's ch. f. Staughton Lass, yrs old........

2 3 yrs old ..... Thirteen to 8 agst Gulnare, 2 to 1 agst Oppidan, and 3 to 1 agst Goshawk. The SAMLEY STAKES of 25 sovs. each, for three-year-olds :-colts, 8st. 7lb. ;

fillies, Sst. 11b.-One mile.--Six subscribers. Mr. R. Pettit's br. f. Bobadilla, by Bo- Mr. L. Charlton's b. f. by Hedley, out badil (Goodisson).

1 of Sorceress... General Grosvenor's b. c. John de Bart, Mr. Page's

ch. c. by Woful, out of Agnes, 4 by Carbon, out of Naughty Girl 2

Two to I on Bobadilla. SWEEPSTAKES of 100 sovs. each, h. ft. for two-year-olds.-Half a mile.

Three subscribers. Mr. L. Charlton's b. c. Ilarold, by Man- Lord Mountcharles's b. f. by Waterloo,

out of Sprite, 7st. 131b.

2 Match for 100, h. ft.-Last mile and half. Duke of Richmond's b. c. lindostan, Lord Mountcharles's b. f. by Tramp,

by Whalebone, out of Arbis, 8st. 71b. dam by Sinolensko, out of Roxana, by (F. Boyce)...........

Sir Peter, 8st. 21b.

Six to 4 on Hindostan.
Maton for 25 sovs. each, Sat.--Woodcot Course.
Mr. Young's br. f. Scapement, by Pen- wards)

1 dulum, out of Waxy Lass (G. Ed. Mr. S. Pearce's f. by Eryx, out of Coral, 2

WEDNESDAY, May 21.--Match for 100, h. ft.-One mile. Mr. Bacon's br. c. Carib, by Friday, 4 1 | Tey, out of Libra, 3 yrs old, 7st. 61b... 2

yrs old, 8st. 121b. (Dockeray) The SuRREY STAKES of 25 sovs. each, 15 ft. and only five if declared, &c.

Derby Course.
Captain Westenra's ch. c. Conrad, by aged, 8st. 101b.

Friday, 4 yrs old, 7st 9lb. (Pavis)...... 1 Mr. Bacon's b. h. Forfeit, 5 yrs, 8st. 5lb. 4
Mr. Cosby's br. h. Logic,'aged, Est. 131b. 2 Mr. L. Charlton's b. c. Raymond, 4 yrs
Colonel Yates's gr. m. Fille de Joie, old, 7st. 61b.
There were 13 subscribers, seven of whom having declared by the time prescribed, paid

but five sovs. each. The Wooncor STAKES of 30 sovs. each, h. ft. for two-year-olds :-colts,

8st. 6lb. ; fillies, 8st. 3lb.-Last half mile.--Six subscribers. General Grosvenor's ch. f. Shepherdess, Dolus, by Orville, out of Scarbrough's by Strephon, out of Paradigm (T. Lye) 1 dam..

3 Mr. L. Charlton's bl. c. Eugene, bý Mr. Maberly's br. f. by Nicolo, dam by Manfred, out of Josephine....


Beningbrough, out of Miss Magnet... 4 Master Earnest Walker's b. c. Dicky

Six to 4 agst Eugene, 3 and 4 to 1 agst Shepherdess. The Gold Cup, a subscription of 10 sovs. each, with 20 added from the

Race Fund:-for three-year-olds, 6st. 4lb. ; four, 8st. ; five, est. 10lb. ; six, 9st.; and aged, 9st. alb.--Mares and geldings allowed 3lb.-The wine

........ 0

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ner of a Plate or Sweepstakes in 1828, carrying 3lb. ; of two, 5lb. ; of more, 7lb. extra.-Two miles. The winner to be sold for 250 sovs. if demanded,

&c.-Seventeen subscribers. Mr. Payne's ch. h. Helenus, by Sooth.


Mr. Sadler's br. g. Jocko, 5 yrs old...... 2 sayer, aged (Goodisson):

The following also started but were not placed : Mr. Scaith's br. c. Vulcan, by Octavius, Mr. Kenyon's b. f. by Filho da Puta,

dam by Whalebone, out of Ransom, out of Eliza Leeds, 3 yrs old 4 yrs old.......

