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The UNDERLEY Stakes of 100 sovs. each, h. ft. :-.--colts, &st. 7lb. ; fillies,

8st. 3lb.-R.M.-Eight subscribers. Mr. Pettit's b. f. Zoe, by Orville (Ro. Nr. Chifney's b. c. Zingaree, by Tramp, binson, 1 out of Folly

3 Duke of Portland's b. c. Brother to Emi. Mr. Milner's ch. f. Staughton Lass ..

Even betting on Zinganee, and 6 to 4 agst Zoe. SWEEPSTAKES of 200 sovs. each, h. ft. for the produce of mares covered in

1824;colts, 8st. 7lb. ; fillies, 8st. 4lb.-D.M.Four subscribers. Lord Exeter's b. c. Enthusiast, by

1 of bombombill's b. c. Magnet }

Five to 4 on Enthusiast. The CLARET STAKES of 200 sovs. h. ft. :--for colts, Sst. 7lb.; and fillies,

8st. 2lb. ; rising four years old.-D. I... Seven subscribers. The owner of

the second horse withdrew his stake. Lord G. H. Cavendish's ro. c. Rapid


(Arull)... Rhone, by Partisan, out of Espagnolle


Lord Verulam's br. f. Brocard............. 2

Three to l on Rapid Rhone. Duke of Rutland's b. c. by Andrew, out of Sorcery, recd. ft. from Duke of Grafton's b. c. Segar, by Skim, out of Sister to Pastille, 8st. 4lb. each. D.M. 100, h. ft.

FRIDAY, April 11.--SUBSCRIPTION PLATE of 50l. :--for two-year-olds, 6st. 7lb. ; three, 8st. 5lb. ; four, 8st. 131b. ; five, 9st. 4lb.; six and aged, 9st. 8lb.-D.M.-with this condition, that the winner was to be sold for 300gs. if demanded, &c.

2 Mr. Bloss's b. c. Soldan, 3 yrs old

, il by Merlin, 4 yrs old (Robinson)

The following also started but were not placed : Mr. Udny's f. by 'Partisan, out of Mr. Payne's b. c. by Rainbow, dam by Donna Clara, 3 yrs old

Soothsayer, out of Eliza Teazle, 3 yrs, o Lord Tavistock's bl. c. Pilot, 3 yrs old o Mr. Harris's b. f. Speck, by Tramp, out Mr. Pettit's ch. c. Upas, 4 yrs old.... of Remembrance, 3 yrs old...... Mr. Maye's ch. f. Jane, by Moses, out Mr. Rush's b. f. by Selim, out of Pen. of Harriet, 2 yrs old..

tagon, 2 yrs old...... Lord Grosvenor's b. c.. Gros de Naples, Colonel Wilson's ch. f. by Rubens, out 3 yrs old

of Tippity witchet, 8 yrs old Six to 4 agut Goshawk (who was claimed), 4 to 1 agst Mr. Payne's colt, and 7 to 1 aget

Mr. Rush's filly. SWEEPSTAKES of 100 sovs. cach, h. ft. :—for colts, 8st. 5lb.: and fillies,

8st. Alb.-D. M.-Five subscribers. Mr. Houldsworth's br. c. Lambtonian, Duke

of Portland's b. c. by Tiresias, out by Filho, out of Leopoldine (Robin- of Freak.

2 son)

Duke of Grafton's b. c. Segar

3 Five to 2 on the Tiresias colt.

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S:YBBPSTAXES of 100 sovs. each, h. ft. for fillies rising three years old, 8st. blb. Mr. J. Rogers's br. c. Medallist.......... 3

each.-D.M.Six subscribers. Lord Jersey's ch. f. Trampoline, by out of Loo....

Tramp, out of Web (Robinson) 1 Lord Exeter's br. Bessy, by Tramp, out Mr. Houldsworth's b. by Blacklock, of Bess

3 Previously to the race, Mr. Houldsworth's f., Trampoline, and Duke of Grafton's

Turquoise, Sister to Turcoman, started without Bessy, and came in in the order they are here named; but this being deemed a false start Turquoise was drawn, and the race was run over again as above, after the following race. Before the false start, 6 to 5 on Trampoline, 2 to 1 agst Loo; after the false start, 6 to 4 on Loo, and 2 to 1

agst Trampoline. SWEEPSTAKES of 200 sovs each, h. ft. :-colts, 8st. 7lb. ; fillies, 8st. 3lb. ;

rising three years old.-D.M.--Nine subscribers. DIr. Houldsworth's b. c. Lambtonian Lord Exeter's br. c. by Filho da Puta, (Robinson).................................. 11 out of Advance........................ 3 bers of the Holderness Hunt, 12st. each.-Heats, once round. Mr. Smith's br. m. Jenny, 5 yrs old Mr. Weddle's bl. Doctor 0 0 (Mr. Singleton)

