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larly the immense revenue which will accrue from the completion of its great plans of internal improvement, I entertain a confident expectation that the rising, and all future generations, will experience the continued and increased munificence of government, exercised in different ways, and through various channels, for the promotion of instruction, and the propagation of knowledge."

PROCLAMATION, By De Witt Clinton, Governor of the State of New-York. WHEREAS public demonstrations of gratitude to Almighty God, especially for signal and unmerited blessings, are enjoined by the most impressive considerations of patriotism, and the most so. lemn obligations of religion-And whereas it hath been His divine pleasure to continue His manifestations of great goodness to the people of this state, in averting the ravages of pestilence, multiplying the fruits of the earth, promoting the diffusion of religion, advancing the interests of knowledge, prospering internal improvements, and vouchsafing the enjoyment of liberty, peace, and plenty

Now, THEREFORE, under a grateful sense of these indulgent dispensations, a solemn coviction that private happiness and public prosperity are indissolubly connected with the cultivation of religion, and a deep solicitude to endeavour to merit the favour of Divine Providence, I do hereby recommend to the good people of this state, the observance of WEDNESDAY, the sixth day of December next, as a day of public prayer and thanksgiving.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name, and EL. S.) and affixed the privy seal of the state, at the city of NewYork, this 25th day of October, Anno Domini, 1820.



The Annual General Meeting of this society, was held on Mon. day evening last, at the City Hotel ; General Matthew CLARK son, President of the society, in the chair. The meeting wa opened by the Rev. BENJAMIN MORTIMER, Minister of the Unite Brethren's (Moravian) Church in this city, with reading the 72 Psalm. The annual report of the Board of Managers was the read by Dr. Valentine Mott, Prof. Coll. of Phys. and Surgeon: The following resolutions were offered, and followed with appro priate addresses

On motion of the Rev. R. B. E. M'LEOD, of the Associate R formed Church, seconded by the Rev. J. M. Matthews, of th Reformed Dutch Church

Resolved, That the report of the Board of Managers just rea be accepted, and printed under the direction of the Board.

On motion of John Norcale, Esq. Agent of the American I

ble Society, seconded by the Rev. Samuel Nort, Jun. late a missionary at Bombay

Resolved, That the thanks of this society be presented to those of the Ward Bible Associations, that have promoted the object of their association.

The Rev. William Ward, one of the Baptist Missionaries, of Serampore, East Indies, whose arrival in this city was noticed in our last number, then rose and addressed the meeting, with a particular reference to the moral state of India.

We intended to present a sketch of Mr. Ward's address, but our present limits will oblige us to omit any further remarks.

For the Christian Herald.

Milton, 1820. Mr. Editor.- send you the following copy of a letter which I received last sabbath, from a scholar in a sunday school, of which i had the direction. If you will give it a place in your Hereld, it may be an encouragement to others who are engaged in conducting such valuable institutions. Ill health has compelled me to relinquish my labours in the school for a season. I alter none of the words, but give you an exact copy. May the Lord bless your labour for good.

T. R.

Dec. 26, 1819. Dear Sir.- rite you a few lines to inform you, that I am very much oblige you, for your keeping school, and for the good advice and the books you gave us, for since the time I saw you last, I have reason to believe that God has for Christ sake pardoned my sin, and there is three more of your school-children has got religion; I hope will not take amiss my sending you these few lines, as I believe you were the instrument in the hand of God, for my gitting religion ; I hope you will not forgit to remember me in your prayers, though I am poor. ELIZA JOHNSON.

The Treasurer of the Young Men's Missionary Society of New York, acknowledges the receipt of sixty dollars, through Mrs. Bethune, from the Female Beneficent Society, of Steel Creek, North Carolina. New York, 10th Nov. 1820.

J. W. KELLOGG, Treasurer.

Receipts by the Treasurer of the American Bible Society for Oc

tober, 1820. To constitute persons members for life.-Rev. Moses Warren, of Wilbraham South Parish, (Mass.) from the ladies of his parish, $30. Rev. Royal Robins, of First Society of Berlin, (Conn.) by the ladies of his society, $30. Rev. Lewis Leonard, of the Baptist Church, Poughkeepsie, by the Female Bible Society of Dutchess county, $30. Rev. Johp Lord, of Nelson, Madison co. (N. Y.) $30. Rev. John H. Livingston, D. D. President of Queens' College, (N. J.) $30. Mr. Thomas Dixon, New-York, $30.

Donations from Societies and Individuals.Donation from E. S. 82. New-Bedford, Fair Haven, and Dartmouth Marine Bible Society, (Ms.) $2487. Salem County Bible Society, (N. J.) 835. Beaufort (S. C.) Bible Society, $110; for Bibles, &c. $40. Newark Female Bible Society, (N. J.) $65 30; for Bibles, &c. $54 70. New-York Female Bible Society of People of Colour, $11 25; for Bibles, &c. $17 75. Female Juvenile Bible Society of Elizabethtowy, (N. J.) $26 75. Elizabethtown Female * The Hindoo name of the One Ged.