0 General Grosvenor's gr. c. by Skim, out Mr. Petre's ch. f. by Tramp, dam by of Tetotum, 3 yrs old

Sancho, out of Blacklock's dam, 3 yrs, Mr. Mills's ch. f. Lunacy, 4 yrs old.... 0 Lord Mountcharles's b. f. Constance, Mr. L. Charlton's ch. g. Constantine, 4 yrs old............


yrs old....... Seven to 4 agst Helenus, and 3 to 1 agst Lunacy. THURSDAY, May 15.-The Second Year of a Renewal of the DERBY STAKES of 50 sovs. each, h. ft. for three-year-olds :-colts, 8st. 71b. ; and fillies, 8st. alb.-The last mile and half.-Eighty-nine subscribers. -The owner of the second horse entitled to 100 sovs. out of the stakes. Duke of Rutland's br. c. Cadland, Mr. Petre's ch. c. The Colonel, by

by Andrew, out of Sorcery (Ro. Whisker, out of My Lady's dam

0 1

The following also started but were not placed :
Mr. W. Chifney's b. c. Zinganee, by Mr. Sadler's ch. c. Challenger, by Ru-

bens Mr. Benson's br. c. Alcaston, by Filho Mr. Houldsworth's b. c. Lambtonian, da Puta

by Filho da Puta .... Mr. Payne's ch. c. by Walton, out of Mr. Thornhill's ch. c. Merchant, by Johanna Southcote

Merlin ....... Lord Ailesbury's b. c. Rioter, by Re. Mr. Sowerby's b. c. Palemon, by Vamveller


Pyre. Duke of Grafton's b. c. Omen, by Or. General Grosvenor's b. c. John de Bart, ville ......

by Carbon Duke of Grafton's b. c. Lancastrian, by Mr. Heathcote's b. c. Scipio, by Filho Merlin....

da Puta, out of Miss Syntax (thrown Lord Grosvenor's b. c. Navarino, by down)

0 Blacklock Seven to 2 agst The Colonel, 4 to 1 agst Cadland, 5, 6, 7, and 10 to 1 agst Zinganee,

8 to 1 agst Mr. Payne's colt, 14 to 1 agst Lambtonian, 18 to 1 agst Omen, 20 to 1 agst Challenger, 20 to 1 agst Lancastrian ; after the dead heat, even betting and 5 to 4 on

The Colonel. The DURDAINS STAKES of 10 sovs. each, with 10 added froin the Race Fund:

for three-year-olds, 7st. ; four, 8st. 10lb. ; five, Ost. Alb. ; six and agedl, 9st. 5lb.-Mares and geldings allowed 3lb.--A winner in 1828 once, 3lb. extra ; twice 5lb. ; thrice, 7lb.The winner to be sold for 150 sovs. if demanded, &c.-One mile. Mr. Sadler's ch. f. by Anticipation, out Mr. G. Edwards's ch. f. Jane, 3 yrs old, 2 of Atalanta, 3 yrs old (Chapple) Mr. Alfred's b. f. Vittoria, 3 yrs old...... 3

The following also started but were not placed : Nr. D.achamos lielileys yrs ° | Mr. Bacon's b. c. Carib, 4 yrs old...::

The second race for the Derby took place after this. The DENBIES STAKES of 10 sovs. each, with 10 added from the Race Fund,

før maiden horses :-three-year-olds, 7st. ; four, st. 71b.; five, 9st. 2/b. ; six and aged, 9st. 5lb.-Horses having started four times allowed 7lb.-One

mile.-The winner to be sold for 100 sovs.-Seven subscribers. Mr. Sadler's ch. f. by Anticipation, 3 Mr. Crouch's b. c. by Merlin, out of yrs old (Chapple)

Gramarie, 4 yrs old

2 The following also started but were not placed : Colonel Latour's Staughton Lass, 3 yrs Sir J. Honywood's b. f. Linda, 4 yrs old

old Mr. Pearce's b. m. Fanny, 5 yrs old . 01 Mr. Coleman's ch. f. Lilac, 4 yrs old 0

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yrs old


The COUNTY MEMBERS' PLATE of 501. :-for-three-year olds, 7st.; four,

8st. 7lb.; five, 9st. ; six and and aged, 1st. 31b.—The winner to be sold for

300 sovs.--Two-mile heats. Mr. C. Morton's b. f. Margery, by

2 2 Rasping, 3 yrs old (T. Lye). 11 Mr. G. Edwards's ch. f. Jane, 3 yrs Mr. L. Charlton's b. c. Macassar, 3