: Mx'hontilles bites Stariner
ville, out of Whizgig 4

5 Two to 1 agst Omen, 2 to l'agst Medallist, 4 to agst Mariner, and 5 to 1 agst

Lambtonian. SWEEPSTAKES of 150 sovs. each, 100 ft., 8st. 5lb.-D.M.-Three subscribers. Lord Tavistock's b. c. Warlock, by


1 Walton, out of Miss Witch (G. Ed. Lord Orford's br. c. The Vicar....... 2

Two to 1 on Warlock. The Port STAKES of 100 sovs. each, h. ft. :-for colts, est. 7lb. ; and fillies,

8st. 4lb.-T.M.M.--The owner of the second horse withdrew his stake. Eight subscribers. Dir. Gully's b. c. Mameluke (Wheatley) 1| Lord G. H. Cavendish's b. c. Amphion, 2

Two to 1 on Mameluke, SWEEPSTAKES of 200 sovs. each, 1. ft. for the produce of mares covered by

untried stallions in 1824 :- colts, 8st. 7lb. ; fillies, 8st. 4lb.-D.M.-Five

subscribers. Lord G. H. Cavendish's b. f. by Godol. Tiresias, out of Diana.................. 2

phin, out of Barossa (Arnull) 1) Lord Anson's ch. c. by Merlin, out of Duke of Rutland's ch, c. Ephesus, by Prue

3 Two to 1 on the Merlin colt,

Match for 100, h. ft.R.M. MiBetties br. f. Bobadilla, 7st. Iilb. , Mese Goddard's ch.c. by Anticipation,

Three to l on Bobadilla. SWEEPSTAKES of 200 sovs. each, h. ft. for the produce of mares covered in

1824 :-colts, 8st. 71b. ; fillies, 8st. 4lb.-D.M.-Those by untried stallions, or out of untried mares, allowed 3lb.-Four subscribers. Mr. Wyndham's ch. f. Urganda ....................................................

......... Walked over


(Over Beverley Course.) FRIDAY, March 21 -Matcą for fifty sovereigns.--Owners to ride.-One

mile. Mr. Hudson's b. h. Monops, 14st. 1| Mr. E. Smith's br. h. Roger, 14st. 2 SWEEPSTAKES of five sovs. each, for horses, &c. not thorough-bred, that have

been regularly hunted with the Holderness hounds :-four-year-olds, 10st. 1ilb.; five, 11st. 6lb. ; six and aged, 12st. Gentlemen riders. Two

miles.-Seventeen subscribers, Mr. Smith's br. m. Jenny, by Amadis, Fitz Orville, aged......

3 dam by St. George, 5 yrs old (Mr. Mr. Hopkinson's b. m. Harriet, 5 yrs... 4 Singleton)

1 Mr. Davidson's gr. g. Pantomime, Mr. J. Smith's b. h. Huntsman, by aged, Capsicum

2 Mr. Whittaker's ch. bo Bucephalus, by Mr. Davidson's br, h. Blue Bonnet, by Catton, 6 yrs old

6 The following also started but were not placed : Richmond, 4 yrs old...

bush, 5 yrs old MATCH for 50 sovs. Owners to ride.-Two miles. Mr. E. Smith's br. h. Skylight, 14st. 11 Mr. G. Barkworth's ro. h. Malcolm, 13st. 2 The FARMERS' Cup, value 50 sovs. and 10 to the second horse, given by Meme

Makichmoren . Ringleader, by.. MbuThompson'a bl. h. Staveley, by Am.

11 Mr. Harrison's gr, m. by Grey Or. Mr. Whittaker's ch. h. Bucephalus,


2 dr. 0 2 Mr. Johnson's b. m. by Antagonist, Mr. Brigham's b. m. by Tramp...... 30 5 yrs old..............................

0 dr.

5 yrs old


Match for 501. 11st. each. Owners to ride. One mile. Mr. C. Pease's b. h. by Cerberus 11 Mr. Thompson's bl. m. Black Sall ...... 2 SWEEPSTAKES of 10 sovs. each :-four-year-olds, 10st. 11lb.; five, 11st. 6lb.;

six, and aged, 12st.-Gentlemen riders.-Two miles.--Seven subscribers. Mr. J. Scott's b. g. Plumper, by Prime tager), by Blacklock, 4 yrs old 2 Minister, aged (Mr. Kent).

