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two additional districts in said county, out of parts of districts Nos. 1 and 8, as now formed, the said commissioners being guided in laying off said additional districts by the provisions of the above recited act. And they are hereby required to make out a report of said districts, and forward a copy thereof to the secretary of state, on or before the 25th day of March, instant.

Approved March 4, 1851.

AN ACT allowing an additional Magistrates' and Constables' district in

Scott county
§ 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Common-
wealth of Kentucky, That in addition to the justices' and con-
stables' districts laid off and reported by the commissioners
heretofore appointed for the county of Scott, there shall be
one additional district, bounded as follows: beginning on
the north side of the Turkey Foot road, opposite the shop
of Landrum Maddox; thence with said road to the divil.
ing ridge between the waters of Eagle creek and Elkhorn;
thence with said ridge to the Muddy Ford road; thence
with said road to the Muddy Ford; thence up Eagle creek
to the Hammond's Mill road; thence with the same to
Holden's fork of Eagle creek; thence with the same, and
the Lee's Lick road, to the Harrison county line; thence
with said line to Isaac Shuff's; thence with the south
Georgetown road to the dividing ridge between Miller's run
and Lane's run; thence with said ridge to the north
Georgetown road; thence with said road to Lane's run;
thence up Lane's run to the Dry run road; thence to the
beginning; which district shall be known as the eighth
district, and the place of voting shall be at the town of

§ 2. That the secretary of state be directed to forward a certified copy of this act to the clerk of the Scott county court for record.

Approved March 7, 1851.


CHAPTER 385. AN ACT to extend the duty of Commissioners of Tax. Be it enucted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That from and after the 10th day of January next, it shall be the duty of the several commissioners of tax in this commonwealth, to open a column in their respective books, in which shall be listed the number of hogs over six months old, in each of the counties of this state;


which, said lists of hogs, shall be reported by said commissioners, in like manner as other lists of property are now, by law, required to be reported by said commissioners.

Approved March 8,1851.

1st district.

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2d district.


AN ACT to apportion representation. $ 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the representation for the house Representation

in the House. of representatives shall be apportioned among the several counties of the commonwealth in the following manner, viz:

To the first district, ten representatives, as follows: to the county of Graves one, Caldwell one, Hopkins one, Trigg one, Union one, Calloway one, Crittenden one, Livingston and Marshall one, Fulton and Hickman one, McCracken and Ballard one.

To the second district, ten representatives, as follows: to
the county of Muhlenburg one, Henderson one, Ohio one,
Breckinridge one, Meade one, Grayson one, Hancock one,
Butler and Edmonson one, Daviess one, Christian one.
To the third district, nine representatives, as follows: to

3d district.
the county of Todd one, Logan one, Simpson one, Warren
one, Allen one, Monroe one, Barren two, Hart one.
To the fourth district, nine representatives, as follows:

4th district. to the county of Adair one, Green one, Wayne one, Pulaski one, Boyle one, Lincoln one, Cumberland and Clinton one, Casey and Russell one, Taylor one.

To the fifth district, ten representatives, as follows: to the county of Hardin two, Larue one, Bullitt one, Spencer one, Nelson one, Washington one, Marion one, Mercer one, Anderson one.

To the sixth district, ten representatives, as follows: to 6th district. the county of Madison two, Garrard one, Whitley one, Knox and Harlan one, Laurel and Rockcastle one, Letcher, Pike, and Perry one, Clay and Owsley one, Floyd and Johnson one, Estill one. To the seventh district, eleven representatives, as fol

7th district. lows : to the city of Louisville four-thus, to the first and second wards one, to the third and fourth wards one, to the fifth and sixth wards one, and to the seventh and eighth wards one, the county of Jefferson two, Shelby two, Henry one, Oldham one, Trimble and Carroll one.

To the eighth district, eight representatives, as follows: to the county of Fayette two, Bourbon

one, Scott

one, Owen one, Franklin one, Woodford one, Jessamine one.

To the ninth district, ten representatives, as follows: to the county of Clarke one, Montgomery one, Bath one,

9th district, Greenup one, Lewis one, Carter one, Lawrence one, Fleming two, Morgan and Breathitt one.

5th distriot.

8th district.

10th district.


1851. To the tenth district, thirteen representatives, as follows:

to the county of Mason two, Bracken one, Nicholas one, Harrison two, Pendleton one, Campbell one, Kenton two, Boone one, Gallatin one, Grant one.

§ 2. That for the purpose of apportioning the represen

tation in the senate, the state is hereby laid off into thirty representation.; eight senatorial districts, as follows, viz: the counties of

Hickman, Ballard, Graves, and Fulton, shall compose the first senatorial district; Union, Hopkins, and Crittenden, the second ; Christian and Todd, the third ; Logan, Simpson, and Butler, the fourth; Daviess and Henderson, the fifth; Warren, Allen, and Edmonson, the sixth ; Barren and Monroe, the seventh ; Green, Hart, and Taylor, the eighth; Clinton, Cumberland, Wayne, and Russell, the ninth ; Casey, Adair, and Boyle, the tenth; Livingston, Caldwell, and McCracken, the eleventh ; Breckinridge, Grayson, and Hancock, the twelfth ; Ohio and Muhlenburg, the thirteenth ; Hardin and Meade, the fourteenth ; Jefferson county, two senators-thus, the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth wards of the city of Louisville, one, the fifteenth; and the seventh and eighth wards of said city, and the residue of said county, one, the sixteenth; Trimble, Oldham, and Henry, the seventeenth ; Shelby and Spencer, the eighteenth ; Nelson, Larue, and Bullitt, the nineteenth; Marion and Washington, the twentieth; Mercer and Anderson, the twenty-first; Calloway, Trigg, and Marshall, the twenty-second; Lincoln and Pulaski, the twenty-third; Madison and Garrard, the twenty-fourth ; Laurel, Whitley, Knox, and Rockcastle, the twenty-fifth ; Gallatin, Carroll, and Boone, the twenty-sixth; Kenton and Campbell, the twenty-seventh ; Bourbon and Bath, the twenty-eighth ; Grant, Pendleton, and Owen, the twenty-ninth; Harrison and Bracken, the thirtieth; Fayette and Scott, the thirtyfirst; Woodford, Jessamine, and Franklin, the thirty-second; Clarke, Montgomery, and Estill, the thirty-third ; Carter, Greenup, and Lawrence, the thirty-fourth; Fleming and Nicholas, the thirty-fifth: Mason and Lewis, the thirtysixth ; Floyd, Morgan, Johnson, and Pike, the thirty-seventh; and Clay, Harlan, Owsley, Letcher, Perry, and and Breathitt, the thirty-eighth.