3 3 FRIDAY, May 16.-The Second Year of the Oaks STAKES of 50 sovs. each, h. ft. for three-year-old fillies, 8st. 41b.—The owner of the second filly entitled to 100 sovs. out of the Stakes.-Last mile and half.-Seventy-eight subDuke of Grafton's br, f. Torquoise, by 1 bens, dam by Williamson's


Mr. Rawlinson's ch. f. Ruby, by Ru. Selim, out of Pope Joan (J. Day)

2 The following also started but

were not placed : Lord Grosvenor's b. f. Rosetta, by Black. Mr. Ramsbottom's b. f. by Aladdin, out lock, out of Delta ....

of Rantipole Mr. Beardsworth's bl. f. L'Estelle, by Lord G. H. Cavendish's b. f. by AnWhalebene or Octavius

drew, dam by Pioneer, out of Ridicule, O Mr. Dilly's ch. f. by Rubens, out of Mr. Scaith's b. f. by Whalebone, out of Zuleika

0 Varnish Sir J. Shelley's br. f. Rosalia, by Wal. Mr. T. Peirse's b. f. by Whisker, out

of Sister to Benedick Lord Jersey's ch. f. Trampoline, by Mr. Meynell's br. f. by Blacklock, out Tramp..

of Olympia....... Mr. Udny's gr. f. by Reveller, out of Mr. Molony's b. f. Zoè, by Orville

Lisette.... Five to 2 agst Zoè, 5 to 2 and 3 to 1 agst the Andrew filly, 4 to 1 agst Rosalia, 7 to 1

agst Trampoline, and 25 to 1 agst Turquoise. The Town Plate of 501. :-for three-year-olds, 6st. 7lb. ; four, 8st. 21. ;

five, 8st. 9lb. ; six and aged, 9st.-Winners in 1828 carrying 3lb.; twice, 5lb. ; thrice, 7lb, extra. The winner to be sold for 200 sovs. if demanded,

&c.--Two-mile heats. Lord Mountcharles's b. c. Coronet, by Catton, 3 yrs old (Lear)

4 1 1 Mr. Sl. Stanley's ch. h. Thales, 5 yrs old...

1 2 2 Mr. Bacon's b. h. Forfeit, 5 yrs old

2 3 Mr. Petre's ch. f. by Tramp, 3 yrs old...

3 dr. Mr. Messer's bl. c. Whim, 4 yrs old...

5 dr. The Woodcot PARK STAKES of 10 sovs. each, with 10 added from the Fund,

for all ages.—The last half mile.-Five subscribers. Mr. Cosby's br. h. Logic, by Selim, Mr. Rawlinson's b. m. Resemblance, 5 aged, &st. 12lb. (Dockeray),

yrs old, 8st..

3 Lord Normanby's b. h. Tarandus, aged, Mr. Beardsworth's bl. c. Frederick, 3 9st. 121b...........

2 yrs old, fist. Illb........ Even betting on Tarandus, and 2 to 1 agst Logic.


BEVERLEY MEETING, 1828. WEDNESDAY, May 21.- The CARLTON STAKES of 10 sovs. each, with

20 sovs. added by the Town :-three-year-olds, 7st. 21b.; four, 8st. 2/b. --Fillies and geldings allowed 3lb.-A winner once this year, to carry

3lb. ; twice, 5lb. extra.-One mile and a half. Lord Scarbrough's b. f. Sister to Tar. Mr. Hodgson's br. f. Emerald, 3 yrs 2

rare, by Catton, 4 yrs old (Nelson) 1 Mr. Foulis's br. f. Justitia, 4 yrs old 3 Mr. Fisher's ch. f. Mystery, 4 yrs old... 2 The Gold Cup, value 100 sovs. (the surplus in specie), a subscription of 10

sovs. each:-three-year-olds, 6st. 8lb.; four, 8st. 3lb.; five, 8st. 11lb.; six, and aged, 9st. Alb.—Mares and geldings allowed 3lb.-Two miles.

Twelve subscribers.
Simonem, dignerischio dialek by Black:

lock4 yrs old (G. Nelson) il Colonel King's b. f. Penultima, 4 yrs ... 3

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