1 Mr. Thompson's Diddle'em, 4 yrs old... 3 Mr. Davidson's b. c. Storm (late Cot. Mr. Macdonald's Walton

4 The WELTER Cup, value 50 sovs. by subscribers of seven sovs, each, for

horses that have been regularly hunted with the Holderness hounds, 14st,

each.-Two miles. Mr. Davidson's bl. g. Don Miguel, by Mr. Maxwell's ch. h. King of Hearts ...

Asmodeus, 6 yrs old (Owner) 1 Mr. Hodgson's ch. h. Lascoe....
Mr. Smith's b. ħ. Lisbon

2 Mr. G. Barksworth's b. h. by President Mr. Bower's eh. h. by Greats

3 (bolted)

...... SWEEPSTAKES of seven sovs. each, for horses not thorough-bred, that had been

regularly_hunted with the Holderness hounds..Gentlemen riders. Two

miles. Ten subscribers. Mr. Jackson's b. m. by Welbeck, 5 yrs Mr. Thompson's b. h. Abelard, 5 yrs old, 1 lst. 6lb. (Owner)

1 old, Iļst. blb......... Mr. Davidson's br. h. Paul Pry, 4 yrs Mr. Earnshaw's b. c. The Colonel, by old, llst. Illb.

2 Prime Minister, 4 yrs old, 10st. I{ib... 6 Mr. Smith's b. h. Lisbon




(Over Stamford Course.) WEDNESDAY, March 26.—The COTTESMORE STAKES of seven sovs.

each, for horses, &c. not thorough-bred.-Gentlemen riders.Heats,

once round and a distance.-Seven subscribers. Mr. Tomblin's ch. f. Clipsham, by Mr. Baker's b. g. by Orion, 5 yrs The Flyer, 4 yrs old, 11st. 71b...... I 1 old, 12st.

2 3 Mr. B. G. Drage's gr. g. by Minos,

Mr. Harrison's bl. m. Crazy, 5 yrs 4 yrs old, Ilst. 716. 3 2 old, 12st. .......

4 4 A good race. The RANKSBOROUGH STAKES of 10 sovs. each, for horses, &c. not thorough,

bred.--Gentlemen riders. Two miles... Five subscribers. da Puta, 6 yrs old, 11st."aqub...ho / Mr. Hungerford's bl, m. Sultana, aged, The FARMERS' Purse of 501. given by Gentlemen of the Cottesmore Hunt.

Heats, once round and a distance. Mr. Ives's b. g. The Miller, by Cannon Ball

, 5 yrs old, 12st..................., 1 4 ! Mr. Rimmington's b. g. by Sir Maligigi, 6 yrs old, 12st. 4lb. ..................

4 1 2 Mr. Spriggs's ch. m. Reserve, 5 yrs old, 12st.

2 2 4 Mr. Wilders's b. g. by Cavendish, 5 yrs old, 12st.

3 3 3 Two others started but were not placed.-A good race.


CATTERICK BRIDGE MEETING, 1828. WEDNESDAY, April 9.-The CRAVEN STAKES of ten sovs. each :-for

two-year-olds, 6st.; three, 8st. ; four, 8st. 9lb. ; five, Øst. ; six, and aged, 9st. 4lb.---Mares and geldings allowed 3lb.-A mile and a quarter-Ele

ven subscribers. Mr. Tarleton's b. f. Sarah, by Whisker, 1 / Mr. T. 0. Powlett's

b. c. Popsy, 3 yrs...

Mr. Darnell's ch. c. Gameboy, 2 yrs...... 3 yrs old (Templeman)

The following also started but were not placed : Lord Kelbume's ch. h. Actæon, 5 yrs... 0 | Mr. J. Croft's ch. c. Collier, by Comus,


Mr. Turner's b. c Clinton, Ey black: o si longer as old, fast,

. f. 3 yrs old ...

