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Print Cloth situation, pages 103-1.
Produce, Leading Articles of, Prices of, page 267.

Receipts of, page 174.
Provisions.-Exports of, pages 116, 141.

Imports of, page 128.


Quarantine Fees at New York, page 197.


Railroad Statistics in United States and Europe, page 259.
Real and Personal Estate of the City of New York for 1912, compared with

1902, page 241.
Of the State of New York, page 241.

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Savings Banks in the City and County of New York-Compared with the

Savings Banks in other counties of the state, page 216.
Schools of New York, page 252.
Securities, Prices of, at New York, pages 220, 225.
Sewage of the Metropolitan District, page 254.
Sewers of New York, page 254.
Shipbuilding in the State of New York, page 191.

In the Cnited States, page 191.
Shipping, Statistics of, pages 117, 175, 191.
Silk, Raw, Imports of, pages 115, 131.
Manufactures of, Imports of, pages 115, 131.

Esports of, pages 143, 154-5.
Stock Exchange, Transactions of, 1899-1912, page 219.
Street Railway Statistics, page 255.
Sugar Trade of the United States, Review of, page 5.
Sugar, Consumption of, in the United States, page 12.

Exports of, pages 11, 144, 155.
Imports of, pages 5-6, 8, 9, 115, 132.
Prices of, pages 13-4, 16-7, 267.
Production of, pages 10-12.


Tallow, Exports of, pages 116, 141.

Prices of, page 267.
Tax Rate of New York City, page 245.
Tea Trade of the United States, Review of, page 30.
Tea, Imports of, pages 30-3, 115, 132.
Telephone, number and other statistics of, in principal cities. page 257.
Tobacco Trade of the New York, Review of, page 64.
Tobacco, Exports of, pages 70, 116, 144, 156.

Tobacco, Imports of, pages 70, 115, 133.
Manufactures of, page 70.

Exports of, pages 70, 116, 144, 156.

Imports of, pages 70, 115, 133.
Prices of, pages 64-71.
Tonnage of the United States, pages 183–6, 190.

Of the State of New York, pages 187, 190.
Of Northern Lake Ports, page 188.

Of Vessels in Foreign Trade, pages 177-186.
Tonnage, Total, of the Port of New York, page 205.
Trade, Balance of, of the United States, page 170.

Foreign Carrying, of New York, page 117.


United States, Banks of, National, page 213.

Coinage of the, page 224.
Commerce of the, with Foreign Countries, pages 114-171.
Corporations of, page 208.
Debt of the, pages 239-40.
Entrances into, and Clearances of, Vessels from the Ports of the,
pages 177-182.
Gold production of, page 220.
Merchant Marine of, page 189.
Population of the, pages 227, 230.
Shipbuilding in the, page 191.
Tonnage of the, pages 183-186.

Distribution of, of the, page 186.


Wages of Cotton Spinners, page 18.
Water Front of New York, pages !95-204.
Water Supply System of New York, page 253.
Whale Fishery of the United States, Review of, page 82.

Vessels employed in the, pages 84, 186.
Wharfage, Rates, of, at New York, page 196.
Wine and Spirit Trade of New York, Review of, page 34.
Wine and Spirits, Exports of, pages 143-4.

Imports of, pages 34-12, 115, 131-2.
Wheat and Wheat Flour, Exports of, pages 116, 13.5-6, 173.

Receipts of, pages 172-3.

Prices of, page 267,
Whiskey, Receipts of, pages 39, 41, 132, 174.
Wool, Esports of, page 145.

Imports of, pages 115, 134.

Prices of, page 267.
Wool Manufacturers, Exports of, page 145.

Imports of, pages 115, 134.



Chamber of Commerce in the City of New York


GEORGE THE THIRD, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, and so forth—To all to whom these presents shall come, Greeting :

Recites that


WHEREAS, a great number of merchants in our City of New York, in America, have, by voluntary agreement, had petitioned

, associated themselves for the laudable purpose of promot- Lieut. Govern.

or Colden, ing the trade and commerce of our said province; and whereas, John CRUGER, Esq., the present President of the said Society, by his humble petition presented in behalf of the said Society, to our trusty and well-beloved CADWALLADER COLDEN, Esq., our Lieutenant-Governor and Commander-in-Chief of our said Province of New York, and the territories depending thereon in America, and read in our Council for our said Province, on the twenty-eighth the 28th Februday of February, last past, hath represented to our said Lieutenant-Governor, that the said Society (sensible that numberless inestimable benefits have accrued to mankind from commerce; that they are, in proportion to their greater or lesser application to it, more or less opulent and potent in all countries; and that the enlargement of trade will vastly increase the value of real estates, as well as the general opulence of our said colony) have associated together for some time past, in order to carry into execution among themselves, and by their example to promote in others, such measures as were beneficial to those salutary purposes; and that the said Society having, with great pleasure and satisfaction, experienced the good effects which the few regulations already adopted had produced, were very desirous of rendering them more extensively useful and permanent and more adequate to the purposes of so

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