Ollendorff's neue methode die englifche sprache: lefen, fchreiben und fprechen zu lernen..

D. Appleton, 1882 - 599 Seiten

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Seite 440 - True happiness is of a retired nature, and an enemy to pomp and noise ; it arises, in the first place, from the enjoyment of one's self ; and, in the next, from the friendship and conversation of a few select companions...
Seite 527 - In this case, they are not to be considered as circumstances, but as the capital figures ; and ought, in propriety, to have the principal place allotted them.
Seite 533 - Let me therefore conclude by repeating, that division has caused all the mischief we lament ; that union alone can retrieve it; and that a great advance towards this union, was the coalition of parties, so happily begun, so successfully carried on, and of late so unaccountably neglected ; to say no worse.
Seite 528 - Avarice is a crime of which wise men are often guilty," than to say, " Avarice is a crime which wise men are often guilty of." This is a phraseology which all correct writers shun ; and with reason. For...
Seite 440 - On the contrary, false happiness loves to be in a crowd, and to draw the eyes of the world upon her. She does not receive any satisfaction from the applauses which she gives herself, but from the admiration which she raises in others.
Seite 450 - The envious man is in pain upon all occasions which ought to give him pleasure. The relish of his life is inverted; and the objects which administer the highest satisfaction to those who are exempt from this passion, give the quickest pangs to persons who are subject to it. All the perfections of their fellow-creatures are odious. Youth, beauty, valour, and wisdom are provocations of their displeasure. What a wretched and apostate state is this...
Seite 534 - The fundamental rule of the construction of sentences, and into which all others might be resolved, undoubtedly is, to communicate, in the clearest and most natural order, the ideas which we mean to transfuse into the minds of others.
Seite 432 - ... they who have employed the study of it as they ought, for their instruction, for the regulation of their private manners, and the management of public affairs, must agree with me, that it is the most pleasant school of wisdom. It is a familiarity with past ages, and an acquaintance with all the heroes of them...
Seite 533 - Besides particles and pronouns, any phrase which expresses a circumstance only, always brings up the; rear of a sentence with a bad grace. We may judge of this, by the following sentence from Lord...
Seite 425 - How little is requisite to supply the necessities of nature? And in a view to pleasure, what comparison between the unbought satisfaction of conversation, society, study, even health and the common beauties of nature, but above all the peaceful reflection on one's own conduct; what comparison, I say, between these and the feverish, empty amusements of luxury and expense? These natural pleasures, indeed, are really without price; both because they are below all price in their attainment and above...

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