Bible Society $41 25. Nassau Hall Bible Society, (N. J.) $50; for Bibles, &c. $57 38.

From Bible Societies, &c. for Bibles.-- Pendleton Bible Society, (S.C.) $100. NewJersey Bible Society, $500. Bedford County Bible Society, (Va.) $70. Yorktown Female Bible Society, (N. Y.) $12. Ulster County Bible Society, (N. J.) $30 62. Middlesex County Bible. Society, (Conn.) 870 42. Hampden County Bible Society, (Mass.) 888 87. Sandy Auxiliary Bible Society, (Ohio) $8. Boston and Vicinity Èible Society, (Mass.) $40 60. New-Providence Female Bible Society, (N. J.) $1636. Niagara County Bible Society, (N. Y.) $50. Camden County Bible Society, (N. C.) $75. Rahway Female Bible Society, (N. J.) $11 99. New-Hampshire Bible Society, $450. Green County Bible Society, (N. Y.) $200. Chenango County Bible Society, (N. Y.) $100. Clarkesburgh Bible Society, (Va.) $36. Sales to individuals, $ 101 60. Total, $2,677 74.

WM. W. WOOLSEY, Treasurer A. B. S. The issues from the Depository of the American Bible Society, for the month of October, were as follows :--Bibles, 3,981; Testaments, 1,631 ; Value $4,062 42.

Additions to the Biblical Library.-Luther's German Bible, duod. Tubingen, 1764, presented by Mr. James Stevenson, jun. of Washington county, (N. Y.) Ostervald's French Bibles, folio, Neufchatel, 1772, presented by Francis S. Key, Esq. of Georgetown, (D. C.) Owen's History of the British and Foreign Bible Society, vol. 3d, octavo, London, 1820, presented by that Society. The Helvetic Bible, folio, Zurich, 1531, presented by Jacob A. Vanden Heuvel, Esq. of New-York.

J. NITCHIE, Agent A. B.S.

By Krishnu, the first Hindoo baptized in Bengal, and now a

Preacher of the Gospel.
O thou my soul, forget no more
The Friend who all thy mis’ry bore ;
Let ev'ry idol be forgot,
But, O my soul, forget Him not.
BrumuU* for thee a body takes,
Thy guilt assumes, thy fetters breaks,
Discharging all thy dreadful debt ;-
And canst thou e'er such love forget?
Renounce thy works and ways with grief,
And fly to this most sure relief;
Nor Him forget who left his throne,
And for thy life gave up his own.
Infinite truth and mercy shine
In Him, and he himself is thine;
And canst thou then, with sin beset,
Such charms, sạch matchless charms, forget!
Ah! no- till life itself de part,
His name shall cheer and warm my heart;
And, lisping this, from earth I'll rise,
To join the chorus of the skies.
Ah! no— when all things else expire,
And perish in the general fire,
THIS NAME all others shall survive,
And through eternity shall live.

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of the Red. WILLIAM WARD, of Serampore, delivered at the late

Anniversary of the New-York Bible Society.*

To the Editor of the Christian Herald.

DEAR SIR, I HAVE no memorandum of the facts stated at the late meeting of the New York Bible Society; but those facts have made, during a long residence in India, so deep an impression on my mind, that I can easily recall them.

The state of your Indians, however deplorable, and however loudly it may call upon American Christians for compassion and renewed effort, compared with the state of the beathen in the East, strongly proves, that it is better to have no religion, than to be under the influence of a system wholly false. Almost all the miseries brought upon the Hindoos in the present life, arise out of their philosophical and religious theories. For instance, the following practices derive their origin from the philosophical theory, that return to the soul of the world, or absorption into spirit, shaking off all liability to future birth, and all connexion with matter, can only be attained by an entire subjection of the bodily organs, and the annihilation or extinction of the passions.

In former times, multitudes of Hindoos renounced the world, retired to forests, and there ended life in the practice of the most frightful austerities; and though such ascetics are not now known, many Hindoos assume appearances which prove, that the old ascetics are remembered with the greatest reverence.

It is very common to see a Hindoo mendicant, with his right arm vithered, erect and stiff, so that he cannot bring it back to its original position. In the "Asiatic Researches" we have the represei.cation and account of a Hindoo, lying on a bed of spikes,

* Through the kindness of the Rev. Mr. WARD, we are enabled to lay before our readers the substance of his Address delivered at the late Anniversary of the NewYork Bible Society.

In our account of the annual meeting of this society we omitted to notice the fol. lowing resolution of the society passed on that occasion, and we take great pleasure in recording it at this time.

“ Resolved unanimously, Thot the thanks of this Society be communicated to the Rev. Mr. Ward, for the interesting details which he has communicated to the meeling this crening."


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