The gas consumer's handy book, Volume 17


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Página 13 - ... immediate neighborhood of the consumer's premises, written notices should be sent without delay to the company, who, regarding their own interest, would immediately attend to it, and thus prevent annoyances or accident. Whenever there are signs of an escape in the interior of a building, there is no occasion for alarm, but immediate and prompt care must be employed. Lights of any kind should be avoided, the main tap turned off, the doors and upper parts of the windows opened (as gas, by its lightness,...
Página 28 - ... manufacture and supply of gas ; for it enables the public to obtain more light from the gas which they consume and pay for. By using good burners, instead of bad ones, consumers may obtain from 30 to 50 per cent, more light, while their gas bill remains the same.
Página 57 - ... of merchandise ; and although the means employed for the effectual fulfilment of the first requirement would accomplish the second, still we have thought it better to embrace the two subjects, as the latter will explain many causes of complaints of gas consumers. The effect of the heat and vapor from combustion is frequently very objectionable ; for instance, a wareroom or shop, the lower part of which may be only at a temperature of from 60° to 70°, in consequence of the hot air ascending,...
Página 13 - ... refer hereafter), they should be supplied with water ^ or if the pipes are exposed, and within the reach of children, a small puncture may have been made, which can be temporarily repaired with a little grease, white lead, or soap placed upon it, and afterwards should be substantially done as soon as possible. The defect being remedied, the doors and windows should be left open for a short time, when the lights can be used. But if the evil be not discovered, the consumer should, under no circumstances,...

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