...... 0

Sir E. Dodsworth's b. f. Mayfly, 3 yrs... O PRODUCE SWEEPSTAKHS of 25 sovs. each, h. ft. :--for three-year-old colts,

8st. 3lb.; fillies, 8st.-3lbs. allowed, &c.—Two miles.--Thirteen subs. Mr. Mason's b. f. by Waverley, out of Lord Kelburne's ch. f. by Viscount, out Lancashire Witch (Nicholson)

of Georgiana

...(bolted) Mr. Claridge's br. c. Cornaro......... SWEEPSTAKES of 30 sovs. each, 10 ft. rising three-year-olds :--colts, 8st. 3lb.;

fillies, 8st.--Two miles.--Ten subscribers. Mr. Metcalfe's b. c. Economist, by Lord Kelburne's ch. f. by Viscount, out

Whisker, out of Floranthe (J. Garbut) 1 of Georgiana Mr. Riddell's b. c. Prebend

2 Lord Cleveland's ch. c. by Comus, out of Mr. S. Lee's ch. c. Plutus ....

3 Gonsalvi's dam....... The Richmond CLUB Srakes of 20 sovs. each, for yearlings:ccolts, 8st. 3lb. ;

fillies, est.--One mile.-Six subscribers. Mr Stephenson's br. c. Voltaire, by Mr. Turner's b. c. Navarino, by Black. Blacklock, out of Hartlepool's 'dam lock, out of Sister to Sophy..

2 (Johnson)

The following also started but were not placed :
Mr. J. Smith's b. f. by W'anton, dam by of Merryfield's dam..

0 Mr. Kaye's b. c. by Whisker, dam by Mr. Jacques's ch. c. by St. Patrick, out Bay 'Í'rophonius

THURSDAY, April 10.-The Old Stakes of 25 sovs. each, 10 ft.-I'vo miles.--Three subscribers. Mr. Darnell's ch. c. Gameboy, by Octavian............

.walked over. SWEEPSTAKES of 20 sovs. each, for fillies rising three years old, 8st. A mile

and a half._Four subscribers. Mr. Bower's b. Lady Vano, by Reveller Mr. Attwood's b. Amethyst, by Master (T. Lye)............

Henry, out of Opal .... Mr. Armitage's b. The Nun.

2 SWBEPSTAKES of 20 sovs. each, for yearlings :-- colts, est, 3lb. ; fillies, 8st..

One mile.--Eight subscribers. Mr. Darnell's b. c. Slotforth, by Octa- dam by Eaton

2 vian, out of Sir Anthony's dam (Tem. Lord Sligo's ch. c. Cant, brother to Canpleman). 1

3 Mi. Riddell's ch. c. Zodiac, by Centaur,

Six to 4 on Stotforth. A PLATE of 50l. for maiden horses :-two-year-olds, 7st. 3lb. ; three, 8st. 7lb.;

four, and upwards, 9st.—Mares, &c. allowed 3lb.--Two miles. Mr. Jackson's b. f. Mary Ann, by Frolic, 2 yrs old (T. Lye)

0 1 1 Mr. Gully's ch. c. What. Think-You ? 2 yrs old

1 2 2 Mr. Shipley's ch. c. Barney, by Catton....

0 0 3 Lord Sligo's b. f. Dream, 2 yrs old ....

4 3 dr. Mr. Joplin's br. c. by Abjer, dam by Jack-a-Lantern, 3 yrs old

20 dr. Mr. Attwood's b. f. Amethyst, 2 yrs old

0 0 dr. Mr. Armitage's b. f. Thc Nun, 2 yrs old

3 dr.


HOO (HERTS) MEETING, 1828. SATURDAY, April 12.—A SWEEPSTAKES of 25 sovs. each, for two-year

olds :--- colts, 8st. 7lb.; fillies, 8st. 4lb.-T. Y.C.-About three quarters of

a mile. Mr. Sowerby's br. f. by Whalebone, of Vittoria .....

2 dam by Sancho, out of Sister to Chip- Mr. Kinder's b. c. Duke Humphrey, by penham (Goodisson).

Whalebone, dam by Comus

3 Lord Verulam's ch. f.' by Mr. Lowe, out

The winner the favorite. The Gold Cup, a Subscription of 20 sovs. each, for all ages, Newmarket

Craven Stakes weights: the winner to be sold for 500 sovs. if demanded, &c.--Two miles.--Six subscribers.

Mr. Sowerby's b. h. Skiff, by Partisan, Lord Verulam's b. c. by Orville, out of 6 yrs old, 9st. 9lb. (Goodisson)..... 1 Venom, 2 yrs old, 6st...

8 Mr. Heathcote's br. c. Syntax, 4 yrs old, Mr. Phillimore's br. c. Smuggler, 4 yrs Ost. 131b..

old, Ost. 13lb....

