Proceedings of the New England Historic Genealogical Society at the Annual Meeting


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Página 72 - His life was gentle, and the elements So mix'd in him that Nature might stand up And say to all the world, 'This was a man!
Página 15 - And so beside the Silent Sea I wait the muffled oar ; No harm from Him can come to me On ocean or on shore. I know not where His islands lift Their fronded palms in air ; I only know I cannot drift Beyond His love and care.
Página 26 - Resolved, That the thanks of the Society are due, and are hereby tendered to the C., M.
Página 119 - ... of Chicago, was born at Berkshire, Franklin County, Vt., July 2, 1863; graduated from Harvard College in 1885; attended the Columbia Law School and School of Political Science in New York City, and graduated from the Union College of Law of Chicago in 1889, receiving the degree of LL.
Página 79 - He afterward purchased the office and was for some years engaged in the printing, and newspaper business. In 1844 he began the study of the law, and was admitted to the bar in 1847. He opened an office in Lynn, and secured a good business as a lawyer. In 1869 he was commissioned as Judge of the Lynn Police Court, an office which he held for ten years.
Página 13 - Suffer not yourselves to be betrayed by the soft arts of luxury and effeminacy into the pit digged for your destruction. Despise the glare of wealth. That people who pay greater respect to a wealthy villain than to an honest upright man in poverty, almost deserve to be enslaved; they plainly show that wealth, however it may be acquired, is, in their esteem, to be preferred to virtue.
Página 144 - He was inaugurated as president of the college July 9, 1862, and held the office until 1875, when at the urgent request of his congregation in Boston he resigned the presidency. During the time when he held this office he had an associate in the pastorate. Apart from this he was the sole pastor until 1891. Dr. Miner was a many-sided man. From early years he desired to enter the Christian ministry. His best and most permanent work was perhaps as a pastor, and his last words were addressed to his brethren...
Página 7 - Librarian, all of whom shall be elected by ballot at the Annual Meeting, and shall hold their respective offices for one year, and until others are duly chosen and installed.
Página 15 - GONE, gone, — sold and gone, To the rice-swamp dank and lone. Where the slave-whip ceaseless swings, Where the noisome insect stings, Where the fever demon strews Poison with the falling dews, Where the sickly sunbeams glare Through the hot and misty air...
Página 24 - The History of the Centennial Celebration of the Inauguration of George Washington as First President of the United States.

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