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The Rev? THOSRogers, B.A.
Minister of the Gospel at Horningar, Suffi

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A Short Scriptur À É E XPLICATION



Church of England:


. Illustrated and Confirmed, By many Texts of Scripture, with the Testimonies

.. of all the Primitive Fathers, &c. Abstracted from a very Scriptural Commentary, on the

39 Articles, Written by the Rev. Tho. ROGERS, B. A. Chaplain to his Grace RICHARD, Abp. of CANTERBURY, in the Reign of K. James I. Also many other valuable Notes selected from Archdeacon WELCHMAN, Bishop BEVERIDGE, &c.

IN WHICH All the Scripture References are carefully examined and re

vised, several Errors discovered and corrected. ·


Hold fast the form of sound Words, 2 Tim. i. 13.

LONDON: Printed by M. Lewis, in Paternoster-Row, for the Editor;

and sold by C. Hood, and J. WAKEIIN, No. 8, StationersAlley, Ludgate-Street; J. PRIDDEN, No. 100, nearly opposite Fleet-Market, Fleet-Street; by J. DODD, in Welt Screes, Seven-Dials. M.DCC.LXXVI.



TOTWITHSTANDING the utmost care has been

taken to render this little performance as accurate as poffible, yet a few literal errors, have through the hurry of the Printer, escaped notice, particular in the Preface, by ornitting two or three words : These oversights, and being too brief in the abstract from Mr. ROGER s's Notes on some particular Articles, viz. Xth, XIIth, and XVIIth, has excited the remarks of a very severe Critick,'a Gospel Minister, who nevertheless most generously acknowledges that the whole of this performance, appears, says he, “ to be drawn “ up and published, with an exceeding good design : “ And that, (notwithstanding its defectiveness) it "contains many valuable passages, and may be not allis together unuseful.”

** Several of these literal errors the Editor has corrected with his pen, and others with more accuracy. Also an appendex to fupply che deficientcy above noticed, with some other additions, will be speedy added, which may be had fingly,

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AT ANY attempts having been made by IV . men of corrupt minds (particularly Arians, Socinians, &c.) to subvert and overthrow the found Doctrine of our Church of England, as contained in her Articles and Creeds ; it is therefore incumbent upon every true Minister and Member of our Church'to use their utmost endeavour, and the ability which God has given them, to oppose, and, if possible, confute the errors of such men-but more especially to strengthen and support the Truth, by the authority of the Word of God, which is the Sword of the Spirit.

A Commentary, or Notes on the 39 Articles, with many rare citations, both from God's Word, and the testimonies of the Primitive Fathers (written by the Rev. Tho. Rogers, Minister of Hornenger, near Bury, Suffolk, and first published by him in the reign of K. James), having fallen into my hands, I have perused it thoroughly and attentively, comparing scripture with icripture, to my own great latisfaction and comfort: and by the advice and desire of some spiritual friends, zealous for God's cause and glory, an abstract has

teen, been, with great accuracy, drawn from it; carefully compared with the holy scriptures, and some late commentaries on the 39 Articles : which the Editor humbly hopes will meet with a kind reception among the well wishers to our (now sinking) Church, and her moft excellent doctrine ; in opposition to her numerous and inveterate enemies, who are striving all they can to fap and overthrow it.

Indeed much has been said already on this head, and much more may yet be advanced by men of learning : but my chief design in this undertaking, is, (that it may come at an easy price to common people) to fay no more than what is barely sufficient to explain each part of the Articles; and then more fully to prove the doctrine they maintain, by the Word of God, the holy Scripture, together with the authority of the primitive Fathers, &c. (many of whom sealed the truth with their own blood), Chiefly for the use of such as take pleasure in reading and searching the holy Scriptures, to the edifying of their Souls, and the increase of their faith in Christ Jesus; a most profitable exercise, in which we are frequently recommended, by an emineni Gospel minister of this City, to invoke the assistance of the holy Spirit, to enlighten and open the eyes of our under standing, that we may underst:nd the Scripture by the inspiration of Him, who is the best and only interpreter thereof.

Mr. Rogers, in his Introduction, has taken notice of the indefatigable labours of some of our most worthy and learned Archbilhops, Bithops, and other bold Champions for God, and the cause of our holy Religion, who spared no pains nor labour to bring about and establish the same on a Itrong and lure foundation, against which the gates of Hell shall not prevail. -Amon ft which


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