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MP LI, 1025

Elezanech. Cena

BRETTELL, Printer, Marshall-Street,



The following Work is intended to display the benefits of Devotion, which are illustrated in the lives of two very young persons, whose pursuits were, not the vanities of the world, but the true and lasting pleasures of Religion, and Time well spent.

There are few, even of those who do not study to live by its rules, that are not willing to acknowledge the efficacy of Religion, in the hour of death, or on a bed of sickness; though they are inclined to put off all thoughts of it till that awful


period. But in this short history will be seen, (and the truth of the illustration may be perceived by general observation,) that if the duties of a Christian profession are not attended to in our lives, its support and consolations in those trying

cannot be felt either by the dying, or by their surviving friends.

This important truth has, no doubt, been often enforced on many of my young readers, and in a way more large and comprehensive than in this simple tale: yet, as, after having observed a charming view of Nature reflected in a mirror, where each object, though lessened to our sight, is distinctly seen, and

bears its due proportion to the whole, we are still inclined to survey the scene itself, and perhaps with more accurate attention than before; it is hoped, that this feeble attempt to exemplify the satisfaction arising from a Religious Life, will not therefore be altogether useless or unentertaining.


This Work having received the approbation of the Writers of the GUARDIAN OF EDUCATION, is a recommendation of itself, sufficient to insure a large sale; but the PUBLISHER can, with confidence, affirm that, in every circle where the former Edition has been introduced, it has met with the highest encomiums.

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