Skiff the favorite. The County STAKBS of 10 sovs. each, for horses bred in Herts, or out of

mares belonging to Members of the Club at the time of foaling :--two-yearolds, 6st. 10lb. ; three, 8st. 10lb. ; four, 9st. 5lb. ; five, 9st. 10lb; six and

agedl, 10st.--A mile and a quarter.--Six subscribers. Mr. Sowerby's br. f. by Whalebone, dam dam by Orville, 4 yrs old .... 2

by Sancho, 2 yrs old (Wakefield)...... I Lord Verulam's b. c. by Orville, out of Mr. Græme's br. c. Segar, by Waterloo, Venom, 2 yrs old Matcu, 100 sovs. h. ft. both two years old. Last mile.

Col. Wilson's br. c. Brother to Oscar, dam by Comus, 8st. (Conolly).. 1 8st. 8lb.

2 The CLUB HANDICAP SWXEPSTAKES of 10 sovs. each. h. ft.Two miles.

Ten subscribers. Mr. Græme's b. f. by Filho da Prsta, 9st. 4lb.

2 dam by Conius, 2 yrs old, 6st. (T. Mr. Græme's bl. c. Whim, 3 yrs old, Fordham)


3 Mr. Phillimore's Smuggler, 4 yrs old, Mr. Grame's Segar, 4 yrs old, 8st. 131b. 4

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BATH SPRING MEETING, 1828. WEDNESDAY, April 16. The LANSDOWNE STAKES of 10 sovs. each, with

a Purse added, for horses of all ages.-One-mile heats.--Nine sub

scribers. Mr. Bloss's b. c. by Manfred, dam by Coriolanus, 3 yrs, Bst. 4lb. (G. Boast) 0 1 1 Mr. Smith's br. c. Grecian, by Euston, out of Variety, 3 yrs old, 8st. 41b. 1 3 2 Mr. Allen's ch. g. Antelope, by Phantom, dam by Walton, 6 yrs old, 2st. 61b. 3 2 3 Mr. I. Day's b. f. Manes, by Spectre, out of Calendulæ, 2 yrs old, 5st. 1llb.... 2 0 0

The following also started but were not placed: Mr. Day's bl. c. The Black Buck, by Khan, by Sultan, dam by Buzzard, 4 Buffalo, 3 yrs old, 8st. 41b.......

yrs old, &st. 131b. Mr. W'. Pari's br. 6. W'oful, 3 yrs old, Mr. Davier's b. c. Don Juan, by L' 8st. 4lb.

Orient, 3 yrs old, 8st. llb. Mr. Codrington named ch. c. Khouly

Five to 1 agst the winner. The Ladies' Silver Cup, added to a Sweepstakes of five sovs. each, for

horses, &c. not thorough-bred..Heats one mile and a quarter. Mr. Chambers's br. 8: Gaslight, by, Pendulum, 5 yrs old, 1lst. 3lb. (Owner)) ?! Mr. Russell's ch. g. Moses, 5 yrs old, llst. 3lb.

5 1 2 Mr. Gwithers's b.č. Sailor, 4 yrs old, 10st. 3lb.

3 2 dr. Mr. Forbes's b. g. Gossoon, aged, 12st.

2 3 dr. Mr. Allen's br. g. Jonathan, 6 yrs old, Ilst.

4 5 dr. Three to 1 agst Gaslight. SWEEPSTAKES of three sovs. each, with a Purse added, list. Gentlemen

riders.--Heats, one mile and a quarter. Mr. Hill's ch. m. Toddle, aged (Captain Price)...........

2 1 1 Mr. Fisher's b. m. Duchess, aged

1 2 dr. THURSDAY, April 17.-The Clarer Stakes of 10 sovs. each, for horses of all ages.-One mile and a quarter.-Eight subscribers. Mr. Andrews's ch. c. The Captain, by old, 13st.....

3 Abjer, 4 yrs old, 12st. 6lb. (Captain Mr. J. Day's bl. c. The Black Buck, 3 Price)


yrs old, iOst. lllb. Mr. I. Day's b. f. Manes, 2 yrs old, Mr. W'rex worthy's ch. g. Timepiece, by 8st. 71b.

Pendulum, 3 yrs old, 10st. 1llb. 5 Mr. Dickenson's b. h. Hajji Baba, 6 yrs

Four to lagst The Captain. Match for 50 sovs. 10st. 7lb. each.-Half a mile. Mr. Wilson's Yellow Hammer, aged... 1 | Mr. Smith's br. m. Miss Foote, aged 2

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