§ 3. That in order to ascertain the state of the polls, How polls to

where two or more counties compose a senatorial district, do compared. or two or more counties are joined to elect a representa

tive, the sheriffs of such counties shall meet at the court house of the county first named, to compare the polls, on the first Monday next after the commencement of the election; and after having ascertained, by faithful comparison and addition, the number of their respective polls, shall make return of the persons elected, in the manner prescribed by law : Provided, that when a writ of election shall be issued by the governor, or either branch of the leg

How new


islature, an earlier day may be ordered in such writ for 1851.
comparing the polls, if it should bee deemed expedient.

§ 4. That if any new county should be established before
the next enumeration and apportionment of representa- counties
tion, it shall be considered as part or parts of the county
or counties from which it was taken, for the purpose of rep-

Approved March 8, 1851,

AN ACT further to provide for the collection of tolls on Kentucky, Green,

and Barren rivers,
§ 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Com- Duty of Collect
monwealth of Kentucky, That it shall be the duty of the or.
collectors of tolls on the Kentucky, Green, and Barren riv-
ers, to administer to the officers of steam, flat, and keel-
boats, plying on said rivers, such oaths or affirmation in
reference to their manifests of freight and passengers, upon
which tolls are collectable, as are now prescribed by law
to be administered by justices and notary publics.
§ 2. The collectors on said rivers shall not receive tolls

Collector not to on any. manifest presented to them, until the owner, receive manifest master, clerk, or other officer producing the same shall until sworu to. make oath before him that said manifest contains a full and complete statement of the passengers and freights transported by such boat for the trip it purports to represent, agreeably to the rules and rates prescribed by the board of internal improvement for the payment of tolls.

§ 3. It shall be the duty of any collector on said rivers, who shall have reasonable ground to believe any ts when he sus:

Collector's . fraud has been practiced by the rendering of false mani- pecis fraud, &c. fests, to visit any points on said rivers at which he may have reason to suspect such fraud may be detected, and exert himself diligently to obtain evidence thereof. Such collector shall appoint a responsible person as his deputy to receive toll during his absence, whose duties shall be the same, and whose acts shall be as binding upon all persons concerned as those of the collector himselt: Provided, however, that the principal collector shall be responsible for the faithful discharge of the duties of his office, whether performed by himself or his deputy : And, provided further, that the collector shall, during his absence on business required by this section, receive one dollar and fifty cents per day and his traveling expenses, for the time he may be necessarily engaged.

4. Any steamboat that shall pass over any of the Liability of dams on either of said rivers, without landing at the col- boats for any vi.

of this lector's office and rendering a true manifest and paying full act. tolls, or any boat passing themselves through a lock with.

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1851. out paying tolls, or any boat that shall render a false or

fraudulent manifest, for the purpose of evading the payment of full tolls, shall pay the sum of four hundred dollars for the tolls for such offense; and the said boat shall be considered indebted to the commonwealth in that sum; and the boat itself shall be liable for that sum; and each and every clerk, master, and shareholder shall also be liable for the same, and may be sued, jointly or severally, for the same, by attachment against the boat, or by action of debt or other appropriate action.

5. It shall be the duty of the commonwealth's atDuty of com. torney, prosecuting in any court having jurisdiction, to monwealth's at. torney, &c. bring and prosecute such claims, upon the request of the

collector; and said attorney shall receive, for his fees, onefourth of the sum collected in such action, and the remainder shall be paid into the treasury, as other tolls. The collector shall receive, for his attendance on such suits, the same compensation allowed him in the third section of this act.

6. Each and every clerk, master, owner, or other officers of officer of any steamboat, flatboat, raft, or craft, making make false man oath to a false or fraudulent manifest, with the intent to

, perjury.

defraud the commonwealth of tolls, shall be guilty of perjury.

Approved March 8, 1851.

boats, &c., who

AN ACT to organize County Courts in the several counties.

$1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonoffice or asso. wealth of Kentucky, That the office of the associate judges ciate judges e. of the county court, created by the twenty ninth section of

the fourth article of the constitution, be and the same is hereby abolished.

§ 2. That a county court, composed of the presiding A county court judge elected by the people--except when the justices of established, and

the time of holding.

peace are associated with him, as hereinafter provided shall be held in the several counties of this commonwealth, on the days and at the places of holding existing county courts, as now directed by law; which court shall have and possess the same powers and jurisdiction conferred by existing laws upon the county courts in this commonwealth, and shall, in all things, be governed by the laws now in

force regulating the jurisdiction and proceedings in the exJurisdiction.

isting county courts, except so far as the same may be changed or altered by this act.

$ 3. The county court, at the October term thereof, in each year, shall audit and settle the claims against the county, make provision for the poor, and all necessary appro. priations for the improvement of roads, building